Our Vacation Beach House Tour !!!

– Our family is in Watercolor, Florida this week for spring break, and we have probably the
most beautiful beach house that I have ever seen that
we get to stay in this week. Should we give them a
tour of our beach house? – Yes! (upbeat music) – Hello there everyone! Our family is in Watercolor, Florida this week for spring break, and we have probably the
most beautiful beach house that I have ever seen that
we get to stay in this week. So kiddos! – Yeah? – Should we give them a
tour of our beach house? – Yeah! – Now, there’s a story
behind why we are in a giant, giant house, and why it’s only us for now, and we’re gonna tell you that after we show you the house. So we’ll start here. What do we have over here, guys? – [Children] Bikes. – Bikes. There are six bikes for us to share. We haven’t tried them out yet. I think they’re a little
bit too big for you, Colin. – But I’m a… – But you could ride the golf cart. You get to drive it. How about that? Let’s go show inside now! We’re heading inside,
and we’re gonna show you the first floor first,
because again like we said, there are three floors. So we come in here, and let’s show them the
main living area, girls. So you wanna show ’em around? – We have a seating area over here, – [Lucy] Oh yes? – And this is the fireplace, and we also have another one on the other side of the fireplace. – [Lucy] You’re right. There’s a seating area over here, a beautiful fireplace,
and here’s all the chairs. Oh, the movie room, I know. Colin is really eager to go upstairs and show us the movie room, but Colin, we’re gonna get
there in just a second. We’re gonna show down here first. So here’s the living room. – A dining room table over here. – [Lucy] Okay, dining room
is over here, you’re right. – That’s a little washing hands there. – [Lucy] Yeah, that’s the wet bar. – And then back here, we have our kitchen. – And what was your very first breakfast in this beautiful kitchen? – Um, waffles. – Eggo waffles. [Laughs] Here’s the kitchen, it’s beautiful. So this is the bulk of the first floor. Maya, we have a pantry
over here, don’t we? – Yeah, right in here. – We’ll show you what we
have stocked in our pantry. We have… Lucky Charms! – Tostitos! – And Tostitos. – Tostitos! – Yes, now out of the pantry, because the pantry isn’t super exciting. If you come this way, here is where you can
come in from the garage, and they have a cute
little mudroom over here that we’ll show you, too. – The laundry room’s in there. – [Maya] We have another one upstairs. – [Lucy] Yeah, here’s our
laun- one laundry room, because what do we have, girls? – Three laundry rooms. – [Lucy] Three?! – Two! – [Lucy] Two laundry rooms. – You held out number three at first. – [Lucy] Two. And then over here is the mudroom. – Here’s some towels. – Yes. – Yes, we have lots of towels, which we’re gonna be taking
to the beach pretty soon – Yeah – And then in the garage, we
have a six-seater golf cart, and we rented a 9-seater golf cart. Because again, we were
expecting a ton, a ton of people to be here, which we’ll tell you about in just a little bit. And then we walk on this way, and there’s actually an office over here we’re gonna show you. Over this way, back to
the front door, right? We’ve got a little
bathroom that’s over here. – Office. – [Lucy] And then a small office. Oh, daddy’s working. – Hello. – And there’s still
more on the first floor. There’s one of the bedrooms, there are six bedrooms in this house plus a little nook of a bedroom, and they all have their own bathrooms. So here’s the first
bedroom we’ll show you. – Every room has a TV. – [Lucy] And then… – Bathroom. – [Lucy] Big bathroom in here. – Yes, very big. – Do you wanna show us the balcony? Or the porch? Okay, they have- well, there’s a balcony
over here, but I think it leads to the pool. Oh, it does.
– [Colin] It does! So let’s go out the other door, because I don’t think
we can open this door. – There’s an alarm, so
we have to push the box. – [Lucy] Yes, let’s explain the alarm. Hang on, girls. So all the doors that
lead to the pool have this obnoxiously loud pool alarm, which I’m actually so thankful for. So any time the door is
open without pressing that button first, there’s
a giant beeping sound. You wanna show it to ’em, girls? [Loud, Beeping Sound] – Push the button! Come
on come on come on! And then the button stops it. – So you should push it before you go out. – So if we press the
button before we go out, there is not a giant,
obnoxious beeping sound, but I like having it because that way if Colin were to go out the door and I didn’t about it, everyone would know that a door was open. So let’s press the button – [Abby] All right, push it.
– All right, go. – [Lucy] and go outside. – Hurry, hurry! We gotta leave
the house for ten seconds! – Go go go! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Come on, come on, come on, come on! – Okay, so as you can see,
it’s a teeny, tiny pool, but it’s super fun, and it’s heated, and we have a beautiful
porch area around it. I think the girls are really digging the porch swing over here. (upbeat music) You wanna show them the screened in porch? All right. You lead the way, Colin. Here we go! Last night, we grilled
hot dogs and hamburgers and ate out here. It was very lovely for
our very first night here. I think we’re pretty much
done with showing you the first floor, so now we’ll head up to the second floor and
show you what’s up there. So like I said, this house
is in Watercolor, Florida, and it’s in an area called 30A, which is the highway that runs
along the Gulf Coast here, and it’s a place where a lot of people from Tennessee vacation
because we can drive there. It’s about a seven hour, six, around, I’d say, six
and a half hour drive. But it’s not too bad. What’s up here? Let’s go here first. We have a beautiful balcony. – Here? I’ve never been up here before. And it’s already- wow! – This house has so many
balconies and porches, I think maybe we should count them. So so far there was one downstairs outside of the first bedroom. This is our second one we’ve come to. – This is a very nice area to read. – [Lucy] It is, isn’t it? – Maybe some mornings I
could come out and read. – Yes, mommy’s definitely on board with reading on vacation. (upbeat music) – So never, if your room’s right here, you could just come up
the steps, walk right in, and this is the room. – [Lucy] Right? You wanna show the room? – Locked door. – [Lucy] Yeah, that’s a locked door, okay? So maybe it’s for the people that own it. So yeah, here’s the room, and, it has the TV, – [Addy] Like every room – [Lucy] A nice closet – [Addy] Like every room. – [Lucy] And then it’s own bathroom. – [Addy] Like every room. – [Maya] Like most rooms!
– There I am. Hi! All right, let’s continue on. This is the second bedroom. Remember, there are six bedrooms, plus a little, teeny tiny sorta bedroom. (upbeat music) On every level, there’s like, your own little living room. So you can chill here if you
don’t wanna go downstairs and hang with everybody else. You can watch TV, and then we have, oh! Here’s another balcony! So this is balcony number three. Now we’ll show you bedroom number three. Right this way! Oh! Here’s balcony number – Four!
– [Lucy] Four (giggles) – [Maya] Oh, and there’s a ground on it. Come on, Colin! (upbeat music) – And I love the view from
the back of the house, because you can stake a little- I don’t know if it’s the bay, or what the technical term is, but there’s the dock,
and then you see like the water through the trees, and it’s gorgeous. (upbeat music) Oh girls, I just realized. It looks like we have a little tiny bit of an actual backyard down there. – Yeah, we know. – [Lucy] You know that?
I didn’t know that. So again, this is bedroom number, what are we on? Three.
– Three. – [Lucy] What is it, oh,
that’s a big seashell. – It has things in it. – [Lucy] What is in there? Oh goodness. I don’t know what that is. Watercolor, oh, they must be wristbands. The cool thing about renting
a house in Watercolor is that you have access to, which I’m guessing those wristbands are, a beach club, where you’d
go and they already have chairs for you and towels for you, and it’s close to people who are staying in the other cities, and then there’s also like a whole, I can’t remember what they call it, but this giant pool area
with lazy rivers and pools and food and beverage service – (big gasp) – I know! Plus, there is a cool park
for Watercolor residents, so – Yay! – Yay! Are you excited for the park? – Uh-huh. – So we haven’t explored any of it, because we just got here yesterday, but we’re excited to go see it all. Bathroom, standard bathroom. All right, let’s keep going. – Okay, come on, Colin! – [Colin] It’s locked bathroom. – This way, Colin! Now we’re gonna show
you on the second level where Jason and I are staying, and where the kiddos are staying. So we’re gonna walk down
this hallway over here, so this! Do you girls know what this is over here? – An elevator. – [Lucy] It is an elevator. – It broken? – So I think they closed
it off for the guests. We can’t use it, but
there is an elevator here, which would be really
cool to have an elevator in your house! – I know! Especially with our heavy suitcases. We had to carry them all
the way up to this floor. – [Lucy] Okay, what’s over here first? – We have a little kitchen. – Me and Addy’s kitchen. – [Lucy] Yes, you have a
microwave, a refrigerator, a sink, very nice. – And then for our room. Three, two, one, ta da! – We have a boogie board. We use it in videos, and we
used it at the beach today. – [Lucy] Yes, you have a
seating area over here, and guess you brought your
Squishmallows with you. Do your Squishmallows have names? – Yes, this is Miles. – [Lucy] Miles? And what is Miles exactly? What type of animal?
– A dragon! – [Lucy] Who’s yours? – Sophia. We didn’t name him. It was on the tags. – [Lucy] And Sophia’s a
unicorn, it looks like? – Yes. – [Lucy] You guys have
a little balcony, too! – We do! – [Lucy] I can’t even
remember what number we’re on. Balcony number four now, I’m not sure. Oh, are there high chairs here? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Oh yeah, this is
probably not very safe for Colin. We don’t want high chairs. – [Addy] Mm-mm. – Me and Addy can read down here. – [Lucy] You could.
– But not Colin. – [Lucy] Should we go back
in, show our room now? – I prefer to read on the other balcony. – [Lucy] Come on, Colin. – We have a bathroom. – [Lucy] Yeah, that’s right,
you have a bathroom, too. I forgot to show your bathroom. – That’s the toilet area
where the toilet is. – [Lucy] Okay. – A relaxing room. – [Lucy] You can relax in your bathroom? Should we go show the
mommy and daddy’s room? Let’s go, let’s go, come on! This way Colin, lead the way! I’m gonna follow you. Here’s the original hall we came down, here’s the hall that led to the girls, and if we turn this way, we have this pretty mirror
and little console table, and then we have our second
laundry room over here, which is super nice to have a laundry room on the first floor and a laundry
room on the second floor. Okay, here’s my room. – You guys have another
perfect area to read over here! – [Lucy] Yes, another reading area! And then we have a giant
bathroom and a giant closet. I’ve gotta show you this closet in here. And this closet over here is so long. You walk down, and you walk down… – Addy thought this kept on going. – Did she? – It’s a mirror though. – It’s a mirror. Hi! It’s pretty amazing. – Yeah. Pretty amazing. – Now there’s actually another balcony off of our room, so what
balcony number are we on now? I can’t even keep track. – [Addy] Six!
– Six. So we’re gonna check
out balcony number six. Wanna open the door, girls? Think it’s a pretty good one. – This is number five. It’s just the one that
we couldn’t open before. – [Lucy] Oh, you’re right, it is! This is the same one. This is number five. Should we go to the third floor now? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Lucy] Third floor. (upbeat music) There was one room on the first floor, four rooms on the second floor, and now we’re heading to the third floor, where there is a sixth room plus there’s that small room
I keep telling you about. (upbeat music) What do we have over here
when we first come up? – A little area. – [Lucy] Counters, is this
a refrigerator again, too? – [Addy & Maya] Yeah! – [Lucy] Oh, it is. And then over here is
another seating area, and then there’s a bedroom
just this way, right? – Yes! I wish we had this bedroom,
because look at this! – [Lucy] I know, this is so cool! This room is perfect for
a family with little kids, because it comes with two little bunk beds so you can close the curtains. And then over here, there’s
actually a big king-sized bed and a whole big area for
the family to hang out. And there’s actually
– [Colin] Ow! – a bathroom in here, too. Colin, where’s the bathroom? Is it over here? There it is! – Yeah! – Now, let’s show them the tiny room. – [Lucy] The tiny room? – [Maya] This was gonna
be my and Addy’s room. – Yeah, it was gonna be mine and Maya’s room. – It has a tiny TV, a tiny bunk bed. This was gonna be our room. A TV… – It’s just… bunk beds and a TV and that’s about it. Isn’t it? – [Kids] Yeah. – I would have liked this room. This small room fits me. – Yeah, it’s funny, because out of all these big gorgeous rooms, this is the room that the girls wanted first. So we might stay here a couple times. Teeny tiny, this doesn’t
actually count as a bedroom because there’s not a closet or windows, but it’s just an extra
space in case you have a lot of people. – Now it’s time for the movie room! – The last room! – [Lucy] Okay! Whoa, it’s dark in here. – And it comes
– They have tray tables, they have, their seats go back when you… – [Lucy] Wow, can we turn
the lights on in here? So there are six lounge chairs in here that fully lounge out, and there’s this giant
projector screen over here. And so this is gonna be
a pretty popular place for us to hang out, I think. Now for the crazy part for
why we are in this giant house with just a few of us. Originally, Jason and I booked this place like six, nine months ago. We wanted to give a gift to our family for like a beautiful family reunion for all of our family to come out here. My parents were gonna come, Jason’s parents were gonna come, My sister Karen and her family, Jason’s brother Chris, and it was supposed to be
this beautiful, glorious, kind of like family reunion
where we get to spend all this wonderful time together. And then came the coronavirus, which is kind of a big deal, and it’s kind of all over
the country right now, and sadly, all of our family
who live in California had to end up canceling their plans, because it wasn’t super
safe to fly out here, and they, some of them have
some health conditions, where we just didn’t feel
like it was worth the risk. So, just our family came,
because we can drive here actually, and we felt safer driving. So we’re here for a few days by ourself, and luckily we’ll have some more friends to join us and help fill our house in a couple days. – Yes! – Are you super excited to be here? – Yes! – I’m super excited to be here, too. – We get the whole house to ourself! – A pretty big house to ourself, too. What do you wanna do now? – Go to the beach. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) And we’re off to the beach! Woo hoo! – [Kids] Yay! – Car’s going super fast! – Going too fast for you? It’s okay, buddy. – Okay. – We’re all buckled in. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Good job driving
the golf cart, Jason. – No problem. – [Lucy] Got us here safely. (upbeat tropical music) (upbeat tropical music) Well this water is so cold. The kids don’t seem to mind. They’re tolerating it, but boy. It’s chilly. – It’s cold! (kids shout and laugh) – [Lucy] What’s it like, Jason? – That is cold! (upbeat tropical music) – We’re running from big, big, big, big, big, big, big waves. (upbeat music) – My favorite part about
coming to the beach is boogie boarding, and
um, ever since my parents told me that we were going to Florida, I’m like, I’m gonna
bring this boogie board, and we’re gonna boogie board all day! – [Lucy] (laughs) You go, girly. Did you find this in the ocean? – Yeah, me and daddy spotted it. And Colin. We were like, what is that?
– [Lucy] Whoa! You never find shells that big in the ocean. – No! – Normally you find like a part of a shell or a teeny tiny one, but a shell this big, that’s a good find. We don’t wanna forget this. – No! – Good one. (upbeat music) What’d you find? – A shell! – [Lucy] Oh, let me see! Whoa, another big one! – Uh huh! – [Lucy] That’s crazy! How are you finding these? – The water’s pretty clear,
so you can just look down and wait for a wave to pass,
and the sand will disperse, and you can see the shells
just lying on the ground on the ocean floor. It’s pretty cool. – [Lucy] That is cool. (upbeat music) – I buried myself, Colin,
and now I’m gonna try and break through! Colin, no Colin! – [Lucy] No! Break through, Addy! Break through quick! – I couldn’t! – [Lucy] Haha! You couldn’t? – I couldn’t ’cause he was on… I… my challenge was
to do it without hands, and then he started ruining it. – [Lucy] Aww, Colin. (upbeat music) If you classify people
into mountain people and beach people, I definitely fall in the mountain person category. I definitely prefer it over the beach. Um, I lived in California for years and hardly ever went to the beach. And wasn’t sad to be away from it. But now that I have kids, I
love that they love the beach, and I love seeing them
have fun at the beach, playing in the water, playing in the sand, and it’s like a whole new
experience being at the beach compared to how it was years ago for me. (upbeat music) – Now I’m gonna actually
try and escape under at least a few pounds of sand. – [Lucy] All right. Let’s see if you can get out, girl. – Oh my g-! – Oh, this looks like a
good spot to lay down. – Ah! Hey! – [Lucy] That comfy? – I’ll just relax here
for about an hour or two. Stuck here forever. (upbeat music) – Thanks so much for
joining us in Florida! – XOXO! Bye!

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