Paw Patrol Lookout Playset with Mater and Lightning McQueen Kids Toys

Hello DisneyCarToys here and today we are
going to play with this new Paw Patrol Set. Introducing the Paw Patrol Lookout Playset.
The set comes with the police pup Chase and his patrol vehicle. This set has a lot of
fun features including a Periscope a Badge that makes sounds a moving elevator a rescue
slide and a working fireman’s pole. The new set comes with everything you see here. So
lets build it and then we will do fun things like racing Car’s and sliding animals. The
set is actually super easy to build just attach the Paw Patrol Lookout to the tower and next
you need to attach the fireman’s pole. So you actually connect it at the bottom and
then you clip it right here in the middle and slide it up. And then slide it into the
roof too, now it’s nice and tight. The slide is pretty simple. Just three pieces and they
all snap into place. And then you attach it to the Paw Patrol tower just by this little
piece here. And there is a attachment piece at the bottom of the slide too. The lookout
Periscope just slides right on to the roof. And then you can even rotat it which is kind
of handy. And then last but now leas we have our special Paw Patrol Badge that actually
lights up and makes sounds. With this set Chase can ride in his puppy police vehicle.
The figuring is actually really cool, it’s plastic but you can actually move his legs
fully out in the front and the back and in the perfect sliding position. So lets get
him in the slide here. One two three uh on now were stuck come on there we go. Now let’s
try the working puppy elevator. Going up, and now he is at his control tower. Let’s
head over to the monitor and see what’s going on uh oh looks like a run away train. Better
call in some back up. *barking* Chase can also survey the city making sure everyone
is safe and sound using the Periscope. There re two ways of coarse to leave the tower one
way is the slide which he already tried out but lets do it again. Woo. *barking* Chase
can also leave using the fireman’s pole. Going down woo hoo. And for more fun Chase can press
the Paw Patrol button. *sirens* But this Paw Patrol Playset isn’t just fun for Paw Patrol
toys you can also use your Disney Cars on this set. * honking* And Chase can even ride
on Lightening McQueen let’s see is this works. I think they got it. Woo Hoo. This Playset
even works with Peppa Pig and her friends as a slide. Yup as you can see this slide
is fun for everyone. Please Like this video and also subscribe for more fun toy videos
and in the comments let me know what you liked the most. Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig or Disney
Cars. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video. Thanks for watching and have
a great day!

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