My Mom sorted my LEGO!

My mom Sorted this box of Lego Hi guys. My name is Tiago and in today’s video I’m showing you guys what my mom did to this box. A few months ago after the major Sorting that I did to all of my Lego I was still left with two boxes, two Ikea boxes just like this one full of Lego and that was old MOCs some old sets and Buildings from the commissioned work that I did in November One day my mom came along and looked at the boxes and asked “Do you need any help with that?” And bear in mind that my mom will build a LEGO set every now and then
that I will give her and but that’s As far as the expertise of my mom goes she has never sorted Lego in her life And I just gave her some very general directions, you know try to sort things by shape and size and color maybe and there was also a lot of built stuff still so she also unbuilt all of it. So I’m quite curious to see how she did, how the sorting went and if I can Use my mom again to sort all of my Lego, that would be a great Great help. My sister was also helping me for a few days here at home and She might have given my mother some general directions, but most of it was done by my mom. So Let’s cut to the chase and see how she did First of all Base plates You can’t go wrong with base plates. Yes. Oh there’s a couple of these and yeah a Bag of mini figures this is quite easy and There’s a lot of bags in here. So I guess she probably has spent a lot of money in this, okay? Now we have the transparent stuff and she even divided it by Round bits Although there is a dark gray plate in there,
and a golden one as well I don’t know if you can see it from the video Yeah Then all of these this must be from the ship in a bottle that I had built some bricks and tiles so Not bad I can just dump this into my sorting systems Okay, there is also another bag of transparent. I used a lot of transparent and glass on my project the commissioned work that is quite straightforward to sort so Well done mom! Next up Okay, we have some foliage here Nice nice little bag of foliage Flowers that’s cool This is interesting she has the carrots and some plant builds although you can see here a build Something that she hasn’t taken apart maybe because she didn’t knew that you could take it apart It’s fine and Round plates here I can see but there’s also a mix of flowers in there as well That’s okay some round bricks and jumper plates. Oh Okay, there’s also clip stuff Modified plates like clips and bars in here. That’s cool. And this is smart Printed elements printed tiles and some stickers I had for the for the commissioned job It’s nicely done as well. Next up.
We have bricks a bag of bricks, brown bricks I’m guessing there’s also plates in here Maybe some stuff that she didn’t knew how to sort because there is modified bricks in there and slopes and some tiles But either way this makes my life so much easier Whats here plates brown plates This is cool Lot of yellow stuff and I can quickly see that Well, the fact that it’s sorted by color is a major help. These aren’t a lot of pieces so I can quickly Look through them even though they’re not Perfectly sorted but then there’s a couple of examples where it’s really really nicely done like these modified bricks here Tiles but then theres slopes and weird elements in here some mudguards I can see the reasoning and Here are cheese slopes together with some jumper plates and technic bushings. That’s okay Plates, but there are also some wedges in there. That’s fine. That’s easy to sort This is an easy one just foliage so that will go straight into the bin And Wheels, this is also easy. I can just done this on the wheel drawer Next up we have a weird bag. So it has some like power functions and Support staff and some technic bricks And there’s a bag inside it with Bars and hoses and but it looks It mostly looks fine. So that’s cool There is a bag here with red bricks. I guess I didn’t have much red in this box So she just put it all together. You can see arches and modified bricks and minifig elements and plates That’s okay. Yes Here we can see plates, tan plates but also some arches and I see some technique gears as well. That’s all right Yeah This is a bit random in here But there is mostly bricks. So that’s fine. This is a big one with containers stuff elements That’s fine most of these don’t go together but still good help containers and modified bricks down there and then maybe a lot of weird gray elements that she did not know where to put but this is okay and We can see grilles in there all together in one bag Which is awesome Wow I used a lot of tiles in the commissioned work and They’re pretty much all here. I can still see here a panel But yeah, that’s fine a bag of tiles. That’s cool Big plates can’t go wrong in there. I see some odd elements in there like a round 6 by 6 plate and some Panels as well, but that’s fine. This will save me so much time and work Dark green plates can’t go wrong with those Again one of those bags with full of elements where she didn’t know where to put so there’s a lot of mix there’s a mix of Modified bricks and turntables and stuff like that But it’s all in one color and most of them can go together So that’s quite right. All right then here Yeah Random black stuff Is a nice one. Regular plates regular gray plates and this is fine Technic elements in one bag And then some more random stuff. A bag of dark green which is always nice to see these are Dark green plates and then there’s also a bag of modified bricks nicely done and here is a bag of tiles and Regular plates as well. It’s nice. It’s nicely done Big plates of dark bluish grey Bag of random stuff. Dark grey random stuff. I can see a bag of plates in there But then most of it is random elements that probably she didn’t know how to sort But this is helpful. So this is stuff that I don’t need to do. So I Can’t really complain can I? Gray bricks, this is cool. I can just dump these on the box of bricks. There is also a Modified bick that I can see in there, but that’s easy enough to take out of the bag Wow, this is the bag of the modified bricks Quite alright, I might add big green plates Nicely done Smaller green plates and some bricks in there as well. This is perfect Although there is a bag of bricks here. So Maybe she was tired Big bag of white there’s a lot of stuff in here, so There’s some panels. I hope you can see this from the lighting Then the bag of modified bricks, this is cool and nicely done There is a lot of white stuff in here, arches and then slopes car doors Yeah, so another of those random bags with stuff that she didn’t know where to put it is fine Jumper plates in white awesome Grills easy enough Some panels Car mudguards in here Then Lots and lots of white tiles all together in one bag Perfect. Moving on to the blue stuff There are some big blue plates, there are also some round plates, which is fine, I guess Then the bag of blue tiles, which is also fine Lots and lots of blue plates that I used for the Commissioned work, but they’re all together. That’s perfect You can see some tiles in here as well and rounded plates and some angle plates on this side But I think that is OK. The bag of bricks. I probably can just dump this on the Box of bricks, although I can see here some plates not perfect but close enough Yeah, the bag of random elements that she didn’t know where to place stuff But that’s quite alright, and I can see also a bag of tiles in there But this is great and plates, big bag of plates There are some wing plates in there and Corner round plates. you can see a jumper in here So I have to pay close attention to this bag, but it’s mostly fine windows and doors easy enough nicely done A bag of random elements And finally a Bag of white bricks Yeah, so This is quite awesome. I will for sure use my mother again for sorting. So if you’re watching this mum, get ready I’m getting another box full in there But this is awesome. This will save me so much time for sorting and there are some weird bags with weird elements inside but most of it like plates and bricks are Nicely separated which is really really good. And those are the Lego elements that I use the most so that’s fine That will be very helpful And I don’t waste a lot of time sorting which is good because I need to put out the videos, right? So yeah, if you need to hire my mum for sorting services, her number is 555… joking No, but this is really really good. I hope you enjoyed the video Please leave a like if you did, comment down below if you’re using your mothers to sort your LEGO. Oh that’s helpful. And be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss… I always make this mistake because I’m thinking about the building tips Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next building tip I do daily building tips here on the channel, but also some random videos just like this one Hope you guys enjoyed it and like I usually say around here, Build Something Fun Today! I can’t get to the camera

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2 thoughts on “My Mom sorted my LEGO!

  1. So all of the bags with random elements were actually bags with 2 or 3 of's that my mom didn't feel like they should have their own separate bag, which makes total sense and saves some plastic! Well done mom!!

  2. Hey that not Bad at all Tiago great job to your mum, I'm a mum that sorts so hope that ok for you, my mum is too far away to help but that ok I don't mind sorting..❤👍💕

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