– Alright girls it’s time to build our Lego fort mansion. (tense music) Get back from our kids only fort! (tense music)
(laughing) – I can’t believe we traded
our Lego fort for some candy. – But it was good. – Just look at them,
they’ve been there for days. – I can’t believe they
just stole our Lego fort. (shouting) – [Jamie] Do I need to
remind you guys of the sign? No kids allowed. – Yeah so go and find something to do. – Guys we need a plan, we
need our Lego fort back. – We need somebody for an inside job. (clears throat) – I have just the thing. – You’re gonna want this. – It’s perfect. – Alright Parker, you know what to do. – Of course! – Alright, go get us lots of information. (tense music) – Shh. – What do you do in this fort all day? – I don’t know all they
have is this ball pit. Nothing else really to do. It’s too kiddish. – I know it’s like a little kid Lego fort. – Wait, I think I just found something. – What is that? – Whoa has this been
in here the whole time? It’s a floor plan. – Do you think there’s
anything else in here? Ow. – [Jamie] Oh wait, I found something. – What is it? – A sharpie. Alright well now I have a sharpie, he’s stuck in there for a while, but I’m going to change up this floor plan to make it a little more parenty. Or adult, whatever you want to call it. – I’m gonna make my escape. – [Jamie] You are breaking it! – This is gonna be a long day. – Oh, hey. Let’s make some changes. Well I know that Steve is definitely going to want a kitchen. – [Steve] I vote we get
rid of the jumping room. – [Jamie] Definitely
not the sleeping room. – [Steve] We want that. – [Jamie] We want that. Jumping room. – Lame.
– Lame. Food. – Awesome. (tense music) Jamie, we’re gonna need
so many more of these. – Gotcha covered. Giant blocks. – Lego me up. – We are going to make
this so much better. Alright so I’m thinking that we are going to be needing some shelves. What do you think? – On it. – I want to be able to see all of the good snacks that I can have displayed out there so I know exactly what I want to eat. – Well, look at your drawer. – What? It’s a hidden one. That’s where I’m going to hide all of my treats from Steve. That’s my new favorite thing guys, my new favorite thing. Are you building another one? – I don’t have any space for this one, I have food in it though. This is yours. – [Jamie] It’s a false one. – Wait, wait, ingenuity. – The bottom drawer is bigger so that one is mine. And guys, right here, this is our open shelving. Where we hide the snacks
that you can have. It’s time to stock our shelves. So we have a couple of waters, Those will be right there. Wheat Thins, those are Steve’s favorite. – Love ’em. – Some granola bars, my
favorite right there. And then we get to the popcorn. Which is a personal
favorite and treat of mine, so I’m going to stick it in here, and now I just realized that
we have to build a microwave. – Let’s nuke it. – We have Mentos for Steve because he needs fresh breath. And we will put it in here. Some macadamia nuts right there. And some chips. Which I’m going to also put in my special spot because
these are my chips. – I prefer Doritos. – Just get in there. Nope, got it, got it, almost there. I like little pieces of chips. – Are you thinking what I’m thinking? What else do they have on here? Dance floor, is that a basketball court? Uh are you enjoying yourself down there? – [Jamie] Yeah. – They have a basketball court but I don’t see a hoop. This is where Dad comes in. – So, a basketball hoop would be cool, so you build that, and I will enjoy my chips. I’ll give you moral support. – Thank you so much, honey. – Alright so Steve looks like he is actually going to be building a basketball hoop. You know in all honesty I didn’t think he could
do it but he’s doing it. – That’s skill. I’m a master builder. Don’t touch it. – Now, who can make the most baskets? – Who’s got the skills to pay the bills? – We are going to see who can get the most baskets in one
minute, so start the timer! (tense music) Okay, one. – [Steve] One, two. – Two. Three. – [Steve] Shoot, four, or three. – What?
– Four. Five. Six. – Four. – Seven, oh no, six.
– Five. – [Steve] Six, seven. Eight. – Six.
– Hey I knocked it in. – Seven. Eight.
– Oh no, oh no. – Nine. 10.
– No! – 11. – [Steve] Nine. – 12
– 10. 11. 12. 13.
– 13. – [Steve] 14. (cheering) – Alright well it broke, I’m not sure how long that was, but he got one more than I did before the thing broke, so I guess Steve won. – I’m the winner. (upbeat music) What else do we have on here? – Oh look they have a dance floor I don’t really want to get rid of that. I like dancing. – Oh boy Cue the dance music. ♪ Just an ordinary day ♪ ♪ I was making my way ♪ ♪ Who would’ve known I
spend my last nickel ♪ ♪ On the super mega winning ticket ♪ ♪ I was feeling kinda wicked ♪ ♪ When I heard my boss through the crowd ♪ – Reverse it, bring it back. ♪ Oh oh what you gonna
do with all that cash ♪ ♪ I’m gonna oh oh stay out
in an all nighter bash ♪ ♪ Then I’m gonna oh oh buy
myself a nice suit and tie ♪ – Moms and dads are the coolest. ♪ And then I’ll give my boss the finger ♪ ♪ In my private jet fly by ♪ – [Jamie] Parents only. Parents only make a fort. No kids allowed. – What’s up guys? Here’s a present. – How was it, Parker? – It’s not good. – Let’s take a look at this bad boy. ♪ With my face on a giant poster ♪ ♪ Tonight we’re having oysters ♪ – Whoa has this been
in here the whole time? It’s a floor plan. – Jamie, we’re gonna need
so many more of these. – Gotcha covered, giant blocks. – Nine.
– 12. – [Steve] 10, 11. 12. 13.
– 13. – [Steve] 14. (cheering) – Reverse it, bring it back. – We need to get our Lego fort back. – I know, I’ll use the force to get them out of the Lego fort. ♪ Super mega winning ticket ♪ ♪ I was feeling kinda wicked ♪ ♪ When I heard my boss through the crowd ♪ – Us kids have a better idea. – [Both] Yeah. – Nothing is better than the force. (grunting) – Uh we’re not doing that. – Fine I wanna do it by myself. And if I get them out,
it’s a boys only Lego fort. – And if we get them out. – [Both] It’s a girls only fort! – Fine, it’s on. (grunting) – Push! – (yawns) I am so glad that I left the sleeping room. – (clears throat) You
will leave this Lego fort. These are not the Legos
you were looking for. Thou shall not stay! Wait, wrong movie. Thou shall, leave. Hey, hey! I’ll have to force you then. I will have to force you then. – Is he serious right now? – Does this look serious? – And that is exactly why the kids are not allowed in our Lego fort. – Prepare to surrender your Lego fort. – Bring it on. Welcome to the dark side. – I thought you were going to have aim like a stormtrooper. Ah, I hit one, ah! I can’t see. – Yes, yes, yes, yes. The parent-only Lego fort has survived. – We need to use brains
instead of brawn, Steven. – Guys, they’re asleep. Perfect. – Guys, let’s deal with Dad first. (snoring) (laughing)
– Get these out. – My food, it’s gone. Girls! (screaming) – What happened to my kitchen? My food. Where’s Steve? Did he leave the parents-only Lego fort? Am I the only one left? – Guys, we just got Dad out. – Yes. – That means, it’s time to get Mom out. – But what are we gonna do to get Mom out? – I know what she hates
more than anything. – [All] A mess! – Mom, we’re jumping on your bed! – What was that sound? What did they say? Oh Mom’s gonna hate this. (laughing) – This is gonna be fun. – What are you girls doing? Stop that now! – Let’s go mess up Mom’s car! – [All] Yeah! – Now you’ve taken it too far! Get back here! – Shh. (cheering) – [All] We got our Lego fort back! – Woo, woo, woo. – Oh, I almost forgot! That’s more like it. – We’ll see about that. (upbeat music)

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