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24 thoughts on “NORWAY EUROVISION 2020 REACTION: Ulrikke Brandstorp – Attention

  1. Looks and voice reminds me of Nelly Furtado. 😊 I like the song, it’s a good ballad. But …it won’t have my vote for sure because I am pretty sure I will fall in love with other 10 songs not released yet and that will compete for my vote. It’s not a song that I will remember for years …

  2. It's so good my favorite so far, winner potential. Yes her hair should be styled better she has lovely long dark hair. Change the dress. She is 24. My 2nd was Rein loved it so much.

  3. Nice girl nice voice but very cliche hits a big note shower of gold with choral backing singers I wouldn't listen to this type of song but like I said I like her just not for me.

  4. I heard her live in the arena last night and it was absolutely incredible! She caught the audience's attention from the start and the staging was perfect. Goosebumps from head to toes. We're in a strong semi, so I hope we're able to qualify and get to top 15.

  5. I think Norway has a good chance of winning this year if she dose a good stage performance then hopefully they will win

  6. I absolutly agree with you…but after one minute my minds where somewherevelse…its very boring and going to nowhere…

  7. A very nice ballad and her voice is beautiful , she is beautiful but the dress is awful . I am a fan of the song . I still stick with Spain and the Czech Rep

  8. Lithuania had ATTENTION back in 2014 and they stayed in semi. Same here i think she will stay in semi. The soong is nice but i had 5 different favorites in Norway…I need time to "get" this song 🤷‍♂️

  9. Her voice sounds like she's trying to do nasally baby talk style singing ….to birds in the forest… . Perfect for straight to video Disney movies, it's annoying… I couldn't get past 10 seconds without cringing.

  10. Ok she has s very beautiful voice but the song is a little boring for me…it hasn't anything special.
    Many kisses from Greece!!

  11. At last the song that I really love – so far it's the only song with the winning potential imo (also worth noticing that Norwegian selection this year was absolutely amazing)

  12. As a Norwegian I'd like to say this: Our Final was a complete disaster – SCANDAL – since we, the people – were unable to vote. Our broadcaster NRK let only 30 people decide – and most of Norway is furious..!!!! DO NOT VOTE FOR US! That way we might get our message through to NRK: WE DO NOT ACCEPT UNFAIR PLAY!

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