Pokemon • Bellossom • Español 4K • Spring Collab 2020 • Ooak Doll / Doll Repaint

Hello guys, welcome to the switch world thank u so much for tune in this channel once again The spring has come and a new collaboration is about to start and I love it, u know? cuz I worked with all of these talented artists They make really interesting things, their art expression is beautiful and of course I accepted to work with them It is an honor to collaborate with all of you! thanks for joining me to this collab I feel very inspired by all of u! Stop talking, guys! lets start with the video I wanna tell u that we r gonna be creating a Pokemon called: Bellossom This is a Pokemon coming from the second generation and it´s beautiful cuz it has 2 flowers on her head, it is like a Hawaiian performer, she is so cute! But before we continue, we need to go first to look for this Pokemon u know what? I´m not pretty sure if we will find it out in the nature, cuz it evolves with a sun stone😢 As we didn´t find it, it´s time to use my sun stone to make it evolve It is beautiful, look at those flowers and this Pokemon is very little, I´m in love with her! I can´t believe it, I wasn´t very sure if this was the correct Pokemon for the collab I only knew that it had to be a flower and I think that Bellossom is perfect Look her beautiful it is and how she gives me the ball back ♥️ I wanna cry!!! I´m dying I hope u liked it and if u guys r ready, let´s start designing this girl This is the outfit that our Bellossom is gonna be wearing I love this cuz it is like a plant or a Hawaiian dancer, I don´t know lol! It looks more like a plant I wanna explain u very quickly about this Pokemon I will inspire myself thinking on flowers, spring and I want this Pokemon to be its shiny form!! Its original color is green, but I prefer the shiny form (pink) As this is spring, let´s make a beautiful flower! and of course the best option for this project, is Draculaura for her pink skin tone. I can´t ask for more ! that skin tone is lovley and that face structure is flawless! Then, let´s start removing the original hair that´s coming inside of the head I already cut the hair and now it´s time to remove it all! Remember that there is a lot of plastic inside of the head, I use this screwdriver to remove all the plastic 😀 this plastic is very glued to the head, so take ur time and take it out little by little. I don´t know if u r able to see those holes on the doll´s head I wanna tell u that those holes r in danger, try not to break them Be careful with the needle cuz u can mess it up 😔 I asked u in Instagram which was the correct hair for this project and u guys said that the pink mixture was fine! To begin with the reroot part, it´s time to undo this braid this braid was like submerged in a really toxic something cuz it smells terrible, I guess this is for modeling the hair, I guess.. What I do to avoid this, is to wet the hair, then I wash it to remove the stiff feeling then everything turns super easy, cuz now u can take small locks of hair without messing everything😃 That would be my suggestion: to wet the hair and to start this long long process. This process takes a while, but the result is lovely! This is a weird feeling cuz I love rerooting and in the other hand, I hate it the result is amazing but it takes a long time! Look at the result! don´t u love it? thanks for choosing this color, I love it Now that we removed the original makeup, It´s time to make our own character I´m gonna be using soft colors to start drawing the eyes I almost use soft pink or brown to draw the basic lines on the face This is very helpful cuz if we fuck it up, we can go back easily! Don´t use ur black color or u will find it harder to repair it… By this moment, I was very excited cuz I have been practicing a lot and I have been improving my artistic abilities !!!! I did it! look how perfect those irises are and how symmetrical the face is 😀 I am taking care of every single detail! I am using my tiny brushes and my water color pencils in a different way. cuz I am sharpening my colors to make little details and I think that was my problem, I wasn´t sharpening my colors correctly and the result wasn´t that great! unfortunately those lines weren´t that thin but u know what? we discovered the correct technique! but now that we know how to di it, let´s give it a beautiful face! As Bellosom is a flower, it is all the time under the sun and I wanna give that effect of sun damage or something like that 😀 We are gonna add a lot of freckles to its red face , cuz the sun is not its best friend, lol! Poor Bellossom😔 I actually did this cuz it looks adorable and I love freckles It´s been a while since I dont´t add freckles to my projects! and I believe that Bellosom is perfect to add a lot of them! Look guys, I´m using my pastel colors to contour the body! as the face is gonna be full of pastel colors, we need to work on that body! or if we don´t do it, the difference between the face and the body can be visible… and we don´t want that. Look at this little brush, it is almost impossible to use hahahaha u guys, need to take ur time to make those little details that makes our doll to be perfect! I trust u, I know U can do this😀 hahahaha Switchers, I wanna show u something, I am very excited cuz I wanted to share this experience with u I took the sewing measurements of my doll, I digitalized them and I started to design the outfit This is wonderful cuz there´s no limit now! Nooooo – Yesssss I don´t know what to say hahahaha Guys, this is great cuz I can make my own patterns and I can print whatever on fabric, maybe my face, lol! look at the print quality OMG this is perfect! it feels amazing to the touch! We are cutting the fabric to start sewing this beautiful dress When I learned sewing like 2 months ago, I was afraid of hems, basically to sew on really small pieces of fabric… I can imagine that´s easier to sew on human sizes, I guess… I´d love to do that! But I want u to see the result! look how beautiful and clean this dress is Don´t ne afraid of sewing on really small pieces of fabric 😀 Remember to keep practicing till u become a master !!! I´ve learned sewing in a really brief period of time and I bet u can also do it 😀 Now, it is time to add these details to the bodice and please notice the print quality, I can´t ! hahaha It looks awsome! the water drop looks so realistic 😱 These are the last details that we r gonna be adding to the dress Let´s create a brand new color from white and red to get like peach or coral color to paint these 2 flowers and her shoes that I am pretty sure that belongs to an Apple White cuz the shoes have like an apple shape… I know these are apples but I will turn them into peaches 🍑 And to finish up with Bellossom´s faceup, I will add some gloss to her eyes and to her lips Guys, here´s a new challenge! You need to find out the 5 differences among these 3 girls It is a little difficult but I guess U guys can do it! You only have 10 seconds to find them all or you can pause the video to see it without subtitles Please let me know hoy many differences u found during those 10 seconds 😀 Well well well, if u r ready, it´s time to see Bellossom posing! Thank u so much for reaching the end of the video and I hope u enjoyed this video as much as I did ! Don´t forget that the name of this song is ” Shiny Grass” and u can freely download it there´s no copyright cuz this is my own music Just don´t forget to mention me and that´s it! I wanna say thank u again to my collab friends for the invitation and we meet very soon. ohhhhh and don´t forget to subscribe to the switch world!! Byeeeeee

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14 thoughts on “Pokemon • Bellossom • Español 4K • Spring Collab 2020 • Ooak Doll / Doll Repaint

  1. She looks Beautiful, how's the mermaid coming along your like almost done all that left is Andrina, Arista, Ariel, Melody, Queen Athena and king Triton 🔱
    keep up the great work
    The Switch World By Philippo. 🙂

  2. Ay mami! Cuanto mejoraste en tan poco tiempo! Eres impresionante, esa carita que me la como jajaja te salìo un encanto! Y gracias tambien porqué puedo entrenar mi espanol junto a tu arte!

  3. Se ganó el lugar de mi repaint favorito!!!! Me facino cada detalle y como te quedó! Es el mejor faceup que has hechoooo lo ame!!! Lo que si muero por saber es como le hiciste con la tela! Tengo tantos customs pensados pero el diseño de la tela es lo que me preocupa!! Yo veía que la moonlight jewel hacía sus telas con vynil pero la máquina para cortar vinil y la plancha son carísimos!!! Y si, el cabello en trenza huele culero y ni se diga el sabor.. xD no preguntes cómo terminó el pelo en mi boca pero sabe de la chingada

  4. Te quedó hermosa, Phili!!! Me encanta todo en ella, el rostro, el vestido, todos los detalles son simplemente magníficos 😍 de las muñecas que has hecho, esta es mi nueva favorita!!! Excelente muñequita, me alegra mucho ver cómo sigues creciendo con tu trabajo 👌✨

  5. Awesome!!!! You did very good for just starting to sew. I also love the designing of pattern and printing, awesome!!!!! I have really seen you grow in this art form and bravo to you 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍,thanks for sharing 💝💝💝💝💋💋

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