Our Day At Legoland California!! SPLASH BATTLE WAR!

I’m gonna get you Carter All right, Legoland here we go You go check out the lion See the giraffes Preston oh We are we gonna go on a ride The safari Trek ride, huh? That’s too far you ride We’re gonna drive the cars Hey, where’d they go there they are Elephants Wow you see a rhino Me that Legos a Lego rhino look at all these legal animals Are you doing back there Preston you driving the car They get the little gazelle Wow it’s the cool right, huh? That’s a wildebeest Thurston are we on a boat way is that that’s a big bad wolf You see that wolf Preston, did you see that wolf person? Another wolf a big bad wolf He’s gonna blow the pigs houses down Whoa, did you feel the whoa? Look at that piggy See that airplane up there that was just flying how do they do that how do they make a airplane out of Legos fly? Sure Boy Look it say this way no put it up high, Preston Preston Preston Let’s go down look at all those helicopters Spin Preston, are you riding a boat you driving? Whoa Good job, Preston All right, don’t crush. We’re gonna grab my chair now Hey Are you a crazy driver oh look There’s no ducky fuck. No we’re gonna crash on this right now. Hey you just go straight for no–but hey Did you crash into me? All right your tour guide Carter which way we go on what are we seeing around here? What is it well a big ol orca Oh? Big crash Now we’re gonna crush on this side All right, let’s go straight ahead for a little bit. Just straight ahead no more question straight ahead. Just ran straight ahead off boom We crashed again They’re crashing over there – they’re gonna crash into us now All right The other tour guide taking it back Is your first tour you ever been on that’s a guy? But I feel like you don’t know how to drive very well Cuz we’re gonna crash again Hey get your boat away from me He’s using a fish as a backscratcher hey were you looking at the fish and not looking where you’re driving Our driver is not very good get your boat out of here. What are you doing? The HIPAA policy object bonhomie Hey look it there’s Carter Billy it’s really the monkeys looks kind of like Carter and Preston Billy Billy in da is Sam see there’s two Billy’s That was actually a pretty a pretty good turn you did there Carter, but now we’re back to crashing again And we’re gonna crash on this side again And we’re gonna crush on this side again. Oh that was a hard one And now we’re gonna crash on this side, maybe not did he save it save it Close one Well we’re gonna crash on this side, yep, and now we’re gonna crash on this side And now we’re gonna crash on the side And we’re gonna crash into them oh and then too oh and the wall All right, are you where are you guys going trying to move around and go back make a u-turn Preston where you going? Well hey they got water guns – they’re gonna squirt you back did I’m Preston get him They’re gonna start your Christmas Again they’re gonna get you Preston, they’re gonna get you they’re gonna get you I got you Okay fine Oh my Gucci Carter Yeah All right go ahead Look it they got wet that’s when I pressed it and I got them so no way Who cares matter other people we got you good, I got the video to prove it All right here comes dad and Carter We’re gonna get a bit lucky are we gonna squirt up, yeah? Here they come But they’re gonna get soaked two more right there My carbons gonna squirt these people on the ride when they go by a Madame carding her to come Dan I’m Carter get him Shoot him Carter a me down even down Good job Carter you got him. Oh rusty bad, man Go ahead in person Carter where we add now mini land what’s mini land This must be New Orleans New Orleans is it Here’s Mardi Gras Harder I don’t think it’s out water. They look so real over there How did they make that Lego water looks so real It’s not Lego water What’s it made out of This is New York Please step aside, and that’s the concert off the train first Yeah, it is stand clear of the closing doors, please I’ll take if this grass looks so real look like it’s made out of Legos Carter come here hurry. Come here hurry Hey, how do you think they got this tree to look so real It’s not made out of the Leno’s we’re at Legoland everything is Lego Look at these guys riding their bikes on this trail This guy’s going fast this guy knows what he’s doing and then this guy You fell See that’s blue trash man right there. How do you think they make it? I don’t think so Nope Break that After all it’s just made out of Legos You gotta be careful with Lego trees Look at this bridge we’re on Do you think it took a long time for them to build this bridge out of Legos All right buy-in it Stay by use me wild style cutter who’s my favorite person you met so far Okay Jeff, and then jogo one drive Carter You hear that the green pedals ago gotta go How do you see that crow in the tree What do you think they did that What That wrote for what I Saw you you crashed yeah when you’re returning I saw you crashed Good thing you know have a boat license because you couldn’t drive that boat at all You were crashing the whole time on that boat earlier Harder We’re going home Carter, would you think about Legoland you liked it you? Ready to come back already yeah We’ll come back again. We’ve got one more visit. We’ll come back around Christmastime

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20 thoughts on “Our Day At Legoland California!! SPLASH BATTLE WAR!

  1. This is so cool!! We have really got to go here some day. Loved the splash ride! Lol Dad thought everything was Lego. Haha.

  2. This looks like so much fun! The kids have been talking about Legoland forever ..someday we will make it out there but thank you for taking us with you

  3. Oh my this looks even more fun than I thought !! My kids have all kinds of plans to go here and to the one is Florida lol!! 🙂

  4. Hi I'm new to YouTube.. We live in the UAE and want to do Dubai Legoland sometime in the next month! This looks so fun!

  5. We have been to Legoland in Florida, in England I think this one has to be next on the list! They are both different so defo have to check this on next!

  6. We are HUGE fans of LEGOLAND! Fun video guys!! Our favorite thing to do there is the Fireman stunt show believe it or now. LOL. We subscribed!!

  7. I've been wanting to take my kids here ever since I saw that the resort had themed rooms! I was worried that it wasn't age appropriate for my crew, but after watching we have to definitely book a trip! TFS! #NewSubbie

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