Playtoys Iron Man, a Hot Toys Look-alike, One-third the Price

Hey guys. Welcome back to RobToys. It’s Robby here. Today we’ll review an Iron Man diecast that’s turned the action figure collector’s world upside down. Why is that? Because they said it’s as good as Hot Toys (left) AND the price is only one-third of HT price. I couldn’t believe this. You think it’s possible? That’s why I borrowed this from Bro Hell-Duck. I cannot wait to review it myself. Let’s start with the box This figure (right side) is from Playtoys and the price is USD 160 Compares that with Hot Toys Iron Man price that usually starts at USD 450 If we look at the front box, it’s obvious Hot Toys’ box is better designed. It’s probably one thing that helps Playtoys save cost. FYI Playtoys is unlicensed. Let’s take a look at the rest of the box That’s the brand: Playtoys Art cover Iron Man Mark VI They didn’t write down Iron Man. Remember this is unlicensed. Side view Back view The box is super simple Simple carton for the box. So in term of packaging, Hot Toys is way better. Now let’s check out the diecast figure. Instruction manual Always read it first before playing with the toys we don’t want to accidentally break some fragile parts. This is the upper tray That’s the second tray Upper tray has the figure and the extra hands Lower tray holds the base and other accessories Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my channel If you haven’t, come and do so 🙂 If you enjoy this video, don’t forget to give it a like Also hit that notification button so you won’t miss any new video from RobToys. I know you cannot wait to see the Playtoys Iron Man. So here he is. Wow, this is actually great. I didn’t expect it. Let me show you the complete figure from top to bottom Seriously. It’s really cool. If someone put this Playtoys Iron Man inside a Hot Toys box, I’d believe that it was an actual Hot Toys. We better be careful. LOL! It’d hurt if we paid HT price and we got a Playtoys 🙂 back view in a glance, I can’t spot the difference between Playtoys and HT And I’ve been collecting HT for years 🙂 Here is Iron Man Hot Toys side by side with Iron Man Playtoys. Can you tell me which is which? Let’s discuss this together, guys. Let me zoom in closer. If we take a closer look, I start to see the difference in the paint job. PlayToys’ paint job is not as smooth and good as HT’s Take a look at his chest armor Not as polished as HT Now take a look at HT Iron Man Can you feel the difference? HT paint job is slightly smoother than Playtoys’. But we can only spot it after we zoom in very close. From far, they both look the same 🙂 so that’s one difference: paint job. Armor wise, they also look similar not so much difference on the legs Now let me lift them up See what happened here with PlayToys? Now see it in Hot Toys. That’s another difference between these two Now let me turn them around In a glance, Playtoys’ red is darker than HT’s red. Let’s zoom in closer As I said before, Playtoys’ paint job is below HT’s But if you ask me, Playtoys is not bad. For this price, this is great! Take a look at his bottom parts Playtoys’ paint is slightly “wavy” Hot Toys paint is smoother. We’re talking about armors now, guys. Shoulders part is the same between these two I haven’t put on the complete armors on Playtoys arms. Playtoys figure is fresh from the box 🙂 Check out the flaps on the back Not so much difference here, as you can see. Armor wise, they both look the same 🙂 Next, we’re gonna check out the lights How to turn it on in Playtos is a bit different, as shown. That’s the battery complartment Turn on the switch The lights won’t immediately shine after you turn the switch on. You have to put all the face plate first, then the lights will be on. Interesting, Playtoys! ta-da! It’s an interesting concept. If we take off the plate, the lights will turn off automatically. Vice versa. I think Hot Toys lights are better. They’re brighter. Next is the arc reactor light That’s the switch position, as shown Not too bad. It’s bright enough. You can see the blue light from the side. So similar to HT I won’t test all the lights. Next we will check the HS quality This HS from PlayToys. What do you guys think? I say it looks like Tony Stark. And this is HS from Hot Toys. Very similar indeed. How to attach the face plate, as shown Same as HT We’ll see its articulation. Head articulation, as shown. Shoulder articulation, as shown Torso articulation, as shown. As I mentioned earlier, some part in the stomach drops as soon as I lift the figure up. One weakness from PlayToys. Waist articulation, as shown. Legs articulation as shown Knee articulation as shown Feet articulation as shown Articulation wise, it’s similar to Hot Toys. take a look at the chest Playtoys left; Hot Toys right. What do you think? Both are awesome, in my opinion. Next we ‘ll compare the accessories. from Playtoys, we have 3 chest armors. From Hot Toys, only 2 Playtoys is made out of diecast, Hot Toys from plastic. The Playtoys battle damaged parts are not bad Playtoys gives us 2 battle damaged face plates, HT only one. the difference is HT gives us separate HS, while Playtoys gives us one with the lights extra hands, shoulder armors. Playtoys also has articulated hands, clenched hands on the figure. Also repulsor hands. base from Playtoys with light-up function It is very simple, and the feel is not as luxurious as HT. While HT base looks so exclusive and glamorous. As I always said, there’s price, there’s good. Those are the repulsor hands as I mentioned before. dynamic stand and waist holder Those are arms armors. If we add them on, they will look like the ones in HT With HT we have this laser lights. I don’t think we have that in Playtoys. So, tell me. What do you think of Iron Man Playtoys? I still cannot believe that this figure only costs us USD 160 With this price, we get a 1/6 Iron Man with a quality that almost matches Hot Toys. The demand is so high that I was told the Playtoys price has increased to USD 250 now. Thank you for watching. Hope this review is useful for you 🙂 See you in my next video. Bye! Video editing by @photheography7 at Instagram.
Subtitles by @e_mellyberry at Instagram.

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