Paw Patrol TRANSFORMERS Save Bumblebee || Playtime with Keith’s Toy Box

Keith’s Toy Box Ryder: Pups, it’s time to play Puppy football. Let’s go! Rubble: Over here! Over here! Skye: I’m open! I’m open! Marshall: Pass it to me, Skye! Pass it to me! Marshall: Thanks! Whoa whoa, whoa! Now I’m not sure if I got the ball or the ball got me! Ryder: It’s so fun to watch the Pups play and have a good time. Oh! Somebody’s calling! Bumblebee: Ryder, it’s Bumblebee. We need your help. Ryder: Hey Bumblebee. What’s up? Bumblebee: We’re under attack! The Decepticons are trying to get the Cube and we need a safe place to hide it! They cannot get the Cube! It’s too powerful and it’s too dangerous! Ryder: A safe place? Hmmm…Well, we can put it in the Lookout. We have a basement there. It’s going to be safe there. Bumblebee: Thank You Ryder! We’ll be bringing it over there right away, over and out. Ryder: Okay, we’ll wait for it Bumblebee and good luck! Grimlock: Come here, Decepticons! Thunderhoof: Haha! You have no idea how powerful I’ve become! Grimlock: I had no idea Decepticons were that powerful. We’re no match for them! Thunderhoof: Hahahaha! You’re no match for us Autobots! Give me the Cube! Grimlock: Never! We’ll never give you the Cube. You don’t deserve that power. Thunderhoof: Fine, let’s have it your way then! Bumblebee: Optimus! We’re under attack! We need your help! The Decepticons are after the AllSpark. Thunderhoof: Where is the AllSpark? It’s not here. It’s gone! Bumblebee must have hidden it somewhere. Bumblebee: I must keep this AllSpark safe. I hope those Decepticons didn’t see where I’m going. Ryder: Sorry to ruin your playtime Pups but we have an emergency. Bumblebee and the Autobots are under attack! The Decepticons are after the AllSpark They’re looking for a safe place to hide it and we need to help them. And we actually have the perfect hiding place, the basement of our Lookout! Bumblebee is on his way here right now to bring the AllSpark and we have to hide it quickly! We need to protect it at all cost. Chase: But Ryder, what is the AllSpark? Ryder: It’s what gives organisms the power to transform. Whatever the AllSpark zaps becomes a Transformer! So if the Decepticons get a hold of it, they can create a whole army of evil Transformers. And we can’t let that happen. Oh wait, I think I see Bumblebee coming! Look over here guys! Meet Bumblebee! Ryder: Pups, this is Bumblebee. He is a Transformer! Marshall: Wow! What’s Bumblebee doing? Is he dancing? I wish I could learn to dance like that. Ryder: Hahahaha He’s not dancing Marshall. He’s transforming and be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. Bumblebee: Here’s the AllSpark, Ryder. Please protect it with everything you’ve got. Never let the Decepticons find out where it is. We’re counting on you and the Paw Patrol, Ryder. Ryder: Don’t worry Bumblebee. We got this and you can be sure it will be safe with us. Bumblebee: Thank you Ryder! You and the Paw Patrol are good friends. Now I must return to the Autobots and fight by their side. Marshall: Oh look, Chase! He’s dancing again. Chase: Haha! You mean transforming Marshall! Not dancing. Marshall: Are you sure? He really looks like he’s dancing. Chase: Hmmmm…. Actually, I think you’re right! Bumblebee: Okay, take care Ryder! Goodbye! Ryder: Good luck, Bumblebee! Okay, Marshall, let’s bring this to the Lookout. Whoo! That’s heavier than I thought! Uuuh, Marshall, we need your help. I need you and your fire truck to load the AllSpark and take it to the Lookout. Marshall: I’m fired up! Ryder: Okay, back up, back up, slowly, slowly and stop right there Marshall! Okay, here we go. There you go! Okay Marshall, you know what to do! Marshall: Gotcha, Ryder! Oh wait, what’s this? It’s your ball. You left it in the truck. I better take this out first. We don’t want it touching the AllSpark. That can be disastrous! Okay ball, let’s take you out first. Whoah, whoah, whoah! Uh oh! Ryder: Are you okay? What’s going on, Marshall? Pups: Marshall! What’s happening to you, Marshall? Chase: Ryder! What happened to Marshall? Ryder: Oh, no!!! I think you just got hit by the AllSpark. That means… did you just become a… Whoah!!! a Transformer!!! The AllSpark must have activated when Marshall accidentally fell on it. Marshall: Wow, I like this! I feel so big and strong! And I can transform! Check this out guys! Chase: Wow, that is so cool, Marshall! Marshall: Thanks Chase! Now it’s time to keep the AllSpark! And with my newfound powers, I’ll make sure nobody touches this. Ryder: Whoa! Easy there, Marshall! Didn’t realize how heavy you’ve become! Marshall: Oops! Sorry guys! I guess I better be careful now. I can’t run into you or else I might squish you! Haha! Okay Ryder! The AllSpark is now safely locked in the basement. Ow! Ow! Wow, I didn’t realize how tall I’ve become either! Romeo: So that’s where they’re hiding the AllSpark! Wait till I tell my Decepticon friends where it is! So they’ll help me rule the world! Hey Decepticons, this is Romeo. Are you looking for the AllSpark? Because I know where it is! Thunderhoof: Yes, tell us now. Romeo: I’ll tell you but you have to help me rule the world. Okay, do we have a deal? Thunderhoof: All right. Sure. We have a deal. Just tell us! Romeo: Okay, it’s right here in Adventure Bay. It’s hidden in the basement of the Paw Patrol’s Lookout. Come here right now! Thunderhoof: Okay, so that’s where we’re going. Come on! To Adventure Bay! Ryder: Okay guys, now that the AllSpark is safe. Time to play ball again! Yay! Chase: I got it! I got it! Zuma, catch! Zuma: Aaaand, ya! Marshall: I’ll get it! I’ll get it! Ooops! Sorry guys! Didn’t expect my kick to be that strong. Zuma: Hey, someone’s coming! Who are those guys? Marshall: Oh look! They’re dancing too! Ryder: Uh oh! Pups, they’re not dancers! They’re Decepticons and they’re after the AllSpark!!! Thunderhoof: Where is the AllSpark? Give it to me and no one gets hurt. Rubble: No way! We’ll never give you the AllSpark. We know you’re going to use it to make your own Decepticon Army. And we’re never going to let that happen. Thunderhoof: Oh, yeah? You little Pups! What are you gonna do about it? You can’t stop us! MorBot: Hey Thunderhoof! Let’s turn these Pups into hotdogs! Thunderhoof: Haha! Good idea, MorBot! Time for some snacks. Marshall: Oh no! Ryder! Rubble! Chase! Zuma! Rocky! Skye! Are you okay? Can’t let these Decepticons get the AllSpark! Looks like I’ll have to stop them myself. Chase: Uuuuhhh… Be careful Marshall! Those guys might be too strong for you. Marshall: Hey! Pick on someone your own size! Evil Decepticons! Come here! Ya! Yeah! Now it’s your turn, MorBot! MorBot: Uuuuh! Marshall: Yes! Got him! Thunderhoof: Ahahaha! You won’t beat us, Marshall! It’s two against one. Marshall: Uuuuh! Ooooh! Thunderhoof: Ahahahaha! Did you really think you could beat us? There’s two of us and only one of you! Voice: How about if there’s three of us? Thunderhoof: Huh??? Who said that?! Chase & Rocky: We did!!! Chase: We use the powers of the AllSpark to become transformers ourselves. Now make that three against two. Who do you think is going to win? Hehehe! Marshall: Ooooh Oh Chase! Rocky! Look at you! You look so cool! MorBot: Uuuh, Boss! We’re a bit outnumbered, you know! Shouldn’t we just run away? Shouldn’t we already retreat? Thunderhoof: You silly, MorBot! Are you scared of a bunch of transforming Pups? We can do this, you scaredy cat! Autobots: How about we make it five against two? Bumblebee: Paw Patrol, we’re here to fight by your side! Optimus Prime: Better yet, make it six against two. I have returned from Cybertron to protect the AllSpark. Decepticons: Uuuuuh, uh oh! Thunderhoof: Now, we’re really outnumbered. I think it’s time to go! MorBot: Hey, wait for me! Bumblebee: Thanks for keeping the AllSpark safe, Ryder! I think we’re going to have to take it from here. Ryder: Uuuh but where you guys gonna keep it? The Decepticons might still go after it. Optimus Prime: The AllSpark is too powerful. Anyone who holds it will always be in grave danger. We don’t want to put you guys in that kind of danger. This is our responsibility. We will be the one to ensure its protection and now it’s time for the Pups to return back to normal. The AllSpark can create Transformers and also has the power to turn them back to normal. Ryder: Wow, it’s nice to have you back Chase, Marshall and Rocky. You’re back to normal again. Just remember Autobots whenever you’re in trouble, just yelp for help! Marshall: Hey wait! Now that everything is safe and back to normal, it’s dancing time!!! Yay!!!

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  1. Keith's Toy Box can you do more episodes of Psi patrol transformers and do you have other boys in the version of transformers

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