MY NEW LEGO GAME IS RELEASED? New Star Wars Animation, City and more… | VLOG 23

Hi! MegaSpaceFighter here and welcome to my next episode. We will talk about what you see behind me, about my mobile game Rock Raiders which I discussed in my previous vlog and at the end I will show you my city… LEGO city. Yeah, I’m not in England anymore, and I’m back in Poland So I have started producing my second episode of Kirx Sheppard’s journey. A few weeks ago, I set out to complete the script and I started building the first set, which you can see here. So I thought why not and I recorded some short video showing it. Because you might be interested in it and like it. Or at least I hope so. I wonder if you know what it represents Of course, we have here a landscape
of forest or jungle but what is this cylinder? Do you have any ideas where it comes from? Let me know in the comment section below. And that’s it as I don’t want to tell any more about the story. I will only tell you that I have no idea
when the premiere will take place I just hope to work on it… as always, I want it to be better than the previous one because that’s my goal All in all that’s it. My camera is ready. I’m actually recording the first shot. It took two days to animate. But I don’t even want to admit how much time
the construction of this set took me. in the beginning to make it look interesting and then adjust everything to the camera. Later I tried some movements of the camera. Here, you see Dragonframe with the completed sequence. You probably see way more Pick A Brick buckets than in my previous vlog because I bought a few more. Thanks to that I could create this set as well as the city which I am going to show you. Here it is. It’s right behind my animation set. Let’s call it that. I have 4 tenement houses here: Grand Emporium, Palace Cinema, Bank and Detective’s Office. and also two buildings of my own creation which I am happy with. I’ve already started working on their interior finish. And we will see how it will develop. I must tell you that this town was a bit bigger and
occupied the whole table. But because I started my animation
I decided to remove some buildings and push it back By the way, these were the old buildings
that I used in Target Earth. In the future I hope to expand this town to some nice size. and enjoy it with interesting finishes. because of course this isn’t the final version
of these houses. Above all, I will work on the roof and maybe
add more details on the walls. I’ve focused on finishing the pavements first. Instead of moving all the buildings to the side of the road, I decided to make the pavement much wider. Let me know how you like it. From England I brought a little of these Xtra polybags city bikes plants traffic signals some food that will be useful when building a grocery store city lights even more lights and polybag from Star Wars with A-wing pilot I bought two, one for myself and one for a friend of mine. It’s all about the city, let me know how you feel. I know there are missing figures, vehicles and so on. I’ve got some ideas but let me know about yours as well. What would you like to see here. In general, does the topic of the city interest you? As you remember from my previous video
I showed you this game in the pre-alpha stage. It was only playable on the computer. Where we could only test it. Also, the graphics weren’t great enough. At this moment it’s available on mobile. What will I show you? I will try to play and comment. I wonder how it will end up. We finished two levels out of three planned at the beginning. The third one was to be a boss fight. Unfortunately, we had to give up due to the deadline of our studies. Though it is possible that we will add it in the future,
if we can publish this game Then we will also publish it on Android. Let’s focus on what is now visible on the screen,
i.e. the main menu. We have here the entire desctiption of the Rock Raiders’ story Credits with our names. As you remember I created this game with Radek and Julian who were responisble for some of these graphics, like this buttons. We are starting the first level. And we have information about what we have to do in it. In this case we have to collect 23 energy crystals which will enable us to build an oxygen generator which clears the path to the next level from the toxic cloud As you can see we added touch screen control
required for mobile game The graphics look much better, we added a light
imitating those from the helmet of the character We improved many things like the monster animation One of them is already here We added a new hero status bar I will show you how the monster is destoryed He’s gone… I hope so That is how he falls apart now. I’m curious how you like this game. Let me know if you would play it when I get permission to publish it. Take a look at the second level, we have
much more resources to collect in it. There is also a teleport pad to build which gives
us dynamite required for a special type of rock wall And that’s all. In this video it’s all. Thank you for watching if you lasted till the end. Please let me know in the comment section what you liked in it.
What would you like me to change? Maybe I should talk more on something else? I don’t suspect that completing the next episode
will take a lot of time and I wouldn’t like to leave my channel without any videos so if you have any requests, please, write in the comments. Maybe I will make another video about them. Thanks once again and see you, cheers!

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77 thoughts on “MY NEW LEGO GAME IS RELEASED? New Star Wars Animation, City and more… | VLOG 23

  1. Kapsuła ratunkowa republiki na jakiejś lesistej planecie. Widać, że podczas lądowania zaryła w ziemię. Super zrobione

  2. Robiąc fabułę do nowej animacji inspirowałeś się clone wars z tą kapsułą ratunkową, prawda? Poza tym TAK, błagam udostępnij tą grę na androida.

  3. Bardzo ciekava ta gra, już się nie mogę doczekać, żeby v nią zagrać! 🙂
    Co do platformy, to volałbym aby była na PC-ta, bo z Androida ani z IOS-a nie korzystam (tak, viem że jest coś takiego jak virtualna maszyna, jednak myślę, że viększości ludzi najvygodniej będzie ściągnąć sobie instalator i pograć na komputerze). Ale jak już będziecie pisać tę grę na ekraniki, to fajnie by było, gdyby była róvnież na Windows Phone.

  4. Jak by była ta gra to bym pograł. Pokażesz jak malować figurki?
    Edit. Ile wydajesz miesięcznie tygodniowo dziennie na klocki

  5. moim zdaniem ten cylinder to powiększona kapsuła ratunkowa z zestawu 7964 którym z resztą twoja postać dowodzi…. a w tym przypadku dowodziła….

  6. Good to see you back on YouTube! Your game looks really cool – great work:) Can't wait to see next episode of your animation. Keep up the brilliant work 🙂

  7. Hey dude, what a pleasure to see you again! Everything sounds very interesting! I can not wait! I have a question, what career did you choose to study?

  8. w gierce mogła by być jakaś podstawowa zmiana postaci. no i czy zbieranie tych kryształów na dłuższą metę nie było by powtarzalne?

  9. Now THIS is what good set design looks like. Fully immerses you in the location the character are supposed to be in!

  10. Miasto i set wyglądają oszałamiająco! Ciekawie wyglądałoby z oświetleniem elektrycznym 🙂 Dobrze wiedzieć, że działasz na pełnych obrotach, powodzenia z projektami!

  11. Looks like some sort of escape pod or even an engine from a Republic Venator! Super psyched that you're workin on the next episode. Keep up the great work my man!

  12. Skąd ty bierzesz te wszystkie klocki XD A takie pytanko: Ile pozycji powinna mieć ręka figurki gdy się unosi i opuszcza do wyjściowej pozycji dla dobrego efektu? Pls odp. Pozdrawiam 💪

  13. Dzień dobry; ) Bardzo fajny , ciekawy film który zawiera wiele informacji. Mam jednak pytanie co do sklepu czy będzie Pan robił jakieś custom-y klonów z użyciem lego hełmów Arc troppers lub nowymi lego hełmami phase two ? Jeżeli nie, to czy mógł by Pan zdradzić plany co do nowych minifigurk?
    Pozdrawiam; )

  14. Обалденно! Очень жду выхода игры, не терпится её испытать!)

  15. It is the Salon Pod (bigger escape pod that holds a conference table as it's the one diplomats etc would use) from the C70

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