NEW LEGO Disney Main Street USA Station Set! W/ WORKING TRAIN!! Unboxing & Review!

Do you guys remember when we built this Cinderella Castle Lego Well today we’re heading out to the Lego store because Lego just released The Main Street Station with the train, so we’re gonna go out and pick it up So we got it 350 some dollars. It’s so heavy Arnie so we just go back with our giant Lego. This is insane This is so so heavy yet. This is the biggest bag. Oh my gosh So here it is our giant Disney train station based off the Disneyland Main Street Station so we’re gonna take a closer look at the box and then start building this set originally retailed for 320 $9.99 and after tech’s it came to a grand total of three hundred and fifty three dollars and nine Cents as we’ve said this place that is made by Lego and Disney This is R ages 12 and up and contains two thousand nine hundred and twenty five pieces and batteries are not included The front of the box displays all that information along with the image of the train station and the actual train itself The train is actually motorized and you can control it through the power-up experience by Lego To make it go forwards and backwards The top of the box displays the set number and shows all of the special characters Included and some of these characters are actually exclusive to this set another side of the box shows some dimensions of the actual train Along with some website information the other side shows dimensions of the train tracks and the different pieces You’ll get along with another image of a set in the bottom contains all the basic info since this box is so big It’s really cool to see all the images huge and you can see all the amazing details in the set Looking at the top corner You can see the set number displayed again and you can also see the model that is based off of the Disneyland Station along with the actual image of the Train as well Below that you’ll see some closer up images of what is inside the train station in different positions You can place the characters in and then we have a full view of the back of the station allowing some more pictures and moving parts Below that you can see the information about the app and how it works with the Train along with some other views and inside Use of the actual train set and we are going to be testing out the app as well. Once we get this all put together This set looks incredible. I’m very very excited to put it together and put it right next to Cinderella Castle I’ll have the Cinderella Castle video linked it down below and make sure you guys subscribe for more Lego videos. Let’s get building. I Needed a bigger space to do this, so move to the dining room table, let’s get this open see how many bags are involved Wonderful. Oh, this is gonna make it’s kind of funny. Like I said since this is taking place the weekend of d23 Every time that the time up stops and you guys see like the lighting change It’s because I was filming and eats my free video and of course what else better do during d23 when you’re not there then build the newest item So here it is Really interesting at the bottom of the box. There were the four stacks of train tracks. Oh, no, there’s an 18th bag Oh, geez Alright, so then it also came with this giant white box All right Oh What that’s the book. Um Huh? Scissors the book literally, oh my goodness. So there are 18 bags the motor How cool is that? Here’s my pile But this may take me a few hours So we just finished the Lego Disney Station I’m in love with it. It has a bunch of amazing Amazing details. I am super excited to build more Disney LEGO sets Let me know in the comments down below which ones you think they should make next I would love to see overtime all of the Magic Kingdom being built So like Space Mountain Big Thunder Mountain Splash Mountain small world with me Amazing. So let me know what you guys think down below which ii think they should make next those are my ideas I’d love to build those. I hope they make them someday So make sure you guys subscribe to this channel because I will be building those if and when they come out Let’s check out this train station. So here is the actual station building But before we check that out, we’re going to take a quick look at the train that circles around this station So first off we’re going to need to go into the lego app and this is the lego powered up app We can easily open it up. It displays their logo and then it takes you to this screen Displaying the sets and since this is the newest lego powered up set. We’re just going to click on the Disney train So then it opens up the window to that Disney train. There’s the original version and there’s also a holiday version We’re going to stick with the original one for now you’re going to want to make sure that your Bluetooth is on and now we’re going to connect it to the actual train and To do that we go to this second car We open up this back section and we press our green button and we hold it in until the light starts to blink This takes six triple-a batteries So make sure you have those before getting this set so our light is blinking many different colors and Then it takes sometimes a second to connect and then after you connect it once it gets easier So you wait for this to load really quickly So our app has now connected to the train as you can see here our little brick has the little green signals Happening so that is all ready to go This just is a map display and I’m hoping that that is also look to maybe some future Sets that will come out. But for now we have our train all ready to go and let’s get it started So this app is super easy to use It also plays music and you can also get the train going as well I love how easy this option is to use it is also free, which I love as well And you can also speed up the train by using the up and down arrow Some effects there I Don’t need to go to gustas I don’t want it to Go off the track and breathe because I school on a comic minute So there’s kind of one of the slowest settings that it goes to and then when you stop it, it makes it funny noise Super cool sound effects. I absolutely love that boy then get it going again I will show you guys but these other three buttons do here on the screen There so music you can play So that just kind of led you of what the background music some Disney you will so ring the bell and sound the horn you Turn the music off it and you can stop it And then it’s super easily Disconnects and then you just press the button back where I just had it So super super easy to use and real quick the winter setting works the same way, but it please do it music No holiday music that gives you that different screen So if you have this set up to show someone on the holidays you can have it all filled But all the other noises here are the same Also on here another thing that is super nice You can actually check the brick connection and see the battery life of your smart hub. So I thought that was super Amazing and then you can easily disconnect it on here and then you no longer connected through bluetooth So super easy app. I really really like it again very easy to use now. That’s a textile out of the way Let’s take a better. Look at the actual Lego set starting off with the station itself I absolutely love the theming of this again. This is based off of the Disneyland railroad station it has everything from little doors little balconies The clock tower and even the designs on the top This station is covered in detail and it also comes with five different characters We have chip and his conductor outfit making this conductor outfit along with Dale Also in the same outfit as chip. We also have mini with an actual fabric dress and goofy as well There are a bunch of little pegs on the front of the station so you can add different characters all around Right by the door, you can see some lights along with windows and I love this sign Population 22 million Disney station, and this is my favorite part elevation 138 bricks I love all of those little details and it was so so much fun to build I also love all of the brickwork detail it is so so amazing Lastly on the outside there are also two flag poles on the smaller end of the building We have our Mickey head and on the top. We have our Disney flagpole Now, of course this set has an amazing back to it with a lot of details we’re going to start at the top This is also again one of my favorite details. I absolutely love another lego Does this they also have a tiny Cinderella Castle? Lego set with the box in the little top compartment on the Level below that we have the glue store that leads out into the balcony in another amazing detail We have this little shelf with a model of a train in the photo Representation of the train up there as well We have some little plants that lead down the stairway two of this really detailed Hallway with the red fabric curtains and little bulletin boards and a fancy hidden Mickey rug We go up a few more stairs to what looks like a special lounge with this really cool chair along with a little table and a little cup and moving down to the Last level we have another model of a different train along with another little door exit As we can see we have some more lights on the outside of the building and then we also have a little ticket counter With little ticket signs and posters in the background along with different pieces of paper and a little flowerpot Right next to the main entrance We also have this fancy little bench and a trash can of course Our last section of this train station has a lot of details and it definitely references to the Disneyland station right here inside the door We have a little bin for umbrellas and it comes with three umbrellas two black ones in one pink one One of my other favorite details is this little monorail photo along with an old picture of a train we also have a clock and another train photo and That classic little scale that you see in all of the Disney train stations and lastly to finish off this floor We of course have a chandelier. I love the station It is a perfect size and matches with the castle perfectly I’m very excited to add this to my display, but another super amazing Well detailed part of the set is the train itself taking a quick look at the back You can see the Disney sticker there with our back door and balcony This specific car has a lot of stickers on it featuring the Disney railroad and just the classic Disney logo This car specifically has this special little compartment that lifts off to reveal the inside of the Train in here There’s little table and chair along with some windows. So this is like this special little train car Our trains are connected by a magnet system. So they’re super easy to connect and disconnect from each other our next train Is this blue and white striped red car? and this one has some great details as well from the little ends hanging off of the fabric to the actual train being able to Lift up so you can easily put passengers inside There are two rows of chairs on both sides of the train and then the middle part does not open up I like what they also feature it stairs and another little pegs You can put a character right there and I love even put the yellow line Now the car that features the actual motor says Disney railroad on it and again It has that little button feature so you can easily turn on and off the motor for the train and this one easily disconnects So you can actually take the motor out and replace the batteries. Our last piece of the Train is the front This one has a lot of great details including a number one sticker anding a little light. This one also has fun moving features You can open up the top of the train to easily put characters inside and there’s even a little steering wheel in there Make sure you guys subscribe to my channel as I post new videos every Tuesday and Thursday all about Disney and you guys have a wonderful day and remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll See you guys next time. Bye

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