PAW PATROL TOY REVIEW Air Patroller Air Rescue Pups & KiDs Adventure

– [Mr. Hands] Hey, guys,
and welcome to ToyTimeTV! (laughs) Hey, I can tell
that you’re watching us on a tablet. You wanna do something really fun and turn the tablet sideways with me so that you can see the video even better? Okay, I’m gonna count to three, and when I count to three, let’s turn the tablet sideways. All right, guys, here we go. Hey, if you’re watching
this on a cell phone, you can do this too. All right, one, two, two and a half, three, whoa! Wow, that was fun! And today on ToyTimeTV, we’ve
got some really fun stuff! It’s the PAW Patrol from Spin Master! Wow, look! It is the Air Rescue PAW Patrol! Wow, hey, look, who’s that? That is Rocky! He’s in the PAW Patrol,
the Air PAW Patrol too! And hey, who’s that? Hey, that is Marshall. He’s a PAW Patrol Air Rescue Ranger too. And who is this? (laughs) This is Bobby’s favorite. It’s Chase, and he’s an Air
Rescue PAW Patrol puppy too! Wow, look at all the pups! Hey, there’s Zuma. Hey, and look who’s there. Who is that? It’s Rubble on the double! And Skye, she’s gotta fly! Wow, we’ve got a lotta stuff to open here on ToyTimeTV today. But hey, what’s that in the very back? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a cool toy. I see Robo-Dog. Hey, do you see Robo-Dog? There he is! Robo-Dog! Wow! Okay, okay, I think we need
to move the other PAW Patrol and see what that is in the very back. I’m really, really excited! Wow! Look, it’s the Air Patroller! I love the PAW Patrol on Nick Jr. They are absolutely awesome. What do you think, Bobby? – It’s the (yelling excitedly)! Ah! – [Mr. Hands] (laughs) It’s the what? – It’s the PAW Patroller. – [Mr. Hands] That’s right, and here, you get the PAW Patroller,
you get a Robo-Dog, and it comes with lights and sounds, and all kinds of fun things. – So, what does the Air
Patroller do, Mr. Hands? – [Mr. Hands] Well, the Air Patroller is a lookout in the air that transforms from jet to helicopter to fly the pups to new rescue adventures! – Wow! – [Mr. Hands] The cargo bay
door opens, the cockpit opens. It’s really neat and it’ll
line up with the PAW Patroller. You can land on the back of
the PAW Patroller, Bobby. – Wow, you can land on the
back of the PAW Patroller? – [Mr. Hands] Yes, you can. Wow, Spin Master made
a really cool toy here, and I can’t wait to open
up the Air Rescue Squad! – Yeah! – [Mr. Hands] Well, you
at home, you can help us. We’re gonna use ToyTimeTV magic, and we have to think
really, really hard, okay, and use the ToyTimeTV
magic to open up each toy! Okay, guys. All right, are you ready, Bobby? – Yeah, I’m ready, I’m
always ready, Mr. Hands. – [Mr. Hands] You’re always ready, Bobby? Well, I’m ready too, to have some fun, exciting magic and playtime
with the PAW Patrol. – Yeah! I can’t wait to do a
playtime with this one. – [Mr. Hands] Me either! All right, let’s open up the Air Patroller and the Air Rescue Squad! – Yay!
(bright magical music) ♪[PAW Patrol toys un-box]♪- (bright magical music – [Mr. Hands] It’s the Air Rescue! – Yeah, the Air Rescue! – [Mr. Hands] Hey, Bobby, I wanna sing the PAW Patrol song. – Me too! Me too! – [Mr. Hands] Do you wanna
sing it with us at home? Okay, guys, let’s sing! Here we go! ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol ♫ We’ll be there on the double ♫ Whenever there’s a problem ♫ Around Adventure Bay ♫ Ryder and his team of pups
will come and save the day ♫ Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky ♫ Zuma, Skye, yay ♫ They’re on the way ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol Hey, Bobby, you take over. ♫ Whenever you’re in trouble ♫ PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol ♫ We’ll be there on the double ♫ No job’s too big, no pup’s too small ♫ PAW Patrol, we’re on a roll ♫ So here we go, PAW Patrol ♫ Wow, PAW Patrol (Bobby barking) (laughs) That was lots of fun! And thanks for joining us with
the PAW Patrol song at home! That was really awesome! I can’t wait to do a
pretend time with this. Can you, Bobby? – No, I can’t. It’s gonna be so much fun. – [Mr. Hands] Okay, guys, you at home, let’s use our imagination
really, really hard and go do a fun pretend time with our new PAW Patrol toys! Okay, here we go, think
really, really hard! (bright magical music) – Hey, guys, watch us
race and see who wins. – And the winner is Zuma! – PAW Patrol, do you read? Do you read? – We read you, Ryder. – Chase, I need you and
the rest of the pups to the Lookout as fast as possible! – PAW Patrol, our races
are gonna have to wait. Ryder needs us! To the Lookout! What’s wrong, Ryder, what’s wrong? Is Mandy in trouble again? – No, Chase, Mandy is fine. I called all the PAW Patrol here because I’ve got a really
big surprise for everyone! – Ooh, boy, I love surprises! I love surprises! – Pups, the surprise is we’ve got wings! – Wings? I don’t see any wings on me. No, there are no wings
on me at all, Ryder. – No, silly! (Air Patroller whirring)
Oh, here it comes. Look up in the air! – [PAW Patrol] Whoa! – Look, everyone, it’s the PAW Patroller! It’s nobody but your friendly Robo-Dog! (barking robotically) – Whoa, so we get our own
airplane to do rescues in! This is awesome! – But there’s even more
to the surprise, pups. Let’s go over to the field. I’ve got something
really cool to show you. Robo-Dog brought over
the new Air Patroller, which we’re gonna use for rescues. But that’s not the only thing. Each one of you pups is gonna
be your own Air Rescue pup! – Pups gotta fly! – You guys are all gonna fly! (laughs) Chase, you go first. (warbling)
(Chase yelling) – Chase is on the case! (whooshing loudly) (warbling) – Wow, let’s dive in! (whooshing loudly) (warbling) – Whoa, I’m all fired up! (whooshing loudly) (warbling)
– This pup’s gotta fly! (whooshing loudly) (warbling)
– Oh, boy! Rubble, Rubble, on the double! (whooshing loudly) (warbling) – Green means go! (whooshing loudly) – Whoa, these are really cool, Ryder! – Yeah, Ryder, they’re
really, really awesome! – Rubble on the double,
I love my hoverboard. – Well, pups, I’m glad you like ’em. Now you’re members of
the Air Rescue Squad. Hey, what’s that over there? – Oh, boy, my wings are so tired! I don’t think I can
hang on for much longer. I’ve been flying across the Atlantic. Whoa, oh no, oh no, I’m falling! Whoa! – Oh no, pups, you’ve gotta
save that poor little bird! It can’t fly and it’s falling down! – We’re on it, Ryder! PAW Patrol to the rescue! – [Bird] Help me! – Don’t worry, we’ve got you! – Thanks, PAW Patrol, for saving me. I couldn’t have landed without your help. – You’re welcome, little birdie, but be really careful flying. You don’t wanna fly too much
to where you can’t fly anymore. – Wow, pups, you’ve
already used your equipment to save a bird! PAW Patrol, you guys are awesome! – And that’s how the PAW Patrol first got their Air Rescue costumes for rescuing animals in the air, (laughs) with the Air
Patroller and the other stuff. – [Mr. Hands] That was so
much fun, wasn’t it, Bobby? – [Bobby] Yes, it was, Mr. Hands. – [Mr. Hands] (laughs) I
really enjoy pretend time here on ToyTimeTV with the PAW Patrol! And that’s what we’re gonna do next, is we’re gonna look at
each one of the toys that we played with and
give a review in detail about what it comes with and how it works. And the first one we’re gonna
do needs no introduction. Who is this guy right here? This is Chase. He’s the leader of the PAW Patrol. Now, this toy comes by itself. You have to buy all of these separately. It comes with the little badge here, Chase, and then his action pack. Now, the action pack on these is different in the fact that it’s actually
attached after the fact. The other action packs
are already attached and you can’t remove them. Well, in the Air Rescue guys, you can definitely put it on there, so we’ll show you how
to do that really quick. Put it on like that, press down. And then, to operate it, you press Chase’s little
badge on the front, and his action pack is operated so that he can fly to the rescue! Re-engage it by just
pressing down on the top. You press the little
badge again right there, and he gets his rocket back. (laughs) Well, you can see Chase
is in a different uniform. He has his uniform for the air rescue. Got a little helmet here. The helmet, on top, has
the Air Rescue symbol, and he’s got a jumpsuit on too. Look at that, doesn’t
he look really awesome? And something about these,
their heads do turn. He is articulated on his head so you can move his head back and forth. Look at that cool star on
the back of his helmet! That’s pretty neat! Unfortunately, the Air Rescue, on Chase, does not articulate on the legs. That means the legs are
stationary and they do not move, so he won’t be going anywhere at all, walking or anything. So, he’s definitely a
stationary pup right there. And also in the pack, you
get Chase’s Air Rescue badge. Now, this one’s neat
because you can wear this and be part of the Air Rescue Squad. Let me show you how it works here. We’ve got one of my shirts here. (laughs) We just take off the back part,
see, this was on the back, and we place the badge
wherever we want it to go. And we go underneath here, and you might have to have
your parents’ help with this. And we put the badge on so therefore, it is on your shirt, and it
doesn’t damage your shirt. So, you can be an Air
Rescue PAW Patrol member just like Chase, and not ruin your shirt,
which your parents will really love that, won’t you, parents? The next PAW Patrol pup is Marshall! Marshall is pretty cool ’cause Marshall is a dalmatian puppy dog, and a member of the Air Rescue Squad. Now, Marshall is made of plastic. His head turns just like Chase. There you go, wow, it can
really turn, can’t it? It goes that way and goes this way. And he is an Action Pack Pup also. When you press his badge, (gasps) his water cannons deploy! So, he can put out any kinda
fire that might come his way, right, Marshall? – [Marshall] Right, I’ll put out the fire! – [Mr. Hands] (laughs)
Well, this Action Pack Pup can also fly as a member
of the Air Rescue Squad. He has his little helmet here too, which has the Air Rescue
Squad logo emblem. And he’s in his Air Rescue suit. It is red and yellow. And we can click these back, and also too, this, like the one that Chase had, comes separate and you put it on yourself. Now, I like this feature
of these PAW Patrol pups. The action pack will come off and you can play with the pup without it, and then you can have one of
those pretend time moments where, oh no, Marshall, gets his pack, and then they go rescue, and stop fires and stuff! Now, you gotta be careful
with some of these packs. I’ve noticed you gotta put
it on kinda just right, and once you get it on just right, then it will deploy like that, and it’s kinda neat. I really like it. Now, just like Chase, his front legs and his rear
legs do not move at all, so that’s one of the features
of these Action Pack Pups that I think is kinda lacking, ’cause I like my figures articulated. And he also comes with his own badge! This badge, just like the other one, you can take off and you
put on your fabric shirt, and it doesn’t hurt anything. See, I’ve already got my Chase badge on. I’m gonna put on my Marshall badge next. It’s Rubble, Rubble, on the double, and his really cool Air Rescue hoverboard! (laughs) Look at that! That’s pretty cool. Now, this pup is a little
bit different from the others in the fact he doesn’t
really have an action pack. He has his own hoverboard. Oh, boy, have I always, always
wanted my own hoverboard after seeing Back to the Future. Well, Rubble, he’s got
his own cool hoverboard! Well, Rubble, right here, his
legs and his arms do not move, but his head is articulated
like the other pups. He’s an Action Pack Pup,
but his badge on the front does not work for the action pack, like in so many of the Spin Master PAW Patrol Action Pack toys. What Rubble does is he has
his hovercraft right here, and he slides into it like this, and the hovercraft goes under like that. Oops, did I do that right? Nope, I didn’t, let’s do it this way. And it holds on. Now, to deploy the hoverboard, you press the back right here, and look, Rubble’s ready
to go do some air rescuing as a Air Rescue PAW Patrol member! Now, of all of the toys, of the figures, this is the one I like the best. It’s really neat because I like Rubble on the hoverboard setup. And he does not fall off either. He’s in there, and he’s good to go. It’s pretty cool and pretty neat. I really like this one. Not only do you get
Rubble, and his air board, you also get Rubble’s badge. Look at that, Rubble,
Rubble, on the double! And I’m gonna put that with my
other badges I’ve got on too! I’m gonna wear all the badges
before this is over with! And who is this cool pup? It’s Zuma! Zuma is a chocolate lab
and his favorite color is orange, of course. And this right here is Zuma’s Air Rescue Pack Pup and badge. Now, Zuma, right here, you can see, he is all decked out and ready
for the Air rescue. He has his uniform, he has his cool helmet with the Air Rescue logo. His head does move, well, his head moves all the way around, doesn’t it? Ah! (laughs) I don’t know if
it’s supposed to do that, but that’s kind of a neat feature. But his legs and his arms,
like all the other pups, do not move. And his action pack actually
comes off, which I love! Zuma is a hovercraft copter thing here, and let’s go ahead and put his pack on and show you how it works. There we go. And to lock it down, we
press on the top here. And both of them are set. You can see right there, there’s Zuma. Zuma’s made of a plastic,
it’s a hard plastic. To activate his action pack, you press his badge here in the front. We’ll do that, and both of his little helicopter spinners go up so that
he can fly to the rescue! Well, you can take this off
at any time you want to, there we go, we took it off, and have Zuma not being a Air Rescue guy, but being able to move
around a little bit easier. Now, in this playset, you
also get Zuma’s badge. (laughs) Zuma’s badge is really neat, and we’re gonna put that on with all of our other
badges in the background! This pup is gonna fly! It’s Skye Air Rescue, her pup pack and badge from Spin Master. Now, Skye’s a little tiny little puppy. Her little legs and arms do not move, but her head does move. Something we’ve noticed
about Sky is that sometimes, she’ll faceplant, just like that, because her head weighs so much. But she does have her rescue
suit on, look at that. She’s got her little emblem there. She’s all decked out
just like all the other PAW Patrol pups. She’s ready for some rescuing action. Now, what would keep Skye
from doing the faceplant is her pack. Now, this pack is definitely Skye because, you know, Skye,
she always has to fly. We’ll put that on so that Skye’s a little bit more weighed
down, there we go, and set it. Now, the way that her pack works is she has a little button in the front. You press that and her wings deploy. See that? That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Skye, she’s gonna,
gonna, gonna, gonna fly! And you can set them back again, and deploy them. (laughs) I love Skye, she’s a
very, very cool puppy. She comes with her badge, look at that. It’s Skye’s badge, and we’re gonna add that
to our other badges here. I wonder if I can fit them
all on my shirt! (laughs) All right. Green means go by this
cool recycling puppy dog. It’s Rocky and his Air
Rescue Pup Pack and badge. Now, Rocky here’s lookin’
pretty sweet and nifty with his Air Rescue outfit. You look right there, see his cool helmet. They all have really cool helmets. And his head does move
like all the other pups, actually, it moves all
the way around, (laughs) but his legs and his arms don’t move. And he’s got a pretty high
little profile for his pack. You can see right there,
it’s a little bigger than some of the others. And what you do is you just
take his pack right here, and we put that on till it snaps in place, and then, snap it in place like that. There you go, are you ready to fly, Rocky? Yeah, I think he’s ready to fly. Just press the badge in front, and he’s ready to take off. Whoa, there he goes! (laughs) Well, this cool recycling
pup is very neat. I like the Action Pack Pups. He also comes with his
recycling badge too here, which we need to put
that, like, right here, with one of our other
ones, there we go. (laughs) But he’s cool, he’s neat. I love these new Spin Master toys. The Air Rescue set is awesome. Let’s move on to the grand finale, and that would be the Air Patroller, because I really wanna look at it closer! I have all my PAW Patrol badges
on for the Air Patroller! (laughs) This one is really cool! I love Robo-Dog, and Robo-Dog
comes in the Air Patroller. Now, the Air Patroller itself right here is a pretty neat toy. It’s a lights and sound toy. It has two different sounds, and it also has some cool lights. Right here, on the side,
you can see the lights. When I press the button
right here on the top, (mechanical whirring) you can see (imitating Air Patroller), listen to that! That was pretty cool. And when you rotate, and you can do this, rotate these up, (propellers whirring loudly) you turn the Air Patroller
into a really cool helicopter, and not just an airplane. So, it’s a two-in-one. It’s an airplane and a helicopter. And you can grab it right here, and this is made for little hands too, which is really neat,
so you can fly it around in different directions,
and also press the button. (propellers whirring loudly) So, you have lights here on the side, and you also have sounds,
two different sounds. From this (propellers whirring loudly), and when you press the button, it’s gonna do that over and over again, if it’s in helicopter mode. You put it in airplane
mode and press the button, (mechanical whirring) it’s gonna be an airplane! Hear that? That’s pretty cool! Now, also in the front too, the cockpit opens up so that
you can put Robo-Dog inside. And there’s a little area right there where Robo-Dog can sit. Let’s put him in. Robo-Dog fits right in
there because Robo-Dog is our pilot! He’s the pilot of the Air Patroller. And you can close this up, and Robo-Dog can take
the PAW Patrol anywhere! (mechanical whirring)
(laughing) The propellers do rotate, which is nice. They rotate when you rotate ’em. They don’t rotate when you
press any of the buttons. On the back here, we have fins. Now, the fins are made
of a very soft plastic, which is kind of nice because
fins on small toys like this will sometimes be broken. But because this is really soft, it’s not gonna break at all. And you’re probably wondering
what this number 10 is here on the fin on the back. Well, the PAW Patroller
is the 10th vehicle in the PAW Patrol fleet,
so we have a number 10. We also have a number 10 on
the wing right there too. Isn’t that cool? Well, I’m not done yet. There’s still more to the Air Patroller. Here on the bottom, it opens up to have a little bay on the inside of (laughs) the Air Patroller, where you can put PAW Patrol members. Let’s see, we can put Rocky up in there. We can put all the
different ones up in there. Let’s see. Maybe we can put Rocky,
I think he may fit, but he’s coming out! He’s gonna come out of the Air Patroller. Let’s try his head that way, there we go. And he’s ready to take off! (laughs) Oh, this is pretty neat. I love this toy. It is battery-powered, and the thing about the batteries, thank goodness Spin
Master has included them with the set. They’re LR44s, I think
is what they’re called, and they’re really small
little button batteries. And they do go right there,
where the three screws are. But, being a parent, you’re not
gonna have to mess with ’em. They’re already in the unit, so that’s really, really great. You know, no toy review is complete unless we get our toy guru in here to decide whether or not
this is a really cool toy. – Who’s the toy guru, Mr. Hands? (laughs) Is that me? – [Mr. Hands] (laughs)
Yes, Bobbie, that is you, because you know how toys work and how cool they are to play with. – Yeah, I do, Mr. Hands. I know how the cool toys are! (laughs) – [Mr. Hands] Well, Bobby,
what do you think of this? – I think (yelling excitedly)! – [Mr. Hands] You think what? – I think it’s awesome! – [Mr. Hands] (laughs) It is. It is a cool one. Definitely recommend this if
you are a PAW Patrol collector. We have Marshall, Robo-Dog, Rubble, Skye, Chase, Zuma, and Rocky, and of course, the Air
Patroller, which is pretty neat. And we’ve got all of our badges. – Yeah, the badges are neat! – [Mr. Hands] (laughs) Well,
this has been a really fun pretend time and toy review
with these Spin Master toys. And we’re really glad, here on ToyTimeTV, that you joined us for this
because we have lots of fun, and we wanna have fun with you at home. So, if you enjoyed this video, please give us a thumbs
up by clicking it below. And you can also leave a comment. – Yeah, you can leave us a comment. – [Mr. Hands] You can leave
us a comment of anything. If you don’t know how to type, you can just type anything! – Yeah! – [Mr. Hands] (laughs)
Well, be sure to stay tuned for the end of this video, and we’ll see you next time on ToyTimeTV! (upbeat music) Hey, that was lots of fun. You can subscribe to ToyTimeTV by touching the middle of your screen, or you can touch our videos to watch more. (upbeat music)

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