New York Toy Collective Archer & Pierre Packer Review

so I’m here to chat about our new york
toy collective Packers New York toy collective is an indie company that has
been around for a few years now they’re based in New York and they design
products intended for trans and gender non-conforming and non-binary people
they design products also with a very keen eye to accounting for a
representation within these communities it’s really fantastic because oftentimes
companies might produce one or two Packers or have that be a little part
of their product line but New York toy collective that is their mandate
that is what they’re doing which is really beautiful so yeah so their focus
on representation has a few really gorgeous things we’d like to explore
within the world of their Packers not only do they design also
products is a variety of different colour options which includes both realistic
and non realistic tones but they also offer a variety of sizes for their
Packers so the two Packers that I’m talking about today are the new
york toy collective archer and the pierre so this would be the archer and
this is the pierre and so there’s two different sizes this is the original
size option which is pretty classic compared to other packers that
are on the market and then they also have a small line as well the small line
is really fantastic as far as having a product option for folks with smaller
bodies so yeah so they focus on ensuring that there’s different sizing
opportunities like I said there’s also different color opportunities and then
they also produce both a circumcised and an uncircumcised packer which is
again really fantastic most Packers tend to be designed to look like they’re
circumcised so the Pierre which is the uncircumcized option is quite exciting
to us so yeah that’s really fantastic that all their products are handmade all
their products have you know they’re really durable they’re
really high quality they have a really nice weight one thing to bear in mind
when thinking of packing is the fact that you end up with a hunk of silicone
or cyber skin or whatever it is hanging in your clothing and so the weight of
that is also something that then becomes a part of one’s life if one is someone
who packs so their original line is really nice
and weighty but not too weighty and their small line is balanced really well it’s got really great weight and really great
feel to it and their products fit well in packing products so the original line
we haven’t found anything yet that hasn’t been a perfect fit for their
original line they’re smaller Packers that they produce may get lost in certain packing products that are
designed for a particular shape of Packer
so one example of a product to avoid would be something like the aslan
packing strap because it’s designed with a packer that is closer to this size in
mind that being said there are a lot of products such as get your Joey the spare
parts Pete line and also New York toy collective produces their own line of packing straps and packing pouches that
obviously work really well with their Packers so yeah a really great fit
really great feel and the other thing that I’ll say about the original line
that we really love is the fact that the silicone even though it’s really nice
and stretchy and soft it has a really beautiful fleshy feel to it the silicone
is also play friendly so for folks that are looking for a packer that might also
be able to be used for penetration play or other forms of personal or
interpersonal dynamics this product is designed well for that as with any
soft silicone product it’s not necessarily meant to be designed to be
used in this way but it is an option which is quite excellent and along that
line these products are boilable because they’re made out of silicone so
if they’re being used for play it’s easy to sanitize them
by boiling them for a few minutes or you know washing with soap and water
whatever your personal cleaning practices is is fantastic so yeah so all
in all the the other thing that I’ll say is is when trying to contemplate whether
to choose something like this Packer or something like say mr. Limpy bear in
mind things like the budget so you know be honest with yourself about where your
cash flow is at and what feels right to you in this moment if you’re
considering packing these are beautiful Packers they’re very durable they’ll last a
really long time but they’re also they’re also expensive and so especially
if you know if cash is a consideration or if you’re at the beginning of your
packing journey and wondering do I like to pack what do I like about packing
what doing not like about packing then we might suggest
checking out something like a mr. Limpy and seeing what you like and don’t like
about it and then opting perhaps down the line to invest in something that is
a more durable higher quality product that being said if the opportunities and
the causes and conditions are right where this is a packer that you’re
considering then it’s a beautiful Packer we love it dearly and it’s really
gorgeous seeing products that are made by and for folks of color trans gender
nonconforming queer and otherwise marginalized bodies New York
toy collective is a really lovely company we’ve had a really lovely time
getting to know them over these last years and they make a really beautiful
product and they make a product that is really striving to feed and
nourish the worlds that we want to live in which is a world where we can
celebrate that the depth and multidimensionality of our genders and
our bodies so anyways all that being said the New York toy collective
Pierre and Archer Packers we’re big fans of so
here’s the the pierre small and the Pierre original so you can see
relationally how they size up with each other and then I’ll also sign off by
showing you the archer and the archer small again so that you can see the
sizing but that’s what I have to say about that they’re really beautiful
Packers they’re really well made and they’re made by really beautiful people
so I hope this has helped but if I didn’t address the question that you had
about these Packers please feel free to drop us a line send us an email
you know comment on the YouTube video or whatever works best for you and we’d be
really happy to connect and see if we can support your question thanks so much
and I hope you’re having a beautiful day

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