NECA Trick R Treat Sam Clothed Retro Horror Toy Action Figure Unboxing Review

hey guys mijo she was holding a very
moisture Nene look my god it’s Sam from trick-or-treat this is the lip of us
clothed NECA version of Sam stands out about
seven inches tall comes with his little crafty sack and also comes with a little
lollipop this is about like a vintage kind of style of wave with a nice card
back and of course we’ve got Sam and I’m hoping underneath that head is yeah he’s
got that he’s got a pumpkin head underneath as well for us to look out so
trick-or-treat it says in the back of the doorbell rings the cries go out
trick-or-treat but wait what’s actually going on during this ghostly All Hallows
Eve so many area and expected something splattered and spooky something that
brings ghouls vampires and the werewolves into the night answer the
door a shocking surprise awaits Sam comes to those who doesn’t celebrate
Halloween and forces you to enjoy the season I love this character so much
Sam is amazing a love trick-or-treat I love Halloween you know I’m like so
without further ado let’s break open the box so I’m open I can do this without
destroying the packaging completely I’m not sure nope yeah I know that was gonna
be a way of getting into this without breaking it open guys
I was hoping all these little things that pop in the whole back like COD back
or just pop off definitely doesn’t look that way so I’m gonna cut it open I
bought this to be opened anyway it’s not like I didn’t buying this collectible to
be stuck in the packaging so destroy destroy alright so we have him out of the box
yeah let’s go ahead and remove this mess easy let’s use the Schism okay going a
little lonely fuck oh it’s very very careful think Assad oh my god is there
another one oh come on sorry guys once a calm day never go Sam is out of the box yeah we
see the open enclosed without having to break them you are someone go tell me in
the mean time to do backs alright guys here is Sam out of the packaging he’s
also I actually I think I might prefer this to the ultimate NACA one this one’s
is so much nicer I think I think it helps me it’s got the clothing in
certain figures need cloth and I think this definitely with a beam like the the
Sakon store of the burlap sack it needs to have like a fabric II feel to it and
I think this again it needs that sort of velvety feel he’s even got little shoes
on everything I’m loving this it’s so nice so the head
is I’m apologize she can’t make him look around and stuff a little Eisen I do
feel a little bit looser so I’d be careful with those the Islanders lift up
though this side hinge here and does also rotate there’s also an elbow hinge
in there as well which is a dual hinge elbows he just bend all the way back
which is nice he’s got one open palm and and then he’s got one gripping hand
that’s for the lollipop so if I go ahead and grab the lowly wisher bells just
slide that straight into the hand ah there we go
he doesn’t just hold his little lollipop I mean kind of put it over to his little
sack yeah it’s that cool there’s a swivel II’s way
to there he’s got a little pocket on the back of his bobbin partner there’s no
upper articulation that I can find there just the way swivel his legs lift out
all the way as well as forwards backwards there is a top fake up um
single hinge knee there and the feet do you swim or from side to side and
obviously do go up and down but they don’t they don’t have to rock they don’t
pivot from what I can see they’re just left and right is so nice that I love
this finger so much it comes with these a little sack as
well but the sacks actually empty I wish these had like a wire man I do have like
a wire in there let’s make it look full but the fact that you can actually put
things in it I think is actually quite a novelty idea then you can put them back
round it to tie it and keep it shut that’s quite novel we’ve got an actual
sacra to use so yeah it does have a little have a wire in it so you can kind
of puff the bag up like that to make it look a little bit fuller he’s got no
real way of Haran of Carini though he just kind of holds in his hand I suppose
you could wrap the you could wrap the this you know the actual wire around his
hand so it looks like it’s holding it suppose you could do that on that guy’s
the only one one less thing to show you but you take my boy Python for now the
only one other thing I’ve got to show you guys is the actual we can actually
undo the the sack on his neck come on there we go
we can actually undo the sack on his neck and this actually comes off to
reveal the pumpkin head underneath oh we’ve workable jar and everything yeah
that heads a little bit loose when you do take it off though guys to please do
be careful but yeah he does have the pumpkin had the need which can be like
he can turn it to side to side up and down he’s got some nice articulation to
it and of course he’s got the the gr as well mine on hinges all the time when I
open it up it opens up out there of course with the thing being open then
you can Bob lollipop back in his hand and have it up to his mouth so it looks
like he’s actually biting it so that’s pretty cool so guys I’m gonna
go down to the desk um to give you guys an up-close personal look at least
awesome figures so let’s go ahead and check out the desk ow
so guys here he is out of the packaging looking awesome I am loving this a
figure it’s so cool that definitely needed to do this in the clothing the
clothing is absolutely amazing for this figure
I don’t always collect the clothes versions of Necker but there’s just
certain ones that need clothing like Sam I think is definitely one of them the
other one was that the nun I think the nun is perfect with actual white cloth
it just matches the costume and looks so awesome so this is definitely definitely
one of those figures that I’m super glad I got hold of and as well I’ve just used
the pumpkin here from from the Halloween release so there’s that yeah I’m just
I’m loving this figure so much guys if you haven’t seen trick-or-treat please
do yourself a favor and check it out it’s super cheesy it’s not scary by any
means it’s just a cult classic at this point and it’s even class the zoo is
even classed as horror i class it as dark comedy cuz I don’t consider it a
horror early and it’s got a pretty decent pastel Anna Paquin stuffs in
there who played rogue in the x-men in case you don’t know who dies and yeah
they just they just it’s just a very good like flow to the story it’s there’s
all multiple stories that interlude and into wine and stuff so definitely check
it out if you’re a fan of Halloween like me it should be on you on your TV set
every Halloween without fail but the costume itself is very nice I did
realize at the back when she took the mask off the actual back of the costume
has a Velcro thing so you can take the costume half if you guys do not that you
going to but you could if you wanted so sighs why is if I just turn this
pumpkin off remove that bear again sure so the figure is actually a little bit
taller than the ultimate the ultimat son this is the ultimate Salma from the
Necker release so then clothed figure is slightly
larger and this guy is approximately four inches in height so this guy is
going to be approximately six but I think he’s a little bit short I think it
might be about five and a half yeah there we go look
he’s about what five three quas just just short of six inches just for
comparison sighs yeah he could tell the difference he doesn’t fit with any other
scale figure really doesn’t it’s not gonna go in any line columns it would
look like a like a teenager if you put it with a 6-inch figure rather than a
child so it’s definitely one worth having in your collection so guys I hope
you enjoyed this video I have got a bunch of stuff still to record this week
including our heavy metal figure that I’ve not done yet and if you look down
here I’ve got a bunch of other stuff including yeah I’ve got Captain
Spaulding from house 4,000 corpses to review as well so they’re my kind of
alternate horror reviews that I’ve still got to do guys so if you’re interested
in those please let me know in the comments below
but guys let’s go back to the main come and finish off today’s video so guys
what are your thoughts on some let me know in the comments down below if you
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button subscribing really supports this it really helps out and it helps us to
keep making awesome videos as always guys thank you very much tuning in and
I’ll see you in the next video may the force be with you bye you

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  1. Awesome video SuperSorrell. I love Trick r Treat too. Such a great movie. You don't consider it a horror movie though with the likes of some of our other favorites like IT and FT13? I guess it could go either way it is a fun movie. That scene where (spoilers here) those kids are murdered by the missing school bus kids got me on my first watch. Even if it doesn't show them die onscreen that had an impact on me. That's also my favorite scene in the movie now though.

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