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well guys I am super excited today today
we have the Dino rivals were added to the Jurassic world facts app how cool is
that that is so awesome we’re gonna go ahead and check them out says a dino is
waiting okay so we’re gonna go ahead and check out the new Dino rivals which
dinos are going to be included and then we’ll go ahead and check out the ones
that I already have which I have quite a few of them it’s not showing up here
because this app is on the computer then I’ll show you the app on my actual
tablet but let’s check out the new Dino so first of all we are gonna have a
albertasaurus so if you grab the Flair New Jurassic World Dino Rivals Mattel Dinosaur Toys Fallen Kingdom Jurassic World Facts WD Toys wow he looks cool so I believe I think
there is 29 so they are adding 28 new dinos to the Dino rival series that is
awesome and then we’re gonna have blue one of one we could get some facts on
these I’m not gonna get in all of them and her youth blue fought with echo 4
pack supremacy so that’s cool you know I might get some facts ah
anyways what is this it looks almost like a laughter okay gifts his stats to
here strength speed intelligence aggression and facts on that being small
she is sometimes the prey of bigger dinos okay then our next one is
contaminator one of two well she loves then you have the strengths be
intelligence aggression not going to take much time if you want to calls in
and read those it is believed she can only run and rapid short spurts okay
then our next one is we are getting a Dimetrodon I do like the Dimetrodon
there is the Dimetrodon stats and a cool fact about the Dimetrodon despite her
look she is not a dinosaur but a prehistoric reptile haha I did not know
that I should but I didn’t who we can drink Oh Rex wow that is so cool
there is Dracorex is stats and the cool fact she’s capable she’s a capable
long-distance runner and has excellence Damona cool so Dracorex one of two and
this is Draco Rex – so we’ve seen the stats let’s see her neck has strong
muscles to support the weight of her skin and then our next one is new
Herrera soros won a few so we already have a couple Herrera soros so Dino
rivals I believe they are coming with cards – so that is cool overlapping
vertebrae in her tail make a snip for balance and speed and then next we have
another monolith asaurus I believe we have now we got one of these right now
for the regular one that is her stats and a cool fact is
she’s bigger and more dangerous than her cousin the Dilophosaurus so she is
related to the Dilophosaurus cool and then para cephalus or s is one of one
her stats and the cool fact is she’s a hadrosaur meaning a duck-billed dinosaur
cool next we have oh we got a new aquatic yes please yeah sorest
one of two I hope they make these guys huge like they did with the Mosasaurus
that has would be awesome so here is her stats and a cool fact her u-shaped jaw
and conical teeth are perfectly adapted to snatching fish cool and then next is Protoceratops 101 so I just showed you
wanted her not long ago they are really small there is her stats and the cool
fact she’s the size of a modern hog so she is by dinosaur standards she’s tiny
so it looks like we’re getting new Pteranodons
it’s a 103 there is the stats and her long beak is devoid of teeth okay so
this is trended on two of three to affect her wingspan and forms suggest
she flies like an albatross okay that’s cool our third one is they don’t show
the third one but this one’s the RAM for incus she looks kind of small to her stats and
her diet consists of small fish squid and other sea animals awesome next we
have Stegosaurus one of one so we already already showed you the big
Stegosaurus in the regular line so it looks like we’re getting another one
there is her stats and the cool factor back plates are probably used for body
temperature control that’s cool and then another stinky Moloch this is
101 her stats and cool fact she’s smaller than the Pachycephalosaurus for
more robust and thick neck cool so next we have Styracosaurus cool looks awesome
there is her stats and a fully-grown Styracosaurus is very hard to prey on
all those spikes and horns I’m not surprised
oh we get to more sicko my missus I love this sequel – very similar to the
Spinosaurus I hope they make her the same size as the big chomp and
Spinosaurus that is only out in Europe they for some reason the US I believe
they cancelled it so that’s disappointing her hunter teeth
are adapted for grasping fish okay so they only showed one of these super
minuses then tap Azera one of one I think they’re not showing
all of them because they don’t want you to see the surprises that are come in I
also already talked to Mattel they’re gonna be sending me the Dino riders more
than likely before they’re actually released so I could show them to you
guys which is gonna be awesome and this one the tap Ajara wingspan of
10 raise about 12 pounds kappa jerez cool
and after that triceratops 103 so it looks like we’re getting quite a few
more triceratops cool back triceratops is one of the toughest and meanest
herbivores ever know it okay baby t-rex so okay we’re getting another baby t-rex
there is Hearst – and in youngsters teeth are narrow and blade like a more
rounded in adult okay then Tyrannosaurus Rex one of three crew getting three more
t-rex’s how awesome is that there is the T Rex’s stats and contrary to popular
belief the Tyrannosaurus Rex is an intelligent apex predator whoo cool and
then Tyrannosaurus Rex – okay it looks the same as the last one
she’s an ambush predator relying on surprise attacks to catch prey sorry
about my coffee guys and then the third one
oops here you see the stats she can chomp her prey with a bite force of
34,500 Newtons I don’t know what that means but it’s quite strong velociraptor
one of eight okay so we are getting eight more Blosser raptors and in the
film she’s responsible for the death of Vic Koss skins okay
so that is that’s like warning guys sorry too late I didn’t know that
Dino luggage hears Velociraptor two of eight paleontologists found the
Velociraptor fossilized while fighting with a Protoceratops Wow
they probably fought each other as they sink into the Tar Pits haha cool
Velociraptor three okay she has an excellent sense of smell I don’t think
we looked at stats so that is her stats and then vilasa
looks like we’re into well actually hang on is this still Dino rivals I don’t
think so now that was it for the Dino rivals and then we’ll go ahead and take
a look at the dinos that I already have bought super excited guys I’m so glad
they keep releasing new ones but what they have to do is we need more playsets
like they did for Jurassic Park check out my Jurassic Park playlist I have two
big RV playsets and two big like enclosure playsets and they are awesome
now if Mattel starts coming out with those I’m gonna be blown away
okay then the map it looks like you got the same locations but they go ahead and
add the Dino rivals to the regular ones they’re the new Dino rivals or on top
here are aquatic we have our new aquatic Dino rival new carnivores and looks like
oh we’re getting the new in the Raptor wait yeah I bet you were getting the
interrupter I did not see one on there but it’s got to be a new in the Raptor I
mean it’s they’re not gonna just not give us an in director okay so let’s go
ahead and check out the ones that we already have so let’s go ahead and check
out our collection guys you’ve been watching my videos you do got all those
too because I uh took pictures of all their skin so Velociraptor ten triceratop Allosaurus one of one in Clea
soros normal one Baryonyx one of two two of to one of three three Carnotaurus
warned of one Tyrannosaurus one of one Dilophosaurus one of six two six three time work without one of three two of
three Gallimimus one of a queue of a I have a lot of gala minuses three of a
four six of eight 8 of 8 so I got six of them
Carrera Soros one of two to interact with one of you two of metric antha
Soros one of one middly wasn’t one mana Laughlin Soros is one of one Mosasaurus Pachycephalosaurus go to Saratov turn it
on one of seven three up seven four of seven five a seven six six seven so I
got longing spinosaurus one of one Stegosaurus one of one speedy millat one
of three two of three sukham I missed one of one Triceratops
one of two t-rex one of two Tyrannosaurus Rex
two up two Velociraptor one of a rubber – of a lover 5 of 6 of 11 7 of 11 and that brings us
to our end so we have 50 walk actually 52 out of the 68 dinosaurs and we will
be adding more tomorrow whoa guys that was awesome if you want
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