Old vs. New: Has LEGO gotten worse?

Hello, you are looking at two different Lego fire stations made about 22 years apart from each other. The intention of entertaining the question, “has Lego gotten worse over time?” I chose fire stations because they’ve been making them for decades and decades and decades and it’s also a very neutral kind of subject, because the whole fire theme is something that’s enjoyed by people of all ages and it crosses cultural boundaries and regional boundaries and such and this over here on the right is just the latest fire station that they came out with for the 2016 season. For a comparison to the Lego of old how lego used to do things I chose this one from 1994 and I’m very very confident in this choice, and why I made this choice. First of all it is the last of the truly classic styled Lego fire stations with everything being four wide with the vehicles and such and It’s the largest Physically the largest visibly the largest so it has the best chance of standing up against today’s larger Larger everything pretty [much] from Lego also if you adjust for inflation Which is a must for any sort of fair comparison the price of this is actually relatively competitive With the newer one so with that said let’s talk about some pros and cons of these two I’m actually going to start with pros for the old one The number one [pro] for me being the fact that this one actually included a [baseplate] when I was a kid I loved these base plates only ever had a couple myself, but they just hold everything together [I] mean literally physically they hold everything together on the base of the building very nicely and they give you this nice print even if you don’t have More of these even if this is the [only] [baseplate] that you ever get and every other set that you get or got was small This just kind of established the road and just brings a whole Imaginative world to your table or to your floor whatever [service] that you’re on you know this actually becomes Road And you just imagine immediately road Extending on or going past you this way if you did have the ability to get multiple base plates of different types Then you could connect them together you could easily build up an entire city, and that’s awesome Looking over at this one well this one doesn’t have base plates however It has pretty much more of everything else I think just the visual comparison is unbelievably striking much more so than I ever expected it to be this has Over twice as many parts as the 94 version everything is bigger, and we’ll take a closer look at like car versus car helicopter versus helicopter truck versus truck But let me just go into some of the details of this one that make it stand out And I’m talking about just the building just the structure Itself the core of the entire set first of all this one has this great new fire pole feature which they introduced for this year which is actually something new and it allows you to hook up a figure to it and actually have somebody slide down something that you could never do with Lego before and let that go and They just spin right on down. That’s pretty cool down at the base on the first floor There’s this working rotating door system And you can [actually] fit a figure in there and flip them around and there are a lot of little things you know nice small little details around and of course you can open up the garage roll-up doors the insides of the garages themselves are Pretty bare and Empty almost nothing going on there and helicopter landing pad nothing particularly special there or on this side Transceiver dish up on the top is always a cool thing for keeping in contact with other parts of your department and such and got some tools down here and stuff look at the inside [of] the building this is an important thing for me because I like to have details and You know actual filler elements on the inside of structures [and] not just the walls And that’s pretty much it [so] down at the first floor Yeah, got a little waiting area Potentially a coffee maker or a water Water fountain to set up. This is your dispatch area which is decent You know single seat there and got your little opening to get access [to] the fire pole and then upstairs Just a bunk bed, and that’s it up on top [of] the roof some more You know antenna and transceiver dish stuff, and that’s pretty much it now with what you just saw in mind. Let’s look at the 1994 Classic Fire station in Comparison and there are a lot [of] similarities Fundamental similarities here each one has a helicopter Landing Pad up on top of a garage each one heads as a garage with two bays Although the other one is actually split into two separate structures each one has a main structure. That is three stories tall But look at the level of detail on this okay. I actually really like the greenery that’s estimated out here That’s a subjective thing but I think it’s it’s good to include just a little bit of flowers and kind of a you know Lawn area just to helps to keep kids in touch with [nature] just a little bit more But the helicopter landing pad on the top here is just an h pattern done with tiles there isn’t an actual Proper Pad a little bit of detailing on the outside You know a couple of flags and lights and things the door is just a plain door which opens which is fine Newer one is fancy, but a door only needs to be a door turning this around the looking at the back, okay? Here’s your first floor of your main structure there’s nothing there in fact just continues the from this nice base plate just continues the The driveway right through into the building going up to the second floor well. There’s your break room area it’s a table and a couple of chairs on the ground and This is the dispatch area. Which is fine. You [know] got a chair that can spin around and just a couple of panels it’s kind of mismatched print there, but yeah this I’m perfectly fine with this looking up on the roof communication related stuff and Apa you know announcement Speaker set up a lot of things are very similar between the two versions Just there’s just less of stuff here this one also has some equipment inside of the garage just less of it again Just two small pieces and again. That’s it the difference between these two vehicles is Absolutely striking however. I do very much like the old one it was done really well, maybe not the most beautifully Elegant looking thing But it packs a lot of equipment into a small space all of these areas can be opened up And there’s stuff inside there are small details around hose reel on the back You know a little bit of printing there printing for the doors? [I] think there were no stickers used on this one more equipment on the inside This is actually really good stuff, and you’ve got the ladder. Which is on a turntable, and you could extend it out that’s all really good stuff, but Just looking at them. I mean just immediately the difference in size between the old and the new is Ridiculous plus, it’s not like the new one has no equipment you still got your clothes real and this is actually able to shoot little water studs out got the Outriggers that can come down got a Compartment over here, which actually has extra water for your stud shooter over here and on this side You [can] clip a piece of equipment to that these are just small little areas where you can put things that one doesn’t have anything in it, but I have accessories that that go with the minifigures that can be placed in there and then it’s actual aerial section is enormous it can be lifted up crazy Crazy Far and Not only that but it can also be extended out so the range and the reach that you get with this really accentuates the difference in size class’ Bigger is not always better though because there’s always quoi to consider, not just quantity But again if you compare just these two cars one to the other one of them actually has a roof and Has more ground clearance that makes it a more fun toy to actually physically play with for kids because remember this is intended [for] kids and especially smaller children this one has a little bit of equipment [that] it can hold in the back this one has a little bit of Equipment that it can hold plus it has this light bar which actually has some nice parts used for it I? think that this makes for a little bit better toy, but For me personally, I don’t see a huge advantage for the Larger one in this case I do think that this would be a more attractive toy for most kids But I think that these are pretty evenly matched Honestly now these helicopters are Very close to each other they [have] very similar overall designs and their sizes are actually fairly compatible [I] actually like the spray bars on this one. That are able to fold in the other one doesn’t have that. That’s pretty cool The other one instead has one of these stud shooters, so you can actually fire water at at a pet aflame and this one also has a compartment on the back which can be used to hold stuff and By default it’s used to hold extra water studs other than that I mean they both have the Spinning rotors they both have simulations of tanks We’ve got newer parts available here, but that’s no particular advantage I think this one definitely has more detail with the engine area [a] little bit larger you know just a little bit more to it overall but this is another one where I think this is a pretty fair fight between these two now this hotdog cart is included in the 2016 Fire station set and there’s nothing like it in the classic fire stations It’s actually something that’s on fire You actually get a target you actually get something specific to try to save and that’s something that they’ve done across the entire line for 2016 and you just didn’t see the with the classic stuff So this is just kind of a gimme for the newer version. You know it brings in just a little extra add-on of completing the play experience now for many people many figures are very important, and this is what you got with the 1994 Fire Station with the 2016 Fire station you get all of these It’s two more figures or 50% more figures plus a dog also There’s more variation in the faces here each one has a different face and you have much more complete and more detailed prints which include prints on the backs and on some of the legs it’s a clear difference of quantity and quality here so really if you give this any sort of fair evaluation the 1994 Fire Station only has a major advantage in the form of that base plate however 2016 version also has somewhat of an answer to that in the form of configurability It’s built in three modular sections. So you can change the overall shape and arrangement of what you get I? love classic Lego and nothing will ever be [the] same as classic Lego and nothing will ever be able to Replace the Nostalgia that I have and that so many folks have towards classic Lego however Nostalgia aside it looks to me like Lego has not gotten worse over [time]. It’s gotten much much better and the value for your money Especially has skyrocketed. [let] me know what you think about this issue Leave your thoughts in a comments down below including whether you agree or completely disagree with my view I look forward to your feedback Thanks so much for watching I’ll talk to you again soon.

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