POWERPUFF GIRLS MARRY BABY SHAWN! FGTEEV Lego Dimensions Giant Colors Skittles Monkey (Year 3 #23)

TODAY ON FG TV ppg Hello ladies What are you doing here? I saw Townsville under attack. I’ll stop grorilla while you diffuse his monkey boom-booms Roll up stuff at once all right huddle up hey you let me go I say baboon man. Let me down now For those four babies in the park Mmm. Skittles chase you want a skittle how about you Lex Sean? Let’s get him guys look at that giant monkey. Oh, he’s Huge. Hey can I have a skittle things like? How are you shoot us? No get off Wait where’s Sean Sean is about to make the biggest mistake of his life, Oh What you guys through here hey nose recording Nightmare scariest thing ever I was dressed fancy, I know Who think goodness, that’s not shrill what is up – fgt vers this your foot absolutely Teddy I’m back, and we are going to play put up up girls all without mention really quick y’all notice right boom Shakalaka somebody call the doctor It’s mojo Jo. What somebody’s you know he? What I always like this thing that tune I decided I’m gonna turn this into a shirt look like twinsies I need a powerpuff girl to play this game Alright so first up. We’ve got the Buttercup in the mega blast, but that turns into the Slammin guitar and the Caparo kennel then we have this awesome team pack featuring Blossom and bubbles the octi which turns into the sonic squid in the super-skrull and the PPG is set benefit smartphone which turns into the PPG hotline and the BBG magnet So without further ado let’s unbox these babies we’re not babies we’re girls baby girls You got it mixed up pal girl babies now. She means like we’re not babies girls Put the head on. Yeah, didn’t you grab the legs and snap on the bass in your face? Hey, did you guys see my mega blast, but no I haven’t seen You guys ready for some shoutouts yeah Talking about Shout out the 59 50 49 Malaya and ml Bell Deo Josh was explosive toy review aphaia Flores and Julia chippers Luke Thompson Jordan will burn Christmas Kitty Carter Kemsley – ha Mary ami Audie Leonard Anton Hilbert Megablast bar activate Finalist shown what this bad boy can do? Boom boom boom boom boom pow that chicken jacket my staff I’m a nice ice skater. Well I can draw flower power Shout out the gray Luke Jackson and Harry Shoesmith Tomas Johnson Justin bat sir Tristan Mackenzie It’s Tasha 76 the silly squad Sally brunette Kaylie Chandler Xavi and scarlet Brown, Nathan Connor Ronnie J. Smart Chuck, Murphy I’ll come TV in art is Rama Dini Watch it What do you say about my by Shoutout Trisha Rosa Jayden Winfield rocks in Lopez Carter one two three Wilkes went and my Haywood just the next time buddy boy 1971 Mason and Katie Davis Nicky Barnes Dalbir Kaur Lachey Johnson and Rambo for the wins Let’s try out the octi come on boy show me what you got Keep EG cellphone destroyed hey, not destroying my cell phone That’s what you get for messing with the blast bot thanks bubbles And there we have it the Powerpuff Girls lengua dimensions set sorry Harry Potter got outed Paul little here, we pop alright, so I think we’re ready to stop playing Hi bought your shit got ya oh no they don’t have Mojo Jojo well yeah, that would be cool Anyhow oh, that’s right, I left my flying monkey from year whenever Billy’s house Darn it Billy told them I was gonna leave it there, so I didn’t want to bring it there alright guys I’ll be right back. I gotta go to Phillies house. We’re actually doing EEG. We’re flying whoa Whoa? Oh there’s Billy’s house. Let’s go go get the flying monkey all right guys I couldn’t vlog at Billy’s house cuz his mom has this no online media poll to the world But anyway check out my flight monkey back. We’re gonna pretend. He’s Mojo Jojo Are we in Townsville brah we’re on the cusp of ecological disaster Oh no We’re at the cosmic with the illogical possessor the professed best do daddy daddy daddy grab an allowance no one else for you, sweetie Dude this is so sick my dad regenerates, thank goodness you’ve come I need your help to mix up a compound Let’s head inside the equipment is in there. I don’t know if something’s telling me stranger danger should we go inside girls? He I like the roof. It’s a nice roof. Wow that is a nice roof. Okay. Let’s go inside I were inside this lovely house my calculations. This is the formula we need to follow there must be a clue around here somewhere Hey, how about Nick Oh Harry Potter see dude, I’m glad we brought you along Nice I’m gonna turn on this slushie machine seriously now, it’s not the time for slushies. Oh What’s this dude destroy don’t wish my smartphone could destroy objects like this? Oh, it’s another one of those fellas body horror things. Yeah, that’s a job for Harry man Yeah, I didn’t shave I’m hairy man, but don’t shit Yeah, come on open it oh, no the slushie machine is bubbling here. We go. We’re about to get some ices BAM That’s one chemical safely added to the mix Oh, yeah, we’ll take that Mojo Jojo oh, I can write Mojo Jojo All right, Mojo Jojo you stay here in the corner. I think I have an idea. I just need my fire I just kicked my part Thank you kind bye Guys look my bot is scared of me oh We got one more up here excuse me hey Whoa Thank You bot now get out of here I found it so weird that it brought Harry Potter along do we actually need Harry Potter the only reason the only reason? That I brought him along is because we built him in the last level dimensions, but we did not use him boom Yeah, I know how to trace shapes like Build it build it build it build it once. We watch me build it build it. It’s bill Put it down there mix it. Hope you guys like slushies dust water simmer Alma to add I Chemical X’s left Be extremely careful with that bad. I can’t why should other to think what will happen if you alright You’ve done cleanup, yes clean up that cleanup is yes we got X watch me I’ll call you dad good job everyone. Thank you so much. I take credit for that yeah Geez we must drink a lot of special Sugars and enjoy them while we can pray freezy Yay, that looks like a not a slushie come on girls Let’s get out of here peace out stranger danger whoo. We’re back at in the creepy house all right. Let’s check What else is in this towel? Hey, dude? I like your throat. Do you like my bow hey, bro? You are so annoying today’s mission to destroy Townsville That’s what I’m saying. We got to get some Lego studs break break break break break break break these pylons Let’s fly around it’s much quicker well. Can we go over this way? Oh? This is spooky? Let’s go to the spooky castle look at all these studs. Oh my goodness Townsville prison huh look I’m on camera jeez Nice all right, let’s try to break this thing. She was this does nothing You try it, Quasimodo. Oh, yeah, Brizzy moto can do it. Hey yeah vandal I don’t come to your place of work and shoot things off the wall do life. Sorry, but it’s because Yeah, what did we build here ooh? What’s this mission impossible? Oh? I don’t want to grab all right now Let’s find out who’s inside this prison Hello, Prison people. Oh Mojo Jojo he’s escaping somebody get up. He’s getting away Don’t worry we got him. Yeah, get back in jail I got me a present I think he’s dead ah he was gonna be my boyfriend Too bad he didn’t like you anyway. You know I couldn’t help it. I want to see what this disguise station is like I’m disguising Oh What I wasn’t expecting this uh-oh, okay, let’s see what she’s disguised as She’s really disguised. That’s a bubble. Well. That was that was kinda lame. Oh a ladder That’s my ladder Where do you think you’re going well, I was trying to get disguised But you’re just messing me up All right, I’m gonna disguise myself as this car whoa? Who’s it gonna be This is not right Go Here. I am all right Let’s see what disguising as a guard does yeah? I’m definitely a guard you’re definitely gonna want to not do this cuz I’m a guard for sure. Oh this Yeah, I’m gonna press this button cuz I’m definitely a guard Oh Disconnected the second camera door doubts what I gotta do oh no Whoa whoa, whoa dudes like parkour whoa all right here. I go. Oh, what’s this for oh? Let’s go up here hold him I think I broke my left toe Come on. Come on. What’s up here? What’s up here Paul – no the skids – she definitely the guard not gonna want to deny me my guard abilities Cyril which is also known for sorweful. We just broke down on a cam We just broke the other camp pulling Shakalaka man his name is Dan That’s a new don’t shock a lot correct. Nothing is as catchy wait. There’s still one more. You’re really good at this mister Yeah, I guess so you know. This is a nice roof – thanks ladies excuse me as I go down There is I have words Oh? Doctor octopus’s garden in the back. All right. I don’t know what warrior something like needs to happen Maybe this guy hey, I smell my back your bad smells yep Drive to build something I hope so I hope so one two three and build it build it bad Oh Oh Will it work for me If not bubbles was the gourd oh Come on the LA security camera gone now. What happens to a gold brick nice Hey you smell nice What happened – mojo jojo follow me I don’t know why talk about Star Wars Christmas time one of tano’s There’s ten Christmas elfs hidden throughout the city if I can’t get them that would be such a pity I don’t know what that don’t ya and frankly. I don’t you Townsville needs a new source of listicles and online TV Video bomb yo check out my youtube channel Powerpuff Girls my boxing awesome toy review surprise eggs peppa pig TV killer clowns Subscribe is it still alive are we live can they see me ooh you have nice eyelashes Okay, bye alright guys. I’m so sorry. I’ve just I’m just crazy. What’s a beer for stuff? Will you break your us? You know it? Yeah? This is fun. Oh? What’s the matter brother cup its Mojo Jojo Come on bubbles buttercup needs help. He’s trying to destroy the security panels get back monkey man You will not destroy these solar panels. He set these solar panels to destroy the city some trying to disarm it Ya Think I got it great work buttercup. Oh, no it looks like you spelled something on this board Let’s go see what it says it says FG TV love that channel make sure you Subscribe Lots of higher blossoms about three-mile PR specialism alright Wow Townsville is crazy look at the bridge puppy island Sounds like it’s filled with cuteness is there sugar island in a Spice Island, and and everything is nice Island, please tell me there’s puppy You’re scaring me I’m just the puppy lady alone She’s so idiot. Huh, I wonder what he doesn’t like me oh no, but he ran away. See you’re scary blossom Come here, puppy Come in you get back here. You get back here puppy. Yeah You should probably stop her for she kills all the puppies, and then it’ll just be an island The puppies left us something Oh Puppy welcome to poopy Ireland alright, let’s leave this place it stinks guys There’s so much to do in here. I think that’s about it for this day We still have to find Mojo Jojo dodo Mojo Jojo somewhere And I don’t know where but maybe we’ll get down to the bottom s next time alright guys Thanks was watching peace out big pop a little back Hahaha, they’ll never find me up here. Thank you for watching peace out we will leave Papa lollipop What should I ride which birth? Hi this one forgot? I’m supposed to be delivering. Can you help me a baby? Oh? Baby do they have boss baby boss Baby show me the boss, baby. Ah No, I’m not an available option What excuse me

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    Bubbles I think I have an idea I just need my bot, I just kicked my butt lol so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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