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43 thoughts on “Paper Dolls – Launch Trailer|PS VR

  1. If you can't make a horror game without jump scares. You shouldn't make a horror game at all. Same goes for horror films.

  2. stop it with the horror in VR and spend time making non-horror VR games.
    i got a VR headset but it feels like 90% is horror because spooks are easy to make in VR.
    and i hate to be spooked. stop it.
    make something nice for once, not something cheap.

  3. Hi PlayStation a while ago on August you had an update for the Ps Network and on that day it wouldn't let me login in and since it's my uncles email (luis) I tried getting in contact with him for the password but he forgot what it was because when did put in his password that was 2 years ago I didn't get to see it
    . I was wondering you you could just give it back because I really can't do anything anymore but the email is la5498327 and so is the name for the ps4.. please I just want my account back. Thank you

  4. PlayStation VR 2 should be better resolution. It should have a glove or wrist control pad so I can move my hand to control. It should be smaller like sunglasses, It should come with a tablet that has a VR app that contains the software, you should be able to plug and play different types of glasses, like 8K glasses, augmented reality glasses, they should be a brain scan headset that uses infrared light with games that can be controlled just with your brain, or just for medical scans. A P.S. tablet is needed for easier scrolling of VR YouTube videos, A tablet should be the new VR remote, Nearly all hardware and software should be on tablet.

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