New 4 lego Scooby Doo Sets Mystery Machine Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic World Evil Tree Stop-Motion

New 4 lego Scooby Doo Sets Mystery Machine Vs Indominus Rex Jurassic World Evil Tree Stop-Motion it’s a sure creepy place shaggy
scoobynot gonna like it here where are those guys they should have already been
here hey I hear an airplane approaching maybe
a check Oh scoob I think we should have taken some flying lessons before playing
this plane oh oh we’re coming down look out Fred aah Wow are you guys all right oh I’m stuck
I can’t get down now oh that’s one way okay Fred please time for some pizza
actually there have been a report of dinosaurs and Headless Horseman okay
scoop oh come on you check in we’re gonna
split up I’m gonna wait here for the girls and you and Scooby are gonna go
inside and check out what’s going on left little bit no way not again we do
it for a Scooby Snack no way
how about two Scooby Snacks okay like Scoob this sure is dark fast I’m
terrified couldn’t eat I brought a flashlight Scoob check this place out all their places oh no Scoob look up there deathless
horseman I’m always come on trees around here look terrifying what is that thing go how do we get inside the drawbridge
is right now okay do you go read the doorbell and I’m
gonna run away roll ray you rang Royale okay then we’ll
both ring the doorbell ready to join just like school but I like it in here
this place Tara fly Oh are you tickling my feet your feet stink
monster trap when the attractions this place sure is creepy I have no idea
where we’re supposed to go next and I yes sure we need some traction why are you looking at me funny like
that Fred Tyrande shaggy you’ve got some big teeth
behind you check it out guys here she comes dinosaurs how do we get dinosaurs here okay guys here’s the plan we’re gonna
fire the giant cannon wrap these guys up in the net quick haha we get it look here comes the
headless horseman quick fire the cannon again ah we got it
okay let’s you these guys really were wait look it’s Jim David brother Robin
system they were driving the dinosaurs they were trying to scare people away
from the old fort so they could buy a dirt cheap because they knew there was a
treasure buried under it it would have got away with it if it weren’t for you we’re here to investigate this thermal
looking managed in nothing to be scared of Scoob okay let’s go ahead and investigate this
cool-looking mansion scoop you bitch yeah you’re gonna go in the front door
check out the mansion I’m gonna wait here for the girls what like no way man
nowhere me and scoop going in there we do for a Scooby Snack
no way – Scooby Snacks okay Scoob what are we going to sue inks the doors
just opened scoop you go first flashlights is that you what you morning for school your stomach
hurt rot me Wragge reaiiy you what see there’s something
behind me going to detroit tree monster run twitch good this sure is a
creepy-looking forest well there is one creepy looking tree blowing scoop join Scoob look here comes the zombie in
his evil looking tree quick what are we gonna do we have no place to go zoic the huge tree grab the zombie in
this evil tree friend what’s gonna happen Scooby
it’s a giant ominous rex dinosaur he’s attacking the tree ah he’s good and Dominus boy Scooby ate the whole dinosaur doings
Fred we have a problem would it be that huge dinosaur behind you no way it’s a
huge evil tree the dinosaurs oh boy he’s really angry now No look out
he’s coming for us run kids run for it go the creepy old lighthouse Wow
some weird ghost stories around here ghosts okay let’s go ahead and check
this place out shaggy you and Scoob are gonna go in the tower and Mia Daphne
you’re gonna stay out here where it’s safe
what no way are we going in the dirt no way Fred you’re not gonna do that to us
again how about for a Scooby Snack no way nobody absolutely not no Scooby
Snacks how about a box of Scooby Snacks oh yeah come on Scoob his doors locked what let’s go up this
way oh boy I smell something good
stupid Scoob somebody’s cooking a burger that’s a
ghost that likes burgers boy who is it in my bird Scooby tried to scare me
whoa alrighty give me back my burger Scoob this sure was a close one but what
else could go wrong around here raggy writer what oh it’s a spider
disgusting who dares disturb my like host links raggy ronster that was a
close one Scoob hey I wonder what this button does zoinks Scoob Hey look there’s a key down
here Fred Fred there’s monsters everywhere
check out this weird key we found what luck there’s a key right there if you
turn it in look something’s happening chicken pox scuba gear no I would go
sneeze scoop at the air Fred Fred quick come here I found something coming
Daphne check it out Daphne found something look it’s a little pirate trap
pirate map and showing a pirate ship that sunk at these waters check you and
Scoob we’re gonna dive in check out this ship so excuse of the huge just but it sure is dark in here Scoob good
thing I brought a flashlight check this place out to school
that thing is right now what see there’s something behind me there’s nothing–there’s tube he tried
to freak me out but it’s back again so I scoop it stretch get in here quick look Scoob we found the treasure get out
of here sewing still wasn’t close one thread
thread look we follow the treasure the treasure belongs to us good or bad here Gus quick Scoob step on it Seabees
goddamn guys this is a big mystery Wow look the
gang’s all here here’s Fred with the Mystery Machine with Daphne and Velma
and here comes Scooby and Shaggy on their motorcycle wow look Scooby’s got
the map for the mystery it’s showing a mummy some jewels and a question mark
wow they were hired to find out why there’s a roaming mummy in the museum
don’t know why they have the map but they have to find out why the mummy is
here whoa King this sure is a mystery for
mystery Inc boy this looks like a spooky one I think me Daphne and Velma are
gonna go this way and shaggy you and Scooby are gonna go that way what we’ve
got it going blown again we don’t like scary places
Wow spooky we do it for a Scooby Snack nope
five Scooby Snacks okay five Scooby Snacks okay here they are okay girls
we’re gonna go this way we’re gonna go check out the back of the museum Wow could you smash I’m scared Scoob what’s
here well Zweifel well let’s go check it out let’s check out the back of this thing
Scoob look it’s a burger Wow cool shaggy goes to the front to check it out
Scoob jumps up and grabs the burger while she’s looking over here so I scoped into mommy say who’s here mummy it was chasing you
in this museum I don’t see anything it wasn’t mommy all right boy he was
scary he was looking for a daddy well
you seen a mummy we’re gonna have to trap him to see who it is
shaggy Scooby you guys are gonna be the decoys well you don’t have a choice we
can’t look the girls do it it’s gonna be your job the plan is you’re gonna let it
chase you Daphne’s gonna start Staffie shots with
her camera I was a very bright flash and when he’s blinded I’m gonna sneak up and
grab him and we’re gonna tie him up and see who it is it’s just us again
I wonder where the mummy is Oh mommy you say there’s a mommy behind
me can’t see I can’t see Wow Fred took him down now he’s tied up
let’s see who this mummy really is look it’s the museum curator what was he
doing let’s take a walk look at this map shaggy has ah Wow look at that let’s
look for clues hmm I think there’s a secret button here
somewhere Wow look it opened up it’s full of
jewels so that’s what the mummy was trying to hide Wow gang another mystery
solved for mystery Inc good job you meddling kids I would have
got away with it if it wasn’t for you I would be rich and sitting on some beach
in Hawaii well that’s another mystery solved for mystery Inc it goes to show
you there’s no real monsters Lego said if you do like the mummy Museum mystery
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