New Lego Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set Vs Indominus Rex Speed Build Unboxing 75920

New Lego Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set Vs Indominus Rex Speed Build Unboxing 75920 wow guys it’s great to see you again we’re going to have awesome show today today we have lego jurassic world this is the raptor escape as 394 pieces Wow let’s take a closer look at this it looks awesome let’s take a look at the back Wow look at that the Raptors are lining up there to get fed you have the guard you have on four wheeler that’s where they get fed over there wow this set looks so cool let’s go ahead and open it up okay let’s see what’s in the box wow there’s a lot of pieces oh those while this it’s going to be awesome guys look here’s all the Raptor part and here’s the instruction books you’ve got to instruction books for this one and here’s the rest of the part Wow let’s go ahead and put it to get to you guys let’s take a look at some of the features as this set the Raptors are really cool I mean their legs totally move up and down they have this third call there it’s like they’re ripping claw which looks really cool i mean they did a really good job with it detail and the coloring of these the mouth actually open and close they sort of snap closed so that’s really cool and then the other one oh no he escaped the other ones very similar the green I mean the paint job on these is awesome I mean look at the head the heads will turn all the way around and I mean these these are one of the coolest lego diggers I’ve ever seen I really like these rafters and then let’s take a look at the set itself if see some of the details there you have an electrified fence here you have electrified fence here that says warning here you have the food slot it’s like a little computer here and the pops off you put food in for the Raptor set the computer and push it in so the Raptors could eat here you have the tower here guard tower which is really cool it’s got it antenna doesn’t have a ladder going up but they probably just climb right up these posts here here you have the other part an electrified fence here you have the front gate which is really cool because the dinosaur stickers on the two sides you have the jurassic world on top and this gate lifts up that has a little handle back here you could lift it up like that then it has these little bars here you turn it in to hold up the door okay and then the other thing that’s really cool is like let’s say this guy’s standing up here guarding and there’s a push thing here so if the Raptors like get angry and they start like attacking this detect that a fault and it will fall down and he’ll fall into the Raptors King oh no he’s in the Raptors cage quick somebody has to save them here comes the vet with the stun ray quick run run run and then slam the dick get close to the Raptors can’t get out and here’s the ACV four-wheeler here it’s really cool that has plenty of room for the figure here you could sit in there this back bar raises up so you could have another figure you can have another figure standing there in the back then I’m going to detail on it awesome this stickers on it doesn’t say jurassic world anywhere but it is really cool and it does move nice and smoothly Wow the set awesome nothing feature about this set that’s really cool is it’s a little small for the enclosure because there is actually for Raptors i’m going to i got the other set that’s got the other Raptors i’ll have those in another show because once i’m done them i’m going to combine all the jurassic world lego sets so see here it will open up so then you have a huge cage you like put the background up against something like that and then all of a sudden you’ve got a really big cage you don’t have a small cage any more like three times the size that is cool hey guys is there anybody there something’s wrong here these Raptors are really acting up it seemed really agitated about something I don’t know what’s going on we have an electrical storm going on around here but oh what is that weird burp burp burp although the gates opening by itself what is going on here fractures are going to be loose they’re still educated and although I no what was that no I hear something although here comes the Raptors he’s escaping oh no click step on it are too late grab him he shaking it throws him off of that this guy up here with the tranquilizer gun try shooting them with the tower falls down he falls into the pen with the other Raptor what was that zombie heard earlier Oh note indominus rex ah you got the raptor shaking him around and he throws him over the fence there no now he’s challenging the other Raptor the other Raptor answers his challenge he comes charging out the gate and he tries to jump on the indominus rex his head the indominus rex flips them off he grabs them throws him over the fence Wow the indominus rex save the guys but they got to get out of here now there’s indominus rex we’re going to eat that quickly they jump on an ATV while the indominus rex was distracted but he’s still chasing them all right what is gonna happen no no faster faster Paul you almost got him fooled they just got away with indominus rex is so angry he goes over here and he starts attacking the gate where the rafters were wow that was a close call that was a lot of fun and if you enjoyed the video make sure you click Subscribe and the thumbs up button down below the video in today’s secret word is the word go ahead put that in the comments section below the video I’ll know you remember my club look to the video ends there’s an awesome in kerckhoff more fun with you and I click the boxes below for a lot more fun videos and it’s for the CD before go ahead and click the subscribe button

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