One Rogue to choose! LEGO Star Wars Yoda II app. The New Yoda Chronicles [KM+Gaming S01E23]

That’s awesome this is cool. Argh Darth Vader! Hi everybody, welcome back to kid matters plus tv! and today we are playing… Lego star wars Okay now let’s get to the game Play a stormtrooper cause I like the stormtroopers Oh, that’s what you can do AH Ah no ARGH AH This is a hard one Ouch! I died Let’s try playing as a ship Die Die I can see you. ARGHHH Come here AH! Whoa, that’s what that is? Okay. Why is it buzzing so much? I can hear it Why didn’t I get hit by those? I don’t understand okay I need to look at the phone ARGHHHH! There we go, OH! there we go okay It’s a good game guys. But it’s really hard for me. Let’s go get into this Oh Oh, this is a rush game. I can’t look at the camera, because I’m busy! Oh, I can, oh. Aiiiee! Okay Here we go Agh! AH, okay, Now we’re going to go in Ah! Argh. Hopefully you guys can complete this. I died. sorry guys. okay now What’s this guy do? What’s this guy do? tell me what you do yeah Oh, this is another rush game. Ah! Someone is coming after me. ARGH! It’s a Jedi! oh. oh. money whoa, jump. okay AHHH! A Jedi! ooo AH AH okay Ah, I don’t get you oh, crystal. oh, man. It’s going to be…OH… It’s going to be another running one. …and he shoots. Uh The ledge! ooo AHH Whoa OH! I fell! Ahhh Oh, Darth Vader, I like Darth Vader! Of course it’s going to be another light saber and running game. dash I haven’t had the chance to PLAY him, so it’s going hard. Darth Vader is my favorite. Argh! How dare you touch. Oh. ARGH! yeah collect. collect. Oop. Oooh, I died. What was that? what else is there? Well, we’re doing the stormtrooper again. go. I thought we choose the stormtrooper. Oww. I dare you. Oh, I shot him. that’s good. OH! Oh, I am trying to skip him. okay. boom Oh more I need to get more. I need to collect them all! oh. AH oh Throw on the [unknown] Oh yea, it gives me loads of coins. Being shot at. There’s more of them?! oh come on, last time there wasn’t that much. whoa what was the [unkown] for? what was that one for? oh oh oh oh oh oh here we go here we go Yea, we got more of them. YEAH!! That’s what I’m talking about I want to play a different one. Green Guys! Falling one. It’d be a bad guy? The guy, I will save you! citizen This guy is a citizen. Whoa. Aie! This is hard to control. hard to control. hard to control Ohhh aieaieaie so Let’s do chewbacca chewbacca. chew bacca bacca Let’s do this shooting one. How do I know? Oh! We’re in here? ah That’s awesome! This is cool. ARGH Darth Vader. there’s a stormtrooper. Bye Bye stormtrooper OHHH ohohohoh

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  2. Hiiii, Cute boy…..I like the type of game you…..Am your new sub dear…..Wished success and prosperity to your channel))))))))))

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  4. Hey guys, great video's! What other games do you guys play? I would love some people to play with. I play minecraft and garry's mod among other things. I'll be watching your channel!

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