New 2018 LEGO sets bought at Toys R Us 📦 #211

everybody it’s time for a new set haul
something that I haven’t done in a while because so far this release season I’ve
been finding like one set at one store and then maybe a week later three sets
at a store an hour away from me and nothing else anywhere closer but today I
went out and did a big run I think I went to three Toys R Us stores and got
stuff from each store I went to so that was good see what all I picked up Hey
Junior’s alright brand new Junior’s I don’t think there’s anything that
interesting about this one but it is new and is construction-related
so I got it maybe is that a new print I don’t think that’s it no I don’t think
it’s a new but city stuff is more important
logging related ambulance helicopter hips officially what they call it they
gave me one of these battle pods the KY one yeah enjoy a movie a bigger city set
this is one that I personally have been looking forward to it just has stuff
that I find to be cool and also it’s a throwback to an older set that was also
pretty cool I think and then also one of the newer technic sets there
pull back one medium-sized amongst the pull backs I guess maybe a little bit on
the large side or the pull backs this is one that certainly a lot of people are
looking forward to because the camping related stuff is always pretty popular
and Lego tends to do a pretty good job with those typically only two sets in
this bag but this is one of the new mountain police ones with the new net
shooter I have to say don’t have my hopes held very high for that if it
works better than what they’ve been doing up to this point great but like so
just I just I don’t have high hopes for that this one
then looking forward to finally came out can’t review something that isn’t
available to me to buy but finally found it on shelves two of those stories
actually have that I have over here oh this is great
the one that’s farthest away from me has the most in it fix that bring it in
closer Junior is also but related to the mountain police main theme I can move
some bigger things back here a little bit just a little bit put you over there
maybe maybe maybe not what else is in here also juniors juniors friends here I
got this just because it looked like a VW minibus and I know that as a junior
set so it only has prints in it so I thought it might have something that
would be of interest and usefulness but that’s the hatch ah more Technic the
medium is small since more towards the small side of the new ones a new Ninjago
movie finally again can’t review stuff that I can’t get when I get it and I
review it once I can be smaller LEGO Technic sets two in one really really
small but still with some some mechanism I actually really like these I like the
idea I think that they’re great for kids to introduce you know technical
mechanisms and such I think they tend to do a pretty good job with these as well
plus they’re small enough that they’re cheap she was good
inexpensive is good and the last thing in this bag is one more of the Technic
pullback sets so this would go against this and there’s also the combination
between the two as you expected I think I actually you know what I got this from
one store at this from another store neither had the other
just the way it goes look at the draw sometimes with this stuff I do what I
can I go to lots and lots of different locations constantly but there you go
that’s my haul for this time not too bad that should tide me over for a little
while not a long long time definitely not one of my bigger hauls you know but
targets in my area haven’t put anything new out yet so they haven’t been much
help it’s mostly been I think I got like one thing from the target a week or two
ago but mostly it’s been Toys R Us and all comes down to you know the speed of
delivery of things actually to the store so that’s that I’m gonna get to work on
some of these and you’ll be seeing the videos once they’re available talk to
you soon you

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100 thoughts on “New 2018 LEGO sets bought at Toys R Us 📦 #211

  1. Excuse me Jang, but what Toys r us did you shop at to get those? Or have they just been released and are slowly spreading?

  2. Would you mind naming the sets as you present them? This would be helpful for multiplexing listiners, and those of us with lousy vision. Just a suggestion, thanks.

  3. Something I’d love to see and I’m sure many others would is for when you make these haul videos add a little vote thing in the video so us the viewers can decide what interests us most and see those first

  4. Great haul! Something I noticed with the first three technic sets you brought out: as they got “smaller” the piece counts went up. I know this is probably from the big molded wheels and such, but I thought I was kinda funny

  5. Very cool haul! I'm looking forward to the Heavy Cargo Transport review, it looks really nice! Looks like you'll be busy for the next few weeks with these sets, Jang!

  6. I am really looking forward to getting the City Pickup and Camper set! I love the looks and all the things included in it.

  7. Totally a throwback! I still have my helicopter hauler from the Model Team series. Loved that set as a kid and it's on display today!

  8. New Net Shooter
    the old net shooter was a repurposed Engine
    and when I see the new one, all I can think about is how I want to use it as an Engine in mocs.

  9. Can you please provide the Element ID and/or Design ID of the new leaf-piece from set 10749? I'd like to order them from LEGO's consumer services once they are available.

  10. Pretty keen for you to review the Technic sets, I'd like to see the Racing Yacht in particular when it becomes available to you. Living in Aus we won't see the new Technic line in stores until March! I was a little disappointed about this years Creator line, I think it's starting to rely too heavily on minifigures, what do you reckon?

  11. how much money do u think u have in lego jang i think i have about 1000 dollars worth of lego and after christmas maby like 50 or 30 dollars more lol luv ur vids

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