Playing VR, Oculus First Contact “Silly Robot Game”

Hi everyone welcome to Elizabeth’s World today I’m gonna play oculus
first contact this comes with the oculus it helps you learn how to use it I don’t see
it yeah there there there it is I got please with her guy
there we are that’s better oh I forgot sorry the room that’s the robot he’s just
scared of me because cuz you never met a real person
and I’m waving to him right now because he’ll get to know me if I wave to him and he’s coming
towards me now he’s giving me a little thing to put in that computer to make
him turn on so um so he’ll put different things so hope so he’ll give me different
things to put in there this is a butterfly one it’s a butterfly
one to put in here and it makes butterflies there are the blocks and something this takes it
down yesss dada I got a butterfly these are little like this is a maraca
that makes it look like snow and this is like a thing that spins and then it lights
up I don’t know what it’s called if that’s pretty cool isn’t it makes light
when it spins I broke it the black one floats we’re gonna float now robot rockets I love this one woah I’m shooting out rockets right now and I’m doing the last one this one I love this one it’s targets
it’s a giant gun I’m not doing that silver one yet we had to do it again I’m not doing it I don’t wanna leave you
I don’t want to leave this place that’s tool hope you don’t that that’s the end of the robot game
it’s a little sad because he turns into a blocks yeah that game is really fun
I’m done playing the silly robot game thanks for watching make sure like my
video and subscribe to my channel

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