My Optimus Prime Collection Update

Welcome back to RobToys. It’s Robby here. while we’re doing social distancing, I’m gonna update my Optimus prime collection for you guys. By staying home, we help minimizing the spread of Covid-19 we need to flatten the curve so that we won’t overwhelm the hospitals and medical workers. let’s begin! A lot people asked me about this bad boy 🙂 This is Toys Alliance MAS 01 height 18 inch Light up function on the eyes and matrix inside the chest Just realized I’ve taken out the batteries. You can check the height compared to the next figure next is takara Tomy Buster Optimus Prime with Jet Power upgrade kit FWI3 I can say this is my number one favorite Optimus. Optimus looks so badass with this add-on kit In the middle is Optimus Prime G1 from Hot Toys HT made 2 Optimus Prime versions: Megatron and Starscream. Mine is Starscream version. This is the one from my last YT video: Buster Optimus Prime with jet Wing FWI 4 In my video, I moved the jet Wing to BMB LS03F I missed those old toys with movie quotes, like this one. This is also one of my favorites. People asked me a lot about this guy. height 18 inch Optimus Prime from 3A Details are superb, no doubt about it. Check out the height comparison with the Buster next to it. Buster is not even half of it. Thanks for subscribing to my channel. If you haven’t, please come and do so 🙂 If you like this video, don’t forget to give it a like 🙂 Also hit that notification button so you won’t miss any new video from RobToys. we’ll go to the next row. This is BMB LS03F the colors are amazing the gun is a light up next to it is Optimus Prime from Legendary Toys LT02 I’m still looking for Iron Warrior IW-06 Jet Power upgrade kit to pair with him Btw, LT02 is the same scale as MPM 04 Takara Tomy This is BMB LS03 The left one is LS03F You guys can check out the height comparison here. I so love BMB a lot that I own 3 of them 🙂 One is truck mode the other one is robot mode I won this in auction : custom Optimus Prime Optimus has been repainted, the Jet wing too. It cost me USD 100 back then This morning I tried to pair the Jet Wing to BMB LS03F, but it didn’t work. the Jet Wing only fits the old Leader Class Optimus Prime Next is Optimus Prime from Bumblebee movie. The brand was 3A. Now 3A is closed, the brand is changed to Three Zero Check out my previous YT video on this Optimus. I really loved the details. It surely is heavy. if you love details, you should have this one: Weijiang Black Apple Optimus Prime. he gave me a headache just to transform him. I still can’t decide which one is the best: LS03F vs. Weijiang BA I already made the reviews on these two. Check it out. If you love over-sized Optimus with plenty of accessories, go for BMB LS03F But if you love details, then Black Apple is for you. the next row is mostly in truck mode. the first one is an old collection of mine. I think I bought it back in 2009. This is Optimus Prime from Transformers Animated. All the buttons are still working 🙂 I love collectibles with movie quotes. This is BMB LS03 in truck mode This one is actually belongs to my son i bought it for him in 2007 when the Transformers movie hit the theaters. this is the first Leader Class Not so much details compared to the new Optimus Prime. This is BMB LS13. I purposely displayed it as truck mode because I already have the robot mode from 3A They are from the same movie. This one is Weijiang Optimus prime battle damaged limited edition The colors are cartoon-ish. I have made the review on this. Please check out my old YT video. This used to be the biggest Optimus. It’s called Ultimate Optimus Prime SDCC 2011 I have it in truck mode because I don’t have extra space. You can combine the Optimus with the trailer. It’s so big, guys. It also has many movie quotes. Last row now This is G1 Optimus Prime from Kids Logic Next is from Herocross the details are awesome, but it has one weakness : the joints are loose. It wont stand without the base stand. A pair of Mighty Muggs: G1 Optimus and the Transformers movie This is actually a coin bank. The original was so plastic-look, so I have it repainted. I also made a video about this. check it out. It has movie quotes too Optimus Bust from Prime 1 Studios Very nice details. If I had money, I would buy the statue. For now I’m happy with the bust. the eyes light up but I already took off the batteries. Check out the details. I think only 3A Optimus can match its details. battery compartment is at back of the head I really love this bobble head. It has a Bluetooth speaker from Killerbody Check out my review about it. It’s so cool and has so much details for a Bobblehead. Eyes light up You can pair your phone with its Bluetooth speaker. These are my old bobbleheads: G1 and the movie I have them repainted because the colors had faded. last one is Funko Pop Optimus As you see my collection, I rarely have this model of Optimus. Mickey Mouse as Optimus Prime can also transformed to truck mode That is the update of my Optimus collection. Thanks to the social distancing, now I have more time at home. It’s for our own safety and others. btw, I put all my Optimus Prime in the foyer to greet every guest That room is for Star Wars collection My first collection was from Star Wars I’ve made House Tour videos to show my complete collection. make sure to check them out. My SW collection is shrinking from year to year. Now I focus more to 1/6 scale figures. let’s head back to Optimus room. That’s it for today’s update on Optimus. Thank you for watching. I hope this video would entertain you who are currently on self-quarantine at home. I’ll see you on my next video. Bye!

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