Patter’s Firefly Fashion Festival✨ | Pi – Day Celebration | Enchantimals Toy Play | Harvest Hills

[GIGGLING] Oh, look, Flap, it’s our
new Harvest Hills friends. Hi, Dinah. Hi Ciesta. Hey, Patter. What’s quacking? I’m putting the
finishing touches on my latest masterpieces
for the Firefly Festival. As soon as it gets dark
outside, these babies are going to glow like,
well, like, fireflies. The secret is my
super special glow tested firefly fabric
paint, patent pending. I am unveiling the collection
at a pop up fashion show before the Pi
Day party tonight. Will you two be my models? Yeah. Let’s do it. Thanks, girls. Let’s shake a tail feather. The boots should be dry by now. My boots, But I– did you– where’d they go? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [GASPS] Follow those footprints! [EXCITING MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, it’s getting awfully late. I hope you we don’t miss
the Pi Day celebration. What is pi, anyway? You can use pi to find the
circumference of any circle. Mmm, pie. We’re so close, I can feel it. Guys, I think we
found out boot thief. [MOOING] Ricotta! [GIGGLING] Holy cow, Ricotta,
you look moo-tiful. [MOOING] Utterly stunning. Let’s go, girls. You too, Ricotta. [MOOING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Harvest Hills. Before we get our
pi on, I’d like to represent my brand new
Firefly Festival fashion line. I expect glowing reviews. Flash photography is
highly encouraged. Let’s start a buzz, people. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Aw! All right, yeah! Ooh! [MOOING] [CHEERING]

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