– I’m Shadow! – Pokey! – Bashful – Speedy! – Um, am I Pac-Man? – [All] Yes! – Am I in a real life Pac-Man game? (video game music) Uh, that was dramatic. (video game sounds) Bam! High score! Who dares to take on the
best Pac-Man player ever? Taylor. – I do. (video game sounds) (upbeat music) (video game sounds) – Man that was pathetic, Stephen. C’mon Payton, play, you’ll do fine. (upbeat music) (video game sounds) Payton that wasn’t a good score at all. – That’s not nice! – I can beat your high
score Taylor, I know it. – Try. (video game sounds) (upbeat music) (video game noises) I guess not. Hey Parker let’s make it easier for you. Here’s a stool. (upbeat music) Okay, ready? Let’s see how good you can do! (video game sounds) Seven! (video game sounds) They could eat you! (video game sounds) Man, 600 points, that’s, good. Well Parker, it was good playin’ ya. – (mumbles) – Man there’s no competition
here in my house. No one can beat me! I’m awesome! I’m the best Pac-Man player of all times! Huh? What’s happening to me? (gasps) Where am I going? (game music) Where am I? How’d I get here? What is this place? (clapping) (upbeat music) How do I get out of here? Huh? What is this? A squishy taco? What am I using this for? – I’m Shadow! – Pokey! – Bashful! – Speedy! Um, am I Pac-Man? – [All] Yes! – Am I in a real life Pac-Man game? – Welcome to the real
life game of Pac-Man. Are you ready? – Kinda – The goal of Pac-Man is to
collect as many squishies as you can, without getting eaten. If you get eaten, you lose a life. And, you only have three lives. At the end of three lives, it’s game over. Once you find a squishy, you have 10 seconds to eat Shadow, Speedy, Bashful and Pokey. Are you ready to play real life Pac-Man? – Uh, sure? – Good because it’s starting
in 10, nine, eight, seven, six. (beeps) – I guess I’m playing this game! (video game music) (clapping) Oh, I found a squishy! That means I have 10 seconds
to tag as many ghosts as I can! (video game music) That was easy. Oh no, I need to hurry,
I’m running out of time! (clapping) (buzzer buzzes) I gotta hurry! My 10 seconds is up! (upbeat music) (laugh) (robot noises) (beeps) Oh no, I only have two more lives left! I need to find a squishy. Yes! I got a squishy! You ghosts better watch out. I’m good at this game! I’m coming to get you ghosts! Yum! (moans) (video game music) Yummy nummy nummy, I’m
gonna get you, you ghosts. (buzzer buzzes) I got you Brandon. (robot noises) No, I got you. – I am the official rule-maker. Pac-Man got Bashful before the timer. (bubbling noises) – They call me Pac-Man. – They call me Pokey! – Here comes Speedy! (video game music) (laughs) (bubbling noises) Mm-mmm. (beeps) – Oh no, I only have one more life left! (video game music) That’s how I get in it. I found a squashy! I’m gonna get me some ghosts! (video game music) Yah. Uh, that was dramatic. (video game music) (buzzer buzzes) Oh, no, I’m running out of time, guys! (video game music) I found a squishy! (video game music) (bubbling noises) (video game music) (buzzer buzzes) (video game music) (laughs) (clapping) Ah! (bubbling noises) Ugh! (bubbling noises) Well, that was fun, I guess, but now, how do I get out of here? – Here comes Shadow! (gasps) Oh no! – Here I come! (clapping) – Ah, Shadow’s coming after me! (video game music) – Shadow’s coming. (panting) – Ah! (video game music) – Raw, I’m coming! (clapping) (video game music) – Oh no, I’m trapped! – I’m coming. (shrieks) (clapping) (bubbling noises) – Oh no guys, I think I’m
trapped in here forever! I like Pac-Man and all, but not this much! I may never be able to get out of here! Maybe I should have been
nicer to my siblings. Please, let me out of here! Guys, I’m sorry, please let me out! I will let you guys win, sometimes! I won’t be so competitive! Just let me out guys? – What do we do? – Should we bring her back? – Hmm, yeah, we should bring her back. – Alright, three, two, one. – Thank you guys so much! – Thank you for watching today’s video. Comment below what other games you want us to do in real life. – Subscribe to our channel! – Give a big thumbs-up. – Comment below! – And see you guys tomorrow. – [All] Bye! – Nuh-huh. (timer chiming) – I got you Brandon. (robot noises) No, I got you! They call me Pac-Man. – They call me Pokey! – Here comes Speedy! (clapping) (laughs) (bubbling noises) (upbeat music)

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