Nuclear War (like game for Trump) [turn on captions]

Start with POWER button at the side nuclear lego-briefcase with 4 buttons… …BLACK button – select type of the game – “Nuclear War Game”… …WHITE button – confirm selection! Now, players choose to play by pressing their nuclear button…. Blue – USA; Green – North Korea; Red – Russia; Yellow – China; … double hit – exits the game! WHITE button – confirms players. Country selects victim for nuclear attack… … WHITE button – confirm selection. Attack signal, when last player confirms selection… Good speed, USA was 1st. Nuclear rocket sent to the North Korea… North Korea button lights up, and… country with light button can destruct the attacking missile… …you need to hit the light button for this. If you got it, player stays in the game! Next level has less time for this reaction! Choose the victim and repeat the round! At this tournament, Russia was 1st and nuclear rocket went to USA… USA doesn’t have good reaction and country was destroyed! Next level without USA! Only one player can win, he must destroy all other countries! North Korea attacks Russia… …Russia did not expect it and Missile Defense missed the warhead… Absolute Winner – NORTH KOREA! Wishing you Peaceful sky over your head!

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