New LEGO Spider-Man: Far From Home sets, overview & thoughts

hey everyone I wanted to take a little
bit of time here to go through the pictures of the three spider-man far
from home sets that were revealed to date and just share some of my own
personal subjective thoughts about them based on the pictures that have been
published there should be no worries about
spoilers here because the subject matter that’s covered in these sets is mostly
the same stuff that we’ve already seen in the official trailer case in point
this is hydro-man attack comes with 471 pieces and is set to retail for 40 euro
so it should be about $40 u.s. maybe even 45 this one comes with hydro-man
Mysterio with his helmet globe thing on no actual face with in there as far as I
can tell MJ which is a fairly accurate looking
version of zendaya there and finally the special version of Peter Parker who is
kind of in-between you know going between his civilian look and his
spider-man look which i think is really really good the torso print is nicely
detailed and that that head gear piece is something that you’ll be able to pull
off and use on other heads so if you want to use that to you know represent
different versions of spider-man it’s it’s very easy to do this is just nicely
done so this depicts the scene where Hydra
man is attacking from within the canals of Venice and he comes up around Rialto
Bridge and there’s a cafe off to one side with a little table that you can
flip and there are some parts that can come off of the bridge fairly easily and
you’re able to do a whole little battle scene here this is to me a nice looking
small scene I don’t know how the value is going to feel once I actually get
this in front of me if it’s gonna feel like $40 or $45 worth of stuff but I
think that the structure part of this is pretty nice hydro-man himself isn’t the
greatest looking thing it’s a very difficult thing to try to simulate in
Lego form without using a hundred thousand pieces to do it so they have
the minifigure core to it to get that human a humanoid you
aspect of him but then they’ve got the whole tower of water and I think that
will at least be able to spin in one place where you’ll be able to rotate it
I don’t know I’m not completely convinced about that that version of him
but overall to me the set looks pretty good and definitely has some some nice
elements and this would be I think easy to kind of take out of the context of
this movie and the Marvel Cinematic Universe and just use as a little
vacation scene on its own next up molten man battle this one comes with just two
hundred and ninety four pieces and should retail for a thirty year o or $30
I believe I’m gonna have to be frank on this one and I’m sorry that my Frank
opinions are pretty negative right from the start this molten man does not look
good to me we see him in the trailer he looked really good there it looked scary
like something you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near but this just looks like a
huh it looks like a leftover it looks like a reject of course here it’s it’s
supposed to be showing the idea that he has splattered the molten material all
over the place maybe he’s fallen down and when he got up some of the things
that he sort of melted into and partially melted have stuck to him so
he’s got a piece of a car and you know some girders and a bit of a street
science streetlight there and everything I get that but still just the whole
thing to me looks like a mess a total mess I like some of the elements that
are on it and I think the head part is is usable but overall it just doesn’t
look out it doesn’t look desirable to me even as a toy maybe it’ll look a little
bit better in person but I don’t have good feelings about this personally
the figures included here are another Mysterio again with no Jake Gyllenhaal
representing head as far as I can tell maybe they will include one in the
package but it doesn’t look like they’re gonna do that a generic firefighter cuz
you know got fires and molten stuff in there will probably be some firefighters
in in the scene there but maybe not but it makes sense enough here and then the
black suit version of spider-man I am NOT a Marvel specialist
I’m not into Marvel stuff I don’t know backgrounds on things I don’t know where
this comes from or what it represents but it is shown in the trailer from what
we see in the trailer this figure probably should have less silver on it
and less gray more black but maybe that was just the lighting in that little bit
that we were able to see there it’s a cool looking figure though just as it’s
done and then here is stark jet and the drone
attack 504 pieces and it’s set to retail for a fairly high looking 70 euro I hope
that’s wrong but the press depart ratio does not look good there this does have
some larger pieces in it I actually like the look of the jet here you know it is
a little bit plain in its color scheme that’s intentional it’s how it’s going
to be designed and you’re gonna you’re gonna see a very plain color scheme in
in the in the movie but yeah I like a lot of its design except for just a
little bit of the side of the nose treatment there fortunately this is
designed to make good use of the space oftentimes Lego aircraft have some some
dead space within them some areas that you can’t even use which is a total
waste here you can put a bunch of figures in this and they even seem to
have a little bit of armory and a little bit of lab space in there so that’s good
it also opens up in the back to give you a place to put some bombs there is it’s
either bombs or water and I think that it’s supposed to represent bombs but you
know you can use that in different ways for play beyond these scenarios of the
movie and you can drop those as well so play value appears to be pretty good
here efficiency of the building good so I think that the design of this is going
to work out of course they’ve got stud shooters the drones to me look good as
well and I think those will play well they just give you two of those with
identical builds stud shooters on the sides they totally make sense to me
would have been great to get even more of them
but I think just what they’ve done here looks pretty good I have high hopes for
this one just so long as it doesn’t end up looking really tiny in person I am a
little bit worried about the size and the value you know the the amount of
stuff that you’re gonna get here for that 70 dollars if that’s its actual
price the figures here oh boy again Mysterio it’s that same Mysterio
in all three sets I don’t understand that I’m assuming that they’re gonna be
putting a lot of emphasis or at least that was the intent to put a lot of
emphasis on him but this may be a diversion I mean they don’t even include
the face they include the face in the trailer so there may have been some
misunderstanding or there may have been some change of fuel during the
development of this set about what what Marvel expected to do in terms of their
their rollout strategy and everything for for the story before the release I
don’t know I don’t know what’s going on there anyway Nick Fury though looks
great it looks absolutely great nicely detailed face there really captures in
good detail just all throughout very very nice next to him happy Hogan very
very generic very generic and the face here does not capture the actual actor
in my opinion it just just looks yeah extraordinarily generic and I think it’s
mostly just the face that that is the big miss here I think the rest is fine
and then at the end the regular version or the full-on full suit version of
spider-man going back to the smaller eyes for the MCU here these are pretty
good quality figures in general I personally prefer the larger eye hole or
larger visor sections for spider-man representations but that’s just me a
little bit of nostalgia there overall a pretty good looking figure with dual
molded legs with print on the legs as well and print on the sides of both arms
the make-or-break point for this set is really going to be the size of that
is it going to be big enough to warrant its price
that’s just it for now just three sets this molten man again I don’t know let
me know what you think about this one do you agree that this looks like a mess or
am I being overly critical of it and also what do you think about that
spider-man figure relative to what we saw in the trailers for the MCU
depiction of that version of him Hydra man attack here I think that this one is
probably going to be the better selling of the three I think this will appeal to
a lot more people though the Hydra Man part is probably the weakest part of it
the structure build behind you know we don’t get a lot of nice looking
structure builds for a reasonable price from Lego you know most of the time it’s
either tiny little builds or really really expensive and large sets and this
is in between and I think it’ll give a lot of people some nice stuff to look at
and to integrate with things outside of the world of Marvel these sets should be
released in April and I will review them as soon as they are released to the
public somewhere that I can actually buy them in the meantime I’ve got a lot more
content to bring you so I’ll talk to you again soon you

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