New York Toy Fair 2020 Announcements – Venom, Ghostbusters, Star Wars Clone Wars, Legends & More!!

hey guys mio supersorrell Iver was
tuning in so the hasn’t even started Toy Fair yeah
it doesn’t start until tomorrow but there’s been enough leaks today that I
want to talk to you about all the stuff that’s coming out there’s some great
stuff that’s been announced today and I’m not sure that all of you have heard
all the good news cuz I’ve also got a lot of news here from the basic stuff
not just the Colet look like the plaintiff market but actually the other
stuff that’s coming out as well so sit back relax and let’s talk Toy Fair guys
in today’s Tiny’s alright guys so first up we have these Star Wars mission fleet
as you can see from these awesome little renderings here we’re gonna be getting
some great figures from this line including Chewie and he’s a little like
helicopter chop-chop the thing I don’t what that’s actually called but it looks
awesome so I think we’re gonna be gay now we’re
gonna get in a cup Captain Rex in his awesome Walker we’re also gonna be an
obi-wan Kenobi in a little like in a speeder insight Kevin looks things so I
wonder if Anakin is gonna be coming in that saying I just announced it yet to
go with the big bike I’m not sure and then we’ve got Darth Vader in his x-wing
and I’m not sure if that’s meant for Luke Skywalker that suppose to be
another one I know it’s Luke Skywalker’s the blue I say but ignore me Luke
Skywalker and r2d2 in there in a x-wing and then we’ve got a Anakin Skywalker
here with is that I forgot the name of that ship is it in a wing I may be
completely wrong but anyway it’s the one he uses in Revenge of the Sith when
they’re going to take on Dooku we’ve also got a bunch of other little stuff
coming out including leaves we’ve got the that’s clone trooper brahmananda
Chinese Clone Trooper and with the Imperial silent very interesting Lin
then we’ve got Boba Fett and his weird little flyer here ahsoka tano on some
little by little speeder their fire stuff and then finally the one that
we’re all looking forward to the Mandalorian and baby
Yoda really divorce and I say I think that’s that is gonna fall I off the
shelves very good so I’m very happy with that
guys so that’ll do it for the Star Wars news
the only of the Star Wars news I have to share with you today actually is the
Yoda plush from build-a-bears being announced today you can go on the
website and you can notify when ready so Sims is in store or online or wherever
it’s gonna be you’ll be notified so you can go and get one more order online and
as well the animatronic baby Yoda Hasbro put out a little advert for anything the
day it looks very cute very nice CIC I think a lot of people are gonna be
interested in that you know so again I think it’ll sell very quick and it is
available right now to preorder a wholly local retailers and I usually use kapow
toys or Cup in demand toys or Toys in the Attic so do check them out guys oh
and comics and cocktails I’ll leave all the links to those in the description
down below by the way so moving on to Marvel Legends news guys and we are
getting a red hole because a Red Hulk does look pretty cool it’s a know why
their packaging looks to be a deluxe figure rather just a regular figure and
it does come with two alternate hands very similar to how the Hulk’s have come
previously and but this is a very nice big figure very size of it seems to be
based on the Green Hulk we got recently as a part of the 80th collection with us
their new sculpted head and stuff it’s a very nice figure though I definitely
will with picking that of my collection and all the Marvel Legends news as I
called it guys in my video about a week ago if you go back and check it out I’ll
leave a link in the description about the things I wanted a Toy Fair I said a
venom eyes duay v’ and guess what we’re getting one that looks of it we’ve
already been announced that we’re gonna be getting a venom eyes Miles Morales
Captain America and Wenham so very happy that we’re getting guenon by the way
very very happy and other than that guys the have announced the game verse wave
will be coming and so far we don’t know for definite the Captain America and
Iron Man are coming I’m hoping that we’ll get more information tomorrow on
this wave because a lot of people have been showing clips and images and stuff
of other figures that might be in that wave but it doesn’t look accurate to me
I don’t know what’s wrong with them I’m not sure about it and as well the
Walmart listed up a bunch of the x-men Marvel Legends and I think we know
what buff is gonna be in it but again I want to wait until tomorrow for the
official announcement just so we’re not having to backtrack over these old
videos I want to get my information as accurate as possible so I do tend to
wait for a very confirmed leak in a sauce that I’m confident with or with an
official announcement like some of these pictures as you probably seen today from
official sources and next up guys let’s talk Marvel so it looks like we’re gonna
be getting a bunch of black widow slash taskmaster stuff to go with the black
widow line and we’re going to be getting a bunch of symbiont spider stuff and so
let’s talk symbiote Spidey first of all as you can see here we’re gonna get
they’re getting a lot of different products we’ve got these are all Titan
heroes by the way these are the 12-inch large figures and I believe they’re
gonna have a talking element very similar to that of the Civil War ones
that got released that could talk I’m sorry the end game ones we had to put
the back the big pack thing in it I think we’re gonna include were those
again but so far we’ve got spider-man and turning into the silver Spidey is
that antivenom and then obviously spider on turning into venom as well with
different heads and things to put onto him which is pretty cool
we’re also getting a big deluxe venom as well which looks very nice with like
green slime around his teeth looks proper gnarly and we’re also gonna be
getting against pergo spider venom or guenon whatever the quality these days
only by the official ask me just say ghost spider venom venom eyes go spider
and then we’re gonna be getting into venom eyes Miles Morales and Captain
America all in the Titan Hero series the looks figure sets then there’s gonna be
a whose venom venom use is called it’s a large figure again we think there’s no
scaling on it but it looks to be like a Titan hero style figure but it looks
like he’s gonna be dripping O’s now we know that slime is the biggest thing for
kids right now so I see why they’re doing it and Venom’s tongues like purple
and it looks like a slime dripping from his fingers and stuff so it looks like
there’s gonna be one of those things where you insert a slime pack in the
back image of the trips out of it so either way a cool
idea and I think I know why they’re doing that because when they’re working
on the Ghostbusters line for kids they’ve been using slime so I think the
transition that over into the kids line for Marvel um back during a little bit
just to go there we’ve got the taskmaster and Black Widow figure as
well both tiny Harris areas and then the venom eyes Hulk and Iron Man again these
are tiny Hero series but these were artists renderings they’re not official
that are actual product shots out of yet but again they look very nice would you
like seeing me do some reviews on some of those Titan heroes because I think
some of the venom ones I would be very interested in doing especially like when
omens to flood I would be very interested in are these this using venom
sounds interesting so I might be reviewing some of the channels are stay
tuned as well keeping with it with the collectible line and sort of the venom
eyes and stuff we are getting these little mystery minis they do come in
little white egg things and they’re gonna be have different versions of
venom eyes you know characters inside of them so looks interesting can’t it just
depend on the price point well in that guys we are getting some playable stuff
some like cosplay kind of snot cosplay we know I mean kids cosplay including a
taskmaster helmet or mask you know how much I love a good mask awful they get
one of these and of course then they’re gonna be releasing the venom mask as
well which is the line is called maximum venom so keep an eye out for those as we
approach the venom movie and they’re still obviously can’t releases any form
of venom product this movie based but we are game this you know kids line if you
wanna call it that for the time being I ain’t fraid no ghosts it’s
ghostbusters time and Hasbro ham show and I saw the products they are
releasing these are the kids line of products it looked very similar to the
ones I had when I was a kid it looked very 80s to me these I love the look of
them they are releasing the EXO one and they are releasing the three figures the
ins going to include think man we’ve got as
and of course what machine two big ones there why they showing two big ones
well yeah basically viz there’s the three of the go ghostbusters in the line
because obviously and Spangler did actually pass away and I believe he’s
his son that he’s doing this next movie so that’s why he’s missing from the line
to know some people if somebody’s are being confused and saying why is he not
in the line well these are based on the afterlife movie these aren’t based on
the original movie so that’s probably why
and they’re also releasing a Ghostbusters proton pack for kids again
this is very reminiscent of the old eighties one that I had as a kid it’s
just been modernized a little bit even comes with the reader as well so I mean
I had died as a child if they have the trap that you throw out on the floor and
pumping air like an air thing to open it then he’s definitely the ones I had as a
kid but I’m glad to see Hasbro bringing that nostalgia value but because there’s
adult collectors like me that mind out of the way to buy them especially if
they’re a pocket money prices it could be something that I would pick up just
for sheer nostalgic value so yeah this must have been announced including some
slime mystery minis and stuff like that Bob thing we’ll see all those in-depth
photos tomorrow so stay tuned for an updated video tomorrow afternoon we’re
also gonna be getting some McFarland’s Wonder Woman figures including the
multiverse Wonder 1 which is based on that classic costume but the face it
leaves a lot to be desired on this first one she’s got the golden lasso and
everything looks cool but that fate man it looks like Stacey Solomon if you’re
in the UK you know who’s these element is if you’re in the u.s. you might not
know her the UK celebrity but yeah it looks like she doesn’t look like it
doesn’t look like her at all it looked really weird but I’m glad to say it
doesn’t like them improve the sculpt for the secondary figure that’s coming out
where she’s in hell is it the Valkyrie style outfit which is gonna be all gold
it looks very gold though in the film it didn’t look that goli look more like a
greeny gold whereas this is very any old shed near like a dam and in
there no but yeah the DC Multiverse wonder one figures they look very cool
and I’ll be happy to pick those up when they come out so stay tuned because I
will be reviewing those on release other than that guys we’re pretty much
rounding things off here but we are we are we are getting some more galaxies of
adventures figures so far they’ve only announced a ahsoka tano and which is a
five inch figure and I’ve also given given is what they’re calling a soakers
clone no idea what that means it’s in a blue armed with a red mask the
calling it a sokka’s clone on the press release maybe more will be revealed as
the television series unfolds and we’re also gonna be getting a Mandalorian dark
saber yeah very happy to see that reappearing
in the toy line it was last seen in Clone Wars so gonna be very awesome to
see that again Han guys just lastly we’ve got the outback Hulk announcement
from Marvel Legends I forgot to add back in earlier in the video this is like a
savage style Hulk but from the beard is go cuz he’s got two beard in this I’m
picturing this is gonna be almost like professor Hulk where he’s in control and
that’s how I see this figure his face doesn’t look very Hulk he looks more
bomber but again I think the game will show us a lot marks it is based on the
Avengers game that’s coming out and here’s a part of the game verse that
looks series so we’ll see what comes of that but guys that’s all the
announcements I have this evening I hope you’ve enjoyed this little video going
through these with me even enjoyed it and you want to see an updated version
tomorrow cuz if this the comments you will be on on Saturday on Sunday so I
will be doing update videos out of the convention goes on I might not touch too
much on phone Coker’s there’s a lot of announcements but that’s pretty much
widely shared everywhere and I want to talk mainly on the action figures but if
you want to follow along alive was I find now I will be posting very often on
Instagram this weekend so make sure you follow us at supersorrell on instagram
link in the descriptions of that as well guys thank you very much as always I’m
your host supersorrell we do have a giveaway at 25,000 followers it’s gonna
be a gift card so anyone can win around the world to make sure you subscribe
it’s being for a chance of winning we’re only about 100 subs away so please make
sure you subscribe to be in for chances winning guys thank you very all ways I’m
your host supersorrell I’ll see you in the next video
tune into our over multi-effect coverage tomorrow may the force be with you bye you

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