NNN Chapter 2 – Robots! (Funny LEGO Animation)

Bringing you the latest stories from
all four corners of Figuria and the deepest reaches of Space With the newscasting team
you’ve come to trust In-depth reporting,
direct from the field Viewpoints and public opinions
on the important issues Instant information from a
semi-omniscient perspective Magical tracking of intangible
weather phenomena And the latest from the
world of sports Broadcast live from TV Tower
in New Block City This is the Nightly News at Nine
with Phil and Sherry Good evening, I’m Sherry Tiles.
[Phil] And I’m Phil Brickley Our top story tonight–Space
robots have invaded Figuria. The invasion began early
this morning– Excuse me, what’s going on here?
[Phil] Who the block are you? This is Robert Vylan, our new sportscaster.
You insisted we hire him yesterday. Yesterday? You expect me to
remember something I did yesterday? I don’t even remember what we’re
talking about. [Sighs]
What do you want, Robert? I want to know why you aren’t
reporting on Mailifos. Malifi-who? Well Robert, this being the Nightly
News at Nine, we try to report on new things every day. Malifios broke out of prison
yesterday. And, as Phil points out, So we simply had to find something
new. Isn’t that right Phil? I agree with whatever Sherry said. Well maybe Malifios hasn’t time
to destroy New Block City because he’s been too busy
working for his new job. And maybe, if he wants
to keep that job, he’ll stop interrupting his boss,
and save his rant for his segment. Yes Sherry. I bend to your wishes. Did I miss something? Everything, darling. Everything. The Pinchbot invasion fleet arrived
this morning-landing all over Figuria …in spaceships shaped like
enormous pinchbots. After some initial reconnaissance,
the pinchbots regrouped into swarms pinching everything in their path. There were a few reports of arms
and legs pinched off- -but no serious injuries. Due to their small size, the robots
posed no serious threat. Most of then were destroyed
by children and dogs. This afternoon, Phil and I had lunch
at the gourmet restaurant “Les Briques Tres Chics.” I had buttered croissants, redberry
fricassee, and diamond juice. Phil had pizza. Correction, I had gourmet pizza. Would it kill you to eat something
other than pizza for once? Sherry, I trust I don’t need to
remind you of the pretzel incident? Plus, it’s my week to make decisions,
I can eat all the pizza I want. In fact, I think I’ll eat some right
now. Mmm… pizza… Phil! We’re on the air! Hey! I was eating that! Shouldn’t we be reporting on robots? Yes, uh, well, I was getting there. After lunch, we were driving back
when we got stuck in a traffic jam. We went to investigate the traffic
jam and encountered a Pinchbot swarm. Though we were out-numbered, we
kept calm and took a defensive pose. As we fought the robots we found
two tactics particularly effective. Pulling off their pinchers to
dis-arm them… and kicking them squarely in the
circuit board to deactivate them. Once we’d disposed of the Pinchbots,
traffic started moving again. However, there are still many
hostile Pinchbots out there. If you encounter any, stay calm
and use these tactics to defeat them. But one question still remains:
Where did these robots come from? Why did they invade Figuria? And
why didn’t they have a better plan? That’s three questions, darling. Three questions still remain:
Where did these robots come from… To find answers to these questions
the fearless Report-O-Bot-Ophelia has journeyed to the Pinchbot
mothership to interview their leader. We’ll check in with her,
right after this commercial break! [Sad singing]
Zero, zero, one Zero, one, one One, zero, one Zero, one, one Zero, zero, one Zero, one, one One, zero, one Zero, one, one Zero, one, ORANGE! [Excited singing]
One, zero, zero Zero, one, zero One, one, zero ORANGE!, one, zero Zero, one, zero One, ORANGE!, one [Really excited singing]
One, one, one Zero, zero, zero
Orange!, Orange!, Orange! One, zero, one
Orange!, one, Orange! Zero, Orange!, Orange!
Orange!, Orange!, one Orange!, zero, Orange! Orange! Orange! Orange!
ORRAANNGGEE!!! Who needs binary when there’s orange? Welcome back! We now go live
to Report-O-Bot-Ophelia who has successfully infiltrated
the Pinchbot Mothership. That’s right Sherry! Unfortunately my attempt
at espionage failed- -and so I’ve had to get
information the hard way. Where is your leader-bot? Umm… hmmpfh [Music plays] [Singing] Pinchbots everywhere
Getting in my way Pinchbots in my hair!
Pinching on my face! Even a Report-O-Bot-Ophelia
Feels the pinches, feels the chase The Pinchbot leader-bot
I’m gonna find you-bot You’re gonna find me-
-NOT! Report-O-Bot-Ophel-YAH-HA-HA-HA (That’s me) Always gets her leader She is undefeated-able-or-uary!
A-ha-ha-ha-ha! Make way!
Report-O-Bot-Ophelia’s got her lead [End singing] Something tells me
the pinchbot leader is right on the other side of this door. [In unison] Who are you
and why have you come here? [In unison] I am–
I’m here to– [In unison] Our programs keep
being in sync! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! We’ll Nut-Bolt-Washer for it. Nut, Washer, Bolt,
Washer, Bolt, Nut [Robophelia] Washer!
[Grabbor] Bolt You first! I am Grabbor, leader
of the Pinchbots. We have come to terrorize Figuria. I am Report-O-Bot Ophelia. I come to question you
on behalf of the Figurians. You are allied with the fleshblocks?!
Are you not a robot? I was built to protect, not invade. Then you were built wrong. I have one last question Are you ready to be destroyed?
A-hah-hum! [Random fight noises] You…do not… compute…. Well, I think we settled that
question. Back to you, Phil! Thanks ROBOphelia. Now it’s time
for Sports with Steve Flatwise. No, Phil, Steve was
kidnapped yesterday. Hmm… It’s time for Hostage Report
with Steve Flatwise. Try again honey. Hostage Hoe-down? No Phil, it’s time for Sports with
our new Sportscaster, Robert Vylan. Vylan? Is he the legshark? [Sighs] We’ll be right back. Robots! Robots! Robots! What am
I going to do with all these robots? [Disembodied voice] Got more robots
than you know what to do with? Yes! That’s exactly my problem! Do you have a wonderful new product
that can solve my predicament? Thank you, Disembodied Voice!
You’re just in time! [Disembodied voice] I was
talking to the robots. [Record scratch]
Let me start again Robots, got more robots than
you know what to do with? Don’t just stand around
feeling useless… Start a robot rock band
and tour the Universe! Once you’re bored of being famous,
give back to the community by volunteering at your local library Or join a ragtag sports team of
lovable misfits who win in spite of overwhelming odds. Star in a sitcom that highlights your
wacky personalities and snappy jokes Or just get away from it all by renting a house in the Pastels,
Figuria’s most elite beach utopia But the coolest thing you could do
is to enlist in the green militia with all your friendbots. As part of the Green Militia,
you’ll risk battery and bolt as you fight the good fight
against the evil Orange Army Even if you get deactivated, you can
rest assured you spent your brief, robotic life fighting
for the noblest cause: proving Green is better than Orange. Sports… Why do they exist? Figurian scholars have pondered
this ponderous question for ages without an answer to all
their pondering. Some hypothesize that sports
are symbolic reenactments of an ancient war between Figurians
and some tiny spherical creatures. Others claim sports were
invented by the Dragons so they’d have something to bet
their hoards of gold upon. However, after one day of intensive
research, I, Robert Vylan, have deduced the real reason
sports were invented. It is painfully obvious that Sports
were invented by some goody-good-good super-heroes
(Ughh!) in order to foil the plans of
evil-doers everywhere. To prove my point, here are just a
few examples that Jeff and I caught on film today of villains having
their plans foiled by sports. Do I have to do something to
make the clips play? Is there a button under the desk? [Funny clarinet music plays] How is any villain to succeed against
this never-ending proliferation of games and names? Bloccer, blockball,
brickball, basebrick, basketblock, brickity-block,
blockity-brick, brickity-blockity-blue-ball! Since the dawn of balls, evil-doers
everywhere have toiled futilely ag… [Bell rings] We interrupt your
regularly-scheduled program for this emergency address from the
Toymaster General of Figuria. My fellow Figurians, today our great
land was invaded by tiny robots. Tomorrow our toy stores will
be invaded by tinier robots. You can get your own Mini-Pinchbot
for the low, low, price of ten gold! In response I have changed the
Toy Threat Level from Fad to Craze! Go line up at your local
toy store now! And bring your riot gear,
there will be stampedes. [Bell] We now return to your silly
lengthy rant, still in progress. -the fate of all our children is
in our hands! [Cough] Therefore, as the newly appointed
Sportsmaster, I hereby nullify all currently existing sports. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! However, I have devised a number of
new sports, both logical and useful, to replace the old ones. Number one: Breakdown. This game is as simple as its name. All you need to play is a building
or a similar well-constructed object. The goal is to take the object
apart as fast as possible. You can play alone or competitively. It is best played in a large urban
area such as New Block City. Well, what are you waiting for?
Start playing Breakdown now! Seriously. Go. Well, for those of you still watching
the television instead of breaking it Uhh… Number two: Ice Blockey– What do you think you’re doing? Why hello Sherry! I was just outlining some new Sports
to replace the ones I annulled. Yes, I can see that. You do realize that you don’t
have the authority to do that, right? I don’t? But I’m the Sportsmaster! No, you’re the sportscaster. There’s
no such thing as a sportsmaster. You’re supposed to report on existing
sports, not invent new ones. But, that’s so… mundane. It’s your job, and you’ll do it
right or you won’t do it at all. Now sit quietly while we finish
the rest of the show. Phil, what happened to our desk?! It’s Breakdown, Sherry,
it’s Breakdown! It’s the greatest game ever! Oh, for the love of brick! Come on, let’s play Breakdown
with our backdrops! Someone cut to commercial! Phil, no! [Song] Some crooks are robbing
a bank–and now they’re getting away But they won’t get away
‘Cuz here come the police Police Show! Police Show!
It’s a show about police and we always catch the crooks.
[End song] Next Bluesday on Police Show: Chuck Malarkey is a tough-as-brick
cop who doesn’t play by-the-rules. Malarkeeeey! But when Malarkey’s city is invaded
by a new threat, he’ll have to team up with a cop who’s even
crazier than him. Malarkey, meet your new partner. Greetings, I am K-0-P-3-R, Kopper. I am skilled in over six
million forms of torture. [Song] Cowboybots invaded our town
And now they’re looking for trouble So we’re gonna give them trouble
‘Cuz that’s our middle name Police Show! Police Show!
With Chuck Trouble Malarkey and K-0-P-Trouble-3-R.
[End song] A-ha-ha-ha-ha
Where is your leader-bot? And don’t give us no Malarkey. Will Malarkey and his new partner
be able to save the city? Or will this be his final case? Tune in next Bluesday,
only on Town TV. [Song] Police Show! Police Show!
Now we’re crashing through the window And searching without a warrant
There’s some unexplainable explosions And some token female officers
Police Show! Police Show! It’s a show about police!
[End song] Sherry, did you notice anything
strange about that commercial? No Phil, I was too busy
rebuilding our desk. Now hand me that two by three. That robo-cop was
just like ROBOphelia. Lots of robots look the same,
they’re mass-produced. Now lets get back to the show. I’m going to investigate! Fine. Whatever. It’s your week.
Just don’t get yourself decapitated. Zundar? Isn’t it about time
for your forecast? Huh huh ho! Indubitably Sherry!
My apologies for the delay, I’ve just been having uh… a few…
fun-plications with my new assistant. Huh hoh, oh my, no worries, huh hoh. Oh yes, sorry for sticking you
with the legshark today. I’ll have ROBOphelia
take him tomorrow. No worries Sherry. Everything’s
wonderful, magical, lovely, huh hoh. Well lovlies, I must admit I was
fibbing just a moment ago. Everything’s not lovely, particularly
not if you are mixed up in that bruhaha between GREEN and
ORANGE. [Clears throat] Hoh no, in that case, you are quite
possibly dead or in horrible agony! Oh my! Yes, the war rages on, and it
is worse than I feared. While I prepare a demonstration,
the Eye of Eyes will explain. Eye of Eyes, roll the montage! [Bouncing metallic sounds] That’s not the montage!! Stop
playing games, or I’ll rip the ORANGE right out of you! Ha-ha-ha-hoo! I only comply
With requests in rhyme Are you trying to make me angry?!? Affirmative. It also appears that
my attempts have been successful. [Growls] rrrRRRGGGHH-Huh-huh-ho!
No worrrrrriiiieees. Now, about that montage: [Poem] Oh Eye of Eyes
You see the seen Against their will
They fight and bleed Reveal to us those
ORANGE and GREEN! [End poem] As you say
I must obey These two Figurians were strangers
with no reason to hate one another. But then, their pants made
them mortal enemies. Even minuscule traces can affect
behavior. These green-eyed pinchbots were distracted from their initial
prey by a small patch of orange. Related hues have also been
affected. These two good friends became vaguely annoyed at one
another because they were wearing lime green and orangish-yellowish. If you want to survive
until Whitesday, change into nuetral-colored
clothes and hide in a cave. Of course, not everyone can
change their color so easily. Master Silverspine is struggling
with his green demons. Let’s see if he’s succumbed yet. [Crunching sounds] Take that,
you fiendish carrots! [Crunch] Oh my, excuse me for
slipping away there. Ah. So. I have brought our legshark
correspondent to this pumpkin patch to demonstrate the effects of
wearing clothing during a color war. It’s widely believed that legsharks
will eat anything they can get their jaws around. And though they eat
many things that other creatures would find repulsive or inedible,
legsharks can be picky eaters. Their favorite food in all of
Figuria is the head melon. [Legshark] Rowr! Chomp! They will eat practically anything
shaped like a head melon: crystal balls, skulls,
Figurian heads, bombs, brickety-blockity blue balls,
lampbulbs, you name it! Try to feed them one of these
DESPICABLE pumpkins though- -and they steadfastly refuse, as
they are quite allergic to them. However, if we put this wonderful,
magical GREEN hat on his fin– The legshark is overwhelmed with
RIGHTEOUS GREEN VENGEANCE! Crush them good Leggsly!
DESTROY the heretical ORANGE spheres! Oh my! I seem to be losing my grip.
So much for impartial reportage! [Crazy deranged laughter] NO ONE makes a fool of Green! We shall RAIN destruction down
upon ORANGE and all its followers! Let’s find something bigger and
ORANGER to destroy! [Evil laugh] Raaarr! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Hwoop-hwoo-hoo-hah-ha-ho! Sherry, don’t make me do the
rest of the show this way. I… I feel so… exposed. Maybe you should have thought of
that before you tore the desk apart. It’s not my fault, I was just
doing what Robert said. So you finally remembered his name? Whose name?
[Sherry Sighs] Tune in again tomorrow for the
latest news, weather and sports. Only on the Nightly News at Nine
with Phil and Sherry. Bringing you the stories
that matter to us. Thank you so much for watching the
Nightly News at Nine – Chapter 2: Robots! This video has been a labor of love
for me for the past three years. All told, more than 400 hours of
animating time went into creating it. And that’s on top of countless
hours of writing, building, editing, and voiceacting. If you enjoyed watching this video
as much as I enjoyed making it, I hope that you’ll take a moment to
support the Nightly News at Nine by purchasing a copy on Gumroad. There’s a link in the description
where you can buy it for just $1. That will give you access to stream
it without any advertisements as well as download a file so you can
put it on your iPad, iPhone, etc. Thank you to my Kickstarter Backers. Without your support, this video
would not exist! I’ve got big plans for Chapter 3. Stay tuned for an update video about
that in the near future. Please like, comment, share,
and subscribe. I thank you for being a loyal viewer
and a fellow Figurian, and whatever else you want to call yourself.
You are all very special to me. Thank you very much. [Nightly News at Nine theme song]

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  1. That upcoming episode of Police Show sounds familiar… did you by chance have anything to do with the making of Suicide Squad? 😉

  2. 00101110101100101110101101orange100010110orange100101orange1111000orangeorangeorange101orange1orange0orangeorangeorangeorange1orange0orangeorangeorangeorangeorangeorange! Who needs binary when there's orange? Orange is the best. Destroy the green heathens.

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  4. 2:59 Phil: "Sherry, I trust I don't need to remind you of the Pretzel incident"

    Wait, Sherry and Phil are newscasters, Right? Also a giant Pretzel. It's this a Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs reference!?

  5. If only the fight between ROBO-felia and Grabbor didn’t have so much grunting. The parts where Zundar appears are always my favorite.

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