Parents Only GIANT LEGO FORT Escape Room!

– There’s stuff in here. – [Mom] (gasps) How did our kids do this? Kids, you may have thought
that you outsmarted us, but, you didn’t. – In today’s video our
parents do an escape room. But, before I get started,
subscribe to our channel and give us a big thumbs up. (playful music) – Mom! Dad! Mom! Dad! We have something really cool to show you! Come on! Follow us! – Guys, it’s just around the corner. – Ta-da! – Check it out, guys. Come on in. – Man, this is pretty cool. – Little strange. – Yeah. (door slams) Oh no. – Hi guys. – Did you guys just lock
us in your little fort? – You guys have one hour or else. – [Mom] What? What is going on? – Or else? (kid outside door laughs) – What did you guys do? – Have fun! We’ll be inside, guys. – Good luck, Mom and Dad! – Did they really just
lock us in an escape room? – And we have some surprises. – Surprises? – Um, I don’t feel comfortable with this. We have never done an
escape room, just parents. – I’m the best escape person there is. – The kids made it right?
So it can’t be that bad. – Easy. – We have an hour. We can totally do this. What are they doing inside
my house in the meantime? We need to hurry because
I don’t want the kids alone in the house for an hour. – First thing we always have to do is take like an inventory
of what’s going on. That’s the best way to escape. – All right, guys, so the
first thing that I see is: to succeed, you’ll
have to act like your kids. And that definitely is a
kid’s handwriting, so sloppy. And, we have this lock right here so don’t know what that’s for. Is that the way out, do you think? – It looks like it unlocks this door. – Okay. – Let me see. I bet you it’s easy. These kids aren’t very smart. – [Mom] Are they letters or numbers? – They’re letters. Oh. I was hoping it would say kids. – They may be smarter than we thought. There is a JoJo get-up. Definitely from Jordyn, but
it’s locked up, which is weird. Why would, why would it
be locked? I don’t get it. This is kind of a weird wall. Oh, I wonder who put that there. – Slime. Obviously just
slime sitting in the corner has got to be Parker. – [Mom] Oh, and I see some
Nerf blasters behind you. – That’s weird. I bet you we need this. – And I think I just found
Payton’s little thing that she may have left: a karaoke machine. – What are these? There’s
like s-five of them? – Are they, like, step
stools to get somewhere? – I’m leaving you in here. – There’s no way you could get over that. There’s one, two, three, four, five. Okay, well, we’ve kind of did an inventory and I don’t really know what
we’re supposed to do from here so that’s not good at all. All right, so this thing says
that we need to act like kids so I guess we better
start acting like kids or we’re gonna be stuck in here forever! – Okay, so this one needs a key. – Okay. – This one, I think, needs
playing cards. Classic. – Oh, oh, yep, and this one
needs some kind of code. – How’s it going, guys? – [Mom] Let us out! – [Dad] What’s the first clue to get out? – [Mom] Yeah, can you give
us a hint, just a tiny hint? – Nah! – Well, okay, so we can’t get the darts for the Nerf blaster yet
’cause it’s all locked, but there are two things
that don’t seem to be locked that maybe we can play with, I guess. The karaoke machine or the slime. – You want me to play with slime? – [Mom] Yes, we need to play with slime. It says to be a kid. Get the slime out. Ew. – What are we doing? – [Mom] (she laughs) It’s so slimy! It’s cold and gross. – How do you play with slime? – [Mom] I don’t know. You
take the whole thing out. – It’s freezing cold. Oh. – [Mom] Don’t let it fall! – Ugh, it’s on my fingers. It’s slimy! – I really do not know why
Parker likes this stuff so much. Maybe we need to toss it back and forth. – Ready? – All right, that’s more like
it! Okay. Ready? Let’s catch. – I’m gonna get it in your hair. – Don’t. Now we got to make a big bubble. – Okay ready? – One, two. – It’s not working. – You have to grab all
the ends. What is that? Do you see that guys? – Is that a key? – Ewwwwwww. They put a key in the slime. They are just crazy. – This is disgusting. – Okay, here, get all the slime off. – Oh my goodness. – Guys, what does it unlock? We have, we have two options. Hurry, take this. Let’s go see. All right, so our first
option are the Nerf blaster. Let’s see. – I really want it to work. – I know. – Nope. – Okay, our second one is JoJo. – I don’t want this one
to work. No offense, JoJo. – [Mom] Do we have to put the jacket on? For Jordyn’s sake, I hope not. – Fat guy in a little JoJo coat. Nananananana. That’s it. – [Mom] Did it work?
Perfect. What does that mean? – I don’t know. I guess. – [Mom] I think we have to wear it. See? – The JoJo jacket? And there’s a bow. – Steve, for sure, has to wear the bow. You gotta get it on. All right. What? – There’s stuff in here. – [Mom] How could our kids do this? There is another room in here, guys. – Can we get in there? – [Mom] What? There’s no way. – This is a solid wall. There’s a target. – [Mom] There’s cards, Steve! – There’s cards. – [Mom] There’s cards
that we need for that. – Yes, I knew it. – [Mom] We have to be
able to get in there. – There’s a key over there. – [Mom] Oh guys, I don’t
know if you can see that. There’s a key sticking
right out of those blocks. – Do I still have to wear the bow? – Of course. Steve! – Who rules the world? – [Mom] Girls! Girls rule the world. – Ohhhhhh. – Guys, girls rule the world! I don’t know what that means, but. Okay put it on. – Which way does it go?
This way or this way. – [Mom] Doesn’t matter. Just put it on. You look amazing. – I gotta finish the ensemble.
That’s not the sleeve. Oh my goodness. – [Mom] I think that’s
all you’re gonna get. All right, so this may be crazy, but if we have cards over there, do we need them in our hands or can we use them to
try to get in this lock? – I think we could decode
this with the cards. – Okay, we may not have to
get in that room at all. – How’s it going guys? – I’m having a great time. – My JoJo stuff! That was
supposed to be for Mom. – [Mom] All right, it looks like we have a two of clovers, an ace of diamonds, a four of hearts, and a three of spades. – Clovers? You mean clubs? – They look like three-leaf clovers. – So there’s an order: do
we go like left to right, like two, one, four, three? – [Mom] Yeah, try that. – Okay. How many spades? – [Mom] Three. It work? – No. – All right so Steve just
mentioned going left to right and one of each because
maybe it’s just the card and we don’t need to do it. – Maybe the numbers are something else. – Okay, so left to right:
spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs. You know what? I just thought. We’ve used this before, Steve. Do you think the kids are smart
enough to change the code? – You’ve used this lock before. – [Mom] Yes, I’ve used the lock before. And it goes just in order. – Do you think this is it? – [Mom] I don’t know. They didn’t change it!
They didn’t change it! – JoJo dance! JoJo dance! – [Mom] JoJo dance, JoJo dance. No, no, I don’t, I don’t think, no, I don’t think that’s the JoJo dance. Kids, you may have thought
that you outsmarted us, but you didn’t. Now we just need those! – Oh no, we need to get in that room. – [Mom] Oh, is that the key that we need? What? – There’s only thirty-five minutes left! – [Mom] What happens if we don’t? Did they say we have to
stay in here forever? – I don’t know. They said
there were surprises though. – You know what? Being stuck
in here, away from the kids, may not be a punishment. – [Dad] I found out how to get the key. – What? – The hanger. Maybe I
didn’t need the JoJo bow. – There’s no way you can
reach! There’s no way. There is no way that you can
reach the key from there. There is no way. All right, well, this isn’t working. – I have a blaster with no ammo. – The time is running out,
and it’s getting chilly. It’s getting cold. I may have to wear this JoJo blanket after all because I don’t know
what else to do in here. We’ve done the slime, done
JoJo, can’t do the blaster. – We haven’t played with
the karaoke machine. – I know but it has nothing hooked to it. I guess we just, maybe we’ll just sing in the microphone and we be a kid. Good. Both of us get a microphone. – I love singing. – [Mom] All right. What are we singing? – Ugh. – Well, if we’re being kids, I think we need to sing a kid’s song so let’s do “Twinkle, Twinkle.” That’s a good one. – Little star? – Yeah, little star. Ready? – How I wonder what you are? – Sure. One, two, three, hit it. – [Both] Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Baby shark, do, do, do, do, do, do, baby shark, do, do, do,
do, do, do, baby shark. I’m all out of love.
I’m so lost without you. – Sorry, no kid’s gonna know that song. – [Both] London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down. – What are we gonna sing? – [Scary Voice] The floor is lava! – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh! This is not good, guys! This is not good. The floor is lava. All right guys, so we need to
get to that karaoke machine to sing the right song, which
we don’t know what it is, but the floor is lava,
and we can’t get to it. All right, so, Steve. – [Dad] Jamie. – What? – [Dad] Do you see that over there? – What? The sign? – [Dad] Here. – Oh my gosh, are you
kidding me? Okay, be careful. Okay, hold on. All
right guys, hoo hoo hoo. – [Dad] I shouldn’t have worn flip-flops. – [Mom] This is scary. No, you should not have worn flip-flops. That’s not smart at all. Okay, what? – Inside the jacket: what did it say? – [Mom] Who rules the world?
Girls. Girls. The song! – The song. – [Mom] We need to sing the song. – I think I just broke this Lego. – [Mom] Oh gosh, hurry, hurry! – I gotta get off the lava. I’m safe! – We need to get to those mics, and we need to sing that song fast. All right. Oh gosh. – [Dad] You need to grab
that block over there. Get closer. – [Mom] Okay. – [Dad] I got my mic. – [Mom] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, let’s sing! – [Both] Girls rule the world, rule the world, rule the world. – Yeah, we do. – Hey, I heard you singing a special song. Girls do rule the world.
So, you guys get the key. Turn around and get it. Bye! – [Mom] Turn around?
Steve, it’s right there! How do you get there? – Let’s get there. Wait. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, it’s not lava anymore. – Weird. – [Mom] Go get it! Go get it, go get it. – Key! – [Mom] Okay, unlock it, unlock it. – Okay, I’m so excited. – [Mom] How did the key get there? – Yeah, it was all the way in there. – [Mom] Whatever. Hurry. Just
go. We’re running out of time. – How much time do we have left? – [Mom] All right, last time
I checked twenty-four minutes. – I don’t know if this is the key. – [Mom] Is it? – It is. – [Mom] Okay, good. – Okay, I’m gonna start
off with the blue one. I’m gonna put it all the way in. – [Mom] But what are we
supposed to do with it? – Sorry. – Okay, give it to me. You
don’t get it anymore. Thank you. Yeah I am. – [Dad] That’s not funny. Jamie. – Yeah. – Wait. I don’t want to lose
any of these Nerf darts. What if we need all of them? – [Mom] For what? – I don’t know yet. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, there’s a target, there’s a target. We need. Not at each other! At the target! – So you think we just
need to shoot the target? – [Mom] I think so. – And what’s going to happen? – [Mom] I don’t know. Just do it. We’re running out of time!
Okay. Eighteen minutes. Did you get it? It looked like it. – I think I was a little bit low. – [Mom] Low? Okay, come on! Get it in one! Was that on it? – I got it! – [Mom] Yay! – [Mom] So what does that mean now? – Did you see that? Look. The
shelf has new things on it. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, are they magicians? How are the kids doing this?
I’m really getting kind of. – I haven’t seen Parker
anywhere. She’s like a gremlin. She’s probably sneaking around, doing it. – [Mom] Parker? Is that you? But what are we supposed to
do with those food squishies? And how are they gonna help
us get out of this escape room in the next fifteen minutes? – [Dad] We’ve done something
for, like, each kid. – So we did the slime for Parker, we did the karaoke for Payton, we did JoJo for Jordyn, and we did the Nerf for Stephen. – [Dad] That’s it then, right? – Taylor. Baking! Taylor likes to bake. – [Dad] So you think the food has something to do with Taylor? – Maybe, but what do we do with the food? – Did we solve everything in
here though? We should be out. – I don’t see anything else
that we needed to do. At all. What? We need to dance! – I’m the best dancer. Twist and shout? – Oh yeah, oh yeah, we’re dancing and I don’t know why at all. – Is this part of the game? – I don’t know. I don’t know.
What’s supposed to happen? – What’s the Fortnite dance Stephen does? – Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,
you got it, you got it. How long are we going to have to do this? Oh, the funky chicken! Oh, he’s got it! – It’s getting serious. – Now it’s off. Okay. – Why was that happening? – That was exhausting.
This floor is not good. – Should I Nerf blast these foods? – I guess. – Or do you think we need
that for something else? – I don’t know if there’s anything else. – There’s only one thing left. – What? There’s nothing left. – Uh, the exit. It’s four letters. – Food. Is it food? Really?
Because. Or, no, squishies? – There’s no F on the top one. – There’s no F. – Pie. No, that’s three letters. – Pie? – Pies? – Pies? There’s only one
pie. There’s a hamburger, there’s a taco, and there’s
some like pound cake. – Jamie, it says pie so far. – Cake. – Cake’s no, pies. – Fine. Try it. – It’s not pies. – Haha, no. – Cake? – Cake. Try cake. – What does the winner get?
Whoever figures it out? – Oh, I don’t know: we get
out of the escape room! – There’s no C on the top one. – Bake, bake, bake, bake,
because he’s a baker. – B-A-C – No! K! What? – There’s no K! – You don’t spell baker with a C. – Sorry. – [Mom] Okay, okay, we
have twelve minutes. We need to hurry. Guys, do you have any ideas? Taco? Okay, Steve’s gonna try taco. You guys, do you have
any idea what could be? – Oh, there’s no O. – [Mom] Whoa, what is going on? – I don’t know what to do. So there’s a pie, a
hamburger, a cake, a taco. – [Mom] Is it P? Is it P, H, C, and T? Does that even matter? – That’s not a word. – [Mom] Does it have to be? – I don’t know. C? – [Mom] I don’t know. – Wait, not C, what did you say first? – [Mom] P. – P. – [Mom] P, H, C, and T. – P, H, C. (Dad splutters) That was it. – [Mom] What the heck! I
was right! I was right. It wasn’t a word at all. I’m a genius. – I didn’t think that was it. – Okay, get out of here. Get
out of here. How much time? – We have ten minutes. – Okay, we have to get out
and get inside the house and see what the kids are doing. Are we breaking this thing? Let’s do it. – The door’s opening. I’m free! – [Mom] Get inside the house! – Kids! – [Mom] We’re back! – It took you guys long enough. – We had ten minutes to spare still, kids. – Love your bow, Dad. It’s beautiful. – Did you guys like our escape room? – No. We’ll get you guys back. – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – [All] Bye! – (Guitar Strums)

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