Nintendo Labo – Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit

[Nintendo Switch Snap] Variety Kit Right out of the box,
Nintendo Labo offers many cardboard sheets…
and the game software! With these sheets,
you can make your own
cardboard toy controllers. Toy-Con creations come in a
variety of shapes, with different activities
to enjoy. So, without further ado,
let’s get our hands on the five different Toy-Con
projects you can make with the Variety Kit! First up, the Toy-Con RC Car. Touch the screen to steer it
however you like. The secret lies in the
HD Rumble technology! When the legs reverberate,
the car can turn left or right. Open this up and you can see
all the hidden functionalities packed in there. This footage shows you what
the Toy-Con RC Car sees! There’s actually a little camera
hiding right… here. It allows the RC Car to steer itself by
recognizing visual markers. and it can even see in the dark! If you have 2 sets
of Joy-Con controllers, you can battle a friend. Oh, yeah, you may have noticed
some bonus parts. The kit includes a
bunch of these things! Next up? The Toy-Con Fishing Rod. And the Ocean, of course. When you extend the rod… and spin the reel… the hook will slowly descend. If you tilt the rod,
your movement will be reflected on the screen. Is that a bite? Quick! When you feel a vibration,
pull back! Then carefully
reel in the goods. Nice catch! The Ocean is home to many fish
of various shapes and sizes. From the shallows,
to the darkest depths, the fish you can catch
will vary. Huh? The big fish
ate the little fish! After fishing,
view your catches using the Toy-Con Piano
in Aquarium mode. Somehow, you can even
create your own fish! Now, let’s check out
the Toy-Con House. Apparently, a mysterious
creature has moved in. Tilt the Toy-Con House
or shake things up… and watch what happens inside! Grab hold of these blocks… and stick them through the
windows to make an impact. The Button Block… Huh… it’s nighttime now. The Crank Block… Aww, it went to sleep.
[soothing sounds play] The Key Block… Hey, the room’s flooding! The Cable Block… What’s this?
They’re connected? If you change windows,
the effect will change, too. And, if you combine
different blocks… the room changes! The Toy-Con House is full
of mysterious mechanisms. Racing along,
it’s the Toy-Con Motorbike! Squeeze the handle… rev up the engine… and twist the accelerator
to drive. Lean into curves, and
steer just like a real bike. Drift into a dash, or even pop a wheelie! Once you’ve got the hang of it,
challenge the Grand Prix! Leave your rivals
in the dust… [Bike horn honking] as you aim for victory
on the circuits! If you use the Toy-Con Scanner, the terrain will rise in the
shape of the scanned object, so get creative with
your very own stadium! And if you draw paths in the air
with this Toy-Con Mini-Bike, an original circuit will be
created in that exact shape. Choose road width… slope… time of day… weather… and where to place
dash items. All of these options can be
customized whenever you want. Get ready for some white-knuckle
races on your very own circuits! Finally, let’s play some
Toy-Con Piano. Press a key and
a note will chime.
[Music notes play] Gently rock it while you play
a sound for a little vibrato.
[Music note pitch varies] Insert a knob to hear… Cats?
[Cat meows] A choir?
[Vocal “ahhh” sound] Grandpas!?
[Elderly “mehhh” sound] Your sound, your call. Acoustic Mode plays sounds using the Joy-Con
controller’s vibrations.
[Joy-Con vibration sound] Hmm, who knew an
empty box can make music?
[Muffled trumpet notes] Speaking of, let’s check out
the recording Studio. Here you can adjust
the envelope,
[Note fades away] reverb,
[Note plays with echo] octave,
[Note goes up in octaves] and more to
modify the sound. You can even cut
your own waveforms… to make your own sounds. [Custom sound plays] If you make a rhythm
with a Rhythm Card, the piano will play itself! [Upbeat song plays]
If you play melodies
one after another… you can make
your own original songs! [Music plays] Conduct your own song
with the baton! [Music timing varies
based on Joy-Con rhythm] The Variety Kit. Five different
Toy-Con Projects. Make Play Discover

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100 thoughts on “Nintendo Labo – Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit

  1. When I was 4 years old I accidentally broke the super Mario bros U. Disk. 7 years old I’m gonna buy it again

  2. Me at first: Yeaaaah I’m not buying expensive cardboard
    Now: ……….. I needed up buying it and liking it 🙂

  3. I dunno, what happens when your kid leaves the cardboard on the couch and their buddy crushes it or some other such happening? Just seems like the cardboard won't last long

  4. Thats one of the coolest thing ive ever seen made by nintendo thats what i call thinkin outside of the box

  5. every time i look at this I'm amazed at how a joy con can turn into a compeletly different controller

  6. im planning on getting this but i just wanna know that if i get the variety kit am i able to build all of the things or only one?

  7. I thought the screen of the Nintendo switch is made out of plastic so will it scratch when you use the touch screen to much

  8. Me:*simply stick a splatoon sticker on the top of a Nintendo Labo RC Car*
    People:Splatoon is replacing the ultimate Japanese anime singer
    Me:*report Nintendo and tell SEGA to mix Splatoon with Project Diva X*
    Edit:like if you're a fan of Hatsune Miku

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