OVERNIGHT TOY HUNT in Smyths TOY STORE -Magic Wardrobe SKIT Part 2⏰ Secret Safe Diary Ivtech Ad

it’s an advertorial paid for by VTech hey come back here. here’s a quick recap of what happened in
part one click the link to watch and full. there are some surprises! What is this place? Where have you brought us this time? Where are the lights switches? Yay!! Silly face Clara there’s someone downstairs Its the security guard hide if there is someone in this store I will find you I better go on my tea break CupcakeSurpriseToys owh Clara we almost got caught by the Smiths
security guard if mom and dad find out that we were in smiths toy super store in the middle of the night alone they will be so angry.
we gotta go home right now he’s on a tea break and then we’ll probably have a
little nap , we can have way more fun I don’t have a good feeling. Come on. Look at that Clara its lighting up Lets go check it out I wonder what it is me too Look Clara its a karoke machine.I’ve always wanted to try one of these. testing testing oh..what does this
button do? I think thats a voice changer In smyths toy store that is so funny. all alone I want to try. all alone. thats cool. external music replay singing fun sing a song Why dont we do something fun? This song is perfect. let me get my phone Jingle bells, jingle bells. We wish you a Merry Christmas Thank you, Thank you Clara that was really fun this vtech
kid star karaoke machine is definitely going on my Christmas list
and then all my friends can come around and we can have the best time ever I told you you would have loads of fun well actually that was quite fun it’s so
cool to be in the toy store by ourselves yeah there’s so many cool toys. look at this. it’s me vtech secret safe
diary. oh let’s go check it out over there Let me do the password one wow yeah
November 19th yes thats perfect What mood are we in? happy I am going to pick an emoji we’re super happy yes let’s take a
picture yeah thats perfect Lets write everything that happened tonight in our Diaries so we
won’t forget a single thing when we tell our friends that’s right now we were at
Smith’s toys in the night all by ourselves perfect and I know emoji now let’s lock the diary so no one can get it Good job clara that diary is super cool Now lets go have more fun in the store Hey…. [ahhh] Come back here Come back here come back here where’d they go Oh Clara I’ve had the strangest dream we were in Smith’s toy store in the middle of the night and nobody was in
this store and we got there – a magical wardrobe it’s not ridiculous Elena I had the exact same dream – don’t be ridiculous Clara you and I couldn’t have the exact
same dream well we did because you were wearing that top in the dream I’m in our
pajamas not a top Clara. no you’re not take a look OMG this is exactly what I wore in the
dream? Clara you are wearing the clothes that you wearing in the dream too. you haven’t I mean because that Ohaa- there’s
something really strange going on and I mean really strange look at my bed it’s
covered with VTech toys Clara I am so confused
kids please tell me in the comments what happened last night and tell me kids
where did they the VTech toys come from? A huge Thank you to Smyth’s toys for
letting us and our parents film after hours and a big THANK YOU to recheck for
sending us all the toys and remember kids this was just a SKIT. always go to
Smith’s toys with your parents hit the like button if you want to see more of
these videos don’t forget to subscribe it’s free here’s some more fun videos

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