Odin Makes: Lego Dimensions TARDIS

Hello, I’m Odin, and this time I’m going to
make something else from LEGO Dimensions. It’s The Doctor’s TARDIS as it appears to
be built in the game. The TARDIS has been The Doctor’s home for
as long as anybody on earth has known him. Well, it’s really more like his RV. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimensions
in Space, which is complicated to explain, so basically just imagine that it’s bigger
on the inside. You know, just like Mary Poppins’ bag. Because Mary Poppins is, after all, a Time
Lord. So here’s where I’m going to deviate from
the way it’s actually built in the game. Instead of building it exactly the way it’s
depicted in the graphics, which would only have one stud connecting the entire upper portion of the door to the bottom half where the hinge is, I’m going to use these bricks instead, and I’ll have a more solid connection. And I’m going to add a second set of connections
for all the side rails. Again, in the game the way they built it,
there’s only one at the bottom, which creates a pivot point and those outside rails move when I put them together that way. The way I’m putting this roof together is a little odd, but there is a specific reason for why I’m using these particular parts in these particular orientations. First, it matches the graphics in the game. Secondly, once the entire roof is built, it
actually attaches easily onto the rest of the TARDIS. Now you end up with the holes on the inside of the TARDIS, but that’s okay because classically The Doctor had round holes on the inside of his TARDIS. This isn’t really a TARDIS yet, it’s simply
a blue box that we all want to agree is a TARDIS. What it needs is stickers. There’s a link to them in the description
below so you can print your own out and make your own TARDIS. When you cut the stickers out you don’t wanna cut on the black line that borders everything, You want to cut off the black line, so cut
right between the black line and the part that you want to keep, And if you do that, then all the stickers will easily fit on a brick, and you won’t have this obnoxious outline. In the game they were only using the one hinge piece at the very bottom. While that creates a little bit of a wobbly
door, I actually like having the clean sides and only having the one hinge at the bottom, So that’s something I’m willing to accept. Now you can use this same idea to make any
other TARDIS that you like, As long as it looks like a Police Call Box. Now all the pieces I used are actual LEGO
elements, and I put a part list in the description, plus a link for the stickers. Remember, there’s many different ways that
you can build things, But this is how Odin Makes. If you like the video or have other ideas
for something for me to make, please leave them in the comments below. And if you make any of these projects, you
can send me a picture at [email protected]

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100 thoughts on “Odin Makes: Lego Dimensions TARDIS

  1. I've made one of these as well, and it's a pretty great design. I think it works great as a minifig-scale TARDIS.
    Fun coincidence, it seems we both chose to use technic 1×1 bricks to connect to the 1×1 bricks with 4 studs, even though the original in-game model used 1x1x1 wall corner pieces (design ID 6231), like you mentioned.

  2. Are u fucking thick
    Or something. The doctor 's home isn't the TARDIS. His home is gallifrey. I can already tell ur not a true fan

  3. The moment that he says
    "There are many ways to make it but this is hoe odin makes" he says it like a Legend 'pstt… He is a legend'

  4. Good job! Except for one thing. The blue colour used for the in game model is not a bright blue it's more like a darker blue

  5. I bought it from Etsy I thought I would get the pieces for it but I got the stickers and I don’t have all the pieces in the right color😡

    What a ripoff!

  6. Mary Poppins isn't just a timelord, but she is also MARY POPPINS YA'LL, and blue,

    You know… more of the comments are about Yondu, and Mary poppins, but not doctor who…….

    All I can think of right off the top of my head (because I haven't watched anything that has too do with doctor who in 4 and a half years) is that bowties are cool

  7. If your making the 12th doctor tardis the transparent studs should be orange not blue

    But that is the games fault

  8. honestly I would sacrifice the clean upper edge for a second hinge at the top of the doors just to make it sturdier

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