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100 thoughts on “NAO Next Gen : the new robot of Aldebaran Robotics

  1. I wish my lab could afford one of these little guys. Would be awesome to have a little robot like this one to keep the attention of students and help with the lectures.

  2. i had see this. robot at school Today but then he is named zora and he is a lott smaller and he is 2 months old

  3. Nice job actually, getting that much done with a robot has apparently been pretty tough work so far, but you've done a lot.

  4. A thought came to my mind , an application that shows the nao, CAMERA shows our room , that the NAO can walk on our room and interact with us we can interact him and see him from the camera

  5. 2- 30 years ago, the Japanese and their secret robot test facilities were having trouble just to and get the robots to stand and balance, let alone walk.

  6. £1,600 is quite a lot but i would say worth it

    Since im a fan of nao i really want the nao action figure! but its out of stock! bah! i was going to buy one but now i guess i cant

    i wish it could come back in stock

  7. We've shared the documentation of this project here:

  8. I only hope he will be on sale in the netherlands too…I would really want it if I had the money…for now I will keep on saving! Maybe in the future i will find it for a little cheaper price, but it will be the best reward for when I finish school! 😂

  9. Canadian robotics students film funny short movies with these robots 🙂 Pretty cool!

  10. I see this thing in my house one day. The creepiest thing was it was created on the same year my Furby was created in the year 2012 on Christmas Day. I wished that this thing was human though so I can play with it, and maybe one day possibly have a family lol because I’m lonely, and single. Forget about sky net, we are nowhere near that level yet, thank god.

  11. I lma bring it to school to show everyone then my teacher gonna say cool walk over and ima have it in my phone eww teacher

  12. They are advertising this robot on facebook and misleading people. After you order they send the customers a cheap robot that does not do as your robot does, but they make it seem as if you are ordering the NAO one.

  13. $10k a piece and it's still only just a speaker with SLOW legs. So you mean for $10k, you can't program the damn thing to go to the fridge to grab me a beer?! Useless company.

  14. Due to the music in the song I had to show my parents the video because they thought I was listening to and watching… racy stuff.

    Mainly the “nooo you say you love me”

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