Odin Makes: Lego Dimensions Wheatley

Hello! I’m Odin, and this time I am going to make
something a little different. It’s the Wheatley personality core as seen
in LEGO Dimensions. Wheatley is an A.I. character from the game
Portal 2 by Valve. And the LEGO design is by Traveler’s Tales
for their LEGO Dimensions game. You can easily see all the LEGO parts to build
the outside of Wheatley, but if you want the 1×2 door rail plates to line up just like
they do in the game, then on the inside you can’t just use bracket plates. The only thing that is needed to make this actually
look like Wheatley, is stickers. So I made some that look like the game, and
had them custom printed on clear vinyl. But I couldn’t get them custom cut, so I
will have to cut them out myself. Wheatley’s eye and back panel go on pretty
easy, but the side dishes are a bigger challenge. Since I am putting a sticker on a convex shape,
I’ll need to make some cuts to the flat sticker, which will help to reduce wrinkles on the
final piece. I have been afraid to try to use a heat gun
on the vinyl, I don’t want to melt the sticker or warp my LEGO. The sticker sheet also has a second set to
make the Space core. Spaaaaaace. Space! You can use this same idea to make any other
Aperture Science personality core, or even the Cave Johnson core. All the pieces I used are actual LEGO elements,
and I put a part list in the description, plus a link for the stickers. And remember, there’s many different ways
that you can make something, but this is how Odin Makes. If you liked the video or have ideas for something
for me to make, please leave them in the comments below. And if you make any of these projects, shoot
me an email at [email protected]

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100 thoughts on “Odin Makes: Lego Dimensions Wheatley

  1. Hey Odin, Can u recommened a website that allows u to get all these pieces cause most of them i dont have (and also ships to Canada)

  2. Hey Odin! Look at what I made by editing the Wheatly and Space Core sticker sheet!

  3. Here's a challenge: What if you made a life size Wheatley prop. It doesn't have to move or talk but at least light up.

  4. I am trying to make a star wars Nebulon B frigite in microscale really small and ideally comparable in size to the core made in this video. Do you have any tips or tricks for it? And thank you for the video.

  5. 1. I love Wheatley is my favorite character from Portal 2. I'm exited for my pieces for the vinyl to come. 😁 BTW I am the nephew of the person who ordered the stickers.

  6. I am a bit late but do you think you could make it like a Lego Set? Include the stickers and all the pieces to make both Cores? Because I just have a giant box of random legos and do not want to dig through it. Plus I don't think I have those pieces :/

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I just ordered the parts I need and will be printing out the sticker sheet soon. I also bought parts for Glados’ cake. Can’t wait to build them.

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