Peppa Pig Shopping Shopkins at the Duplo Lego My First Shop and Mickey Mouse with Minnie Mouse

Oh Daddy, thank you so much for taking us
to the store. I love the store. Yeah Dad, the store is the best. Are you going to buy us some treats? Now, now, Peppa and George, we are here to
do the shopping on the list, and not get you treats. Mommy Pig would not be so happy. But I suppose I could get you a little something. Yay, thanks Dad, yay, yippee! Oh yippee Daddy, oh thank you, oh thank you
so much! Okay Mickey, here we are at the grocery store
are you sure there is only one ingredient you need? Yep, that’s right Minnie, I just need one
ingredient and nothing else, hahaha. Okay, perfect. Well, let’s go ahead and get that ingredient,
and then we’ll go on home, and we have to hurry because we have so many people coming
for our dinner party, and we have to have time to cook all the food. Oh sure thing Minnie, all I need is this cheese
and then we can go. Is that cheese gonna be all you’re getting
today sir? You betcha, just this cheese, haha. Wonderful I’ll ring you up, and you can be
on your way. Wow, that grocery store visit was really quick. Usually when we go to the grocery store something
goes wrong and it takes forever. Awe, this is refreshing. Alright, let’s get home and make this dinner. Well, here we are at the treat section, now
each one of you can bring one treat home. Dad it’s going to be so hard to choose, can
I get two? Two treats, well I haven’t thought of that,
you know you might ruin your dinner, but I suppose it would be okay to get two. Yay, thanks Dad! Oh, but Daddy, if we all get two treats then
shouldn’t Mum get two treats as well, and I’m sure she’d want some. Well, I suppose that’s only fair that we
get Mummy two as well, that’s very thoughtful of you Peppa. Dad, maybe we should be nice and get some
for the neighbors. Well George, I hate to be rude, so yes I suppose
we should get some for the neighbor as well. I’m going to get this one for Mummy Pig, she’ll
be absolutely ecstatic that we got her treats from the store. Alright Mickey, we’re back at the store to
get the extra ingredient that you forgot, while we’re here, is there anything else you
need before we check out? Haha, no Minnie, I just need this one other
thing and then we’ll be back home to cook. Yup, here it is, all I need is this egg. Alrighty, I’m ready to check out. Hi again Mickey, is this all you need? Yup Ricky, that’s all I need. Alright, I’ll see you later. Now that I think about it Daddy, none of my
friends at school are going to have treats either. Oh Peppa, that’s a bit sad, what do you propose
we do? Well Daddy, maybe we could buy them some treats. Although I think that would be very generous,
I don’t think we have anyway more room in our bags. Hey Dad, let’s get a basket. Alright Mickey, is there anything else you
could possible need? We really need to get home and start cooking
for this dinner. Ha ha, sorry about that Minnie, this is the
last ingredient, I promise. Okay Rickey, I just need this one onion. Oh hey Rickey, I forgot I need these beans
too, haha. Alright, this is the last ingredient I need,
I’m sure of it. Oh hey Rickey, again I forgot this broccoli
I forgot I need this broccoli too. Oh hey Rickey, I cant believe we were out
of tin foil. Oh yeah, we were out of frozen pees too. Oh hey Rickey, I need some flour as well. Well Rickey, it looks like I didn’t buy
enough beans the first time. Hey Rickey, it looks like my avocados went
bad. Oh hey, I guess I drank the rest of the milk
so I need that too. Yep, this is my last purchase. Oh boy, it looks like I bought the wrong kind
the first time. Hi Rickey, this is for sure the last item. Well we are having guests over, so we definitely
need some of this. Oh hey there Rickey, I guess I forgot about
dessert, haha. Oh Daddy, do you think we could get a treat
for the mailman? Well, that’s very thoughtful to think of the
mail man, but I don’t think there’s anymore treats in the store. But Dad, what about the neighbor dog? You know, I think we should get going we’ve
already bought more then we can handle. Alright Daddy. Now, we must see if we can load everything
in the car, I’m worried that it might not fit. But Dad, we can’t leave our treats. George, I don’t want to worry you, but we
may have to leave some treats behind. You can do it Dad. I appreciate the enthusiasm. Mickey, we’ve spent so much time getting ingredients
from the store, that we don’t have time to make a meal anymore. I think it is time for some take out. Oh boy, I thought you’d never ask. Well, we got everything packed in, and are
you two alright back there? Yeah Dad, but I think I’m sitting on some
cake. Just fine Daddy. Alright, I can’t see out the back, but we’ll
head home. I just need to back up the car. Oh dear, Mummy Pig is not going to be happy
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