New LEGO Batman Movie 2017 minifigures pack revealed!

Hello, just2good here, and thanks to Hoth Bricks on Flickr, we have pictures of a new LEGO Batman Movie
set – a minifigure accessory pack! Keeping up the new tradition of including
exclusive minifigures in these blister packs, we have the new female Chief O’Hara, and two
cops with some new prints as well. Also included is a Batsignal build, which is actually weaker than the one in the
exclusive polybag. However, the three minifigures are great. Chief O’Hara has a wonderful new black color
for that hair piece, and all three face prints have a lot of flavor
to them for someone like me who doesn’t mind flesh
minifigures. Also, I love the plain dual moulded legs on
the cop to the far left, as well as a reappearance of the Bad Cop helmet. Anyways, what do you guys think of this new
set? I wish I had more detail on when it will release, but I’m not sure. I can imagine the price will be only $15. Regardless, leave your thoughts in the comments
below and be sure to check out Hoth Bricks. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “New LEGO Batman Movie 2017 minifigures pack revealed!

  1. $15 is out of hand for a set so small. If that is the price it is not even close to being worth it. Especially with new Star Wars battlepacks coming out at $12.99 with four figures and a build.

  2. I know that this isn't Lego related, but what do you think of all the new Switch information and the Switch itself?

  3. 1)That Chief O'Hara minifigure is nice. It's a shame I can't get one for the 60s show, as that's all I've seen him in (or was he an original creation for the show :|), but I understand and appreciate the diversity.
    2) That black cop head would be perfect for a CW Joe West minifigure.

  4. I don't know why but I love the look of this set! Also, about the bat signal when I tried to get it at my LEGO store they gave me these Batman masks instead.

  5. Now they should make a goons pack. And for the build it could be crates with crowbars you could put in or something.

  6. oh cool the batsignal isnt just explusive to 1 set!! i dont have to go on a scavanger hunt or spent an exordanant amount of cash on it online! i mean its a bit weaker but the main "dome is what i want"

  7. There could really be a Bat suit accessory pack. I'm thinking of 2 packs with 3 suits similar to each other:

    Pack 1: SWAT Bat, Bat by Gaslight and Silent but Deadly suits.

    Pack 2: Krampus Bat, St. Batricks and Easter Bat suits.

    Just an idea 🙂

  8. I actually thought that the yellow skin was so nobody from lego was racist and because it was hard to get different neutral colors for toys

  9. There's too little here for to me to get it for 15$. At least the others came with 4 minifigures , but now we get even less for an already overpriced set!( the doul molded printing is nice, but I would rather them put another minifigure) and the minifigures that do come with it are just… fine. Thankfully this is actually good since I can't possibly get EVERY the Lego batman movie™ thing that comes out

  10. I hope there will be more Minifigures Packs like a JLA Pack (with heroes like Black Canary and Hawkgirl), a Villains Pack (with villains like Condiment King, Hugo Strange and Gentleman Ghost) and a Batsuit Pack (with the Batriot,…).

  11. I probably won't get it. I already got the bat signal, and like you said, the free one is better. I'm not much of a collector either, so there's no reason to get this for me.

  12. ⭐️super 👍 we like Lego so much 💚💕💛❤️💙💚⭐️

  13. I like this set. 🙂 Sadly, I agree with you that the batsignal isn't as strong as the accessory pack…

  14. This set is cool ! I really want it but I think that because this comes with a bat signal two it makes the exclusive bat signal not as rare

  15. The minifigures all look really good, but I really hope Lego doesn't put the price at 15$. That would just be really expensive for what you get

  16. I saw this in the lego store and was very surprised, cause i always know what's gonna be in store long before it gets sold, but i did get it and the figures are really good, but the batsignal is indeed very weak and has only 16 parts.

  17. 15$ seems way too much for only 3 minifigures and a small build, compared to Star Wars army builder packs which have 4 minifigures and bigger/better builds

  18. I think a good villains pack could include Hugo Strange, Egghead and Gentleman Ghost and/or Condiment King. I just really hope we get Hugo Strange in a set. Perhaps they could make a Batman movie advent calendar with a santa bat suit as day 24 with him in it? One can only dream

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