Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On Car for Kids Toy Car for Boys & Girls Review Kinder Playtime

Kinder Playtime!
[children’s laughter] (upbeat rock music plays) Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Kinder Mom: Fisher Price sent us their Power Wheels Wild thing to try out! [Cheers!] This thing looks wicked awesome, but it’s pretty simple. It’s just got a seat belt, two controllers and then you go for it. The batter is easy to find under the seat. Lots of different ages can use this. It can go from two miles per hour, to five miles per hour with different settings. There’s no on/off button on this. All you have to do is have someone sit down and it pushes down these sensors and makes it go. Want the Wild Thing to go forward? Push both handles forward. You want it go in reverse? Both handles back! Want it to spin? One or the other. Show me Emmy!
Yeah! It’s my turn! I’m gonna give it a run. Let’s go! Whoa, are you dizzy? Me and the baby want to go! It’s not really made for adults, but I weigh about 135 and it handled me pretty okay. So that’s cool! This Fisher Price Wild Thing was a lot of fun, huh guys? Yeah! What was your favorite thing Emmy? I liked the driving it. Driving it by yourself? Jacob, what did you like? I like the wheels so you can…. They look pretty cool. I liked watching you guys spin around and around. Like a tornado. Thanks again Fisher Price! Thanks for watching, bye! What are you doing?! [Yelling] Leave us a like, write us a comment, and subscribe. Thanks for watching, bye!

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