My initial thoughts: LEGO City 2019 sets

hey everyone so over the weekend I did a
video over on my quick channel going through the LEGO City sets that have
been unveiled so far for they’re called 2019 sets they have 2019
on the box but some of them a lot of them already actually being sold in
Canada Canada was first this time but now pursuant to your requests I’m
gonna go through talking about these from a purely subjective personal
perspective not doing reviews not doing review previews or whatever not thinking
of kind of the balance hopefully I’ll be able to get through without being too
balanced about it I really just want to use this type of time this type of video
just to talk about what I think about these as as me you know purely as as a
lego fan as an adult Lego fan not representing anyone else
just only representing myself so I’m gonna start with the fire stuff this is
bergerbar fire rescue and the burger bar is the star here to me for sure it
actually looks strangely believable it looks familiar to me it looks just so
appropriate with its its size and the use of color and the shape of it it’s
actually pretty complete like put a wall on the back of it and you’re done it
doesn’t need to be expanded out to make it period this is this is like a
semi-permanent installation at a fairgrounds site or a racetrack or
something it just looks right you can also use it on the side of a road but I
just feel like I recognize it and I like that I also like the sign – the the
apparatus on the back to hold up the flame pieces the inclusion of the fire
motorcycle here is kind of a throwaway I mean fire motorcycles in real life are
used as first responder units there they’re more like you know first line of
first line of defense EMT units they don’t really do much for
fires so I don’t think that’s doing much for this
that there’s a truck here yay it’s actually a very good-looking truck looks
very complete nicely designed and I appreciate the use of the light yellow
color as the accent so they use it for the stripes and also in the fire logo
there just it looks looks so classy to do that rather than using the standard
yellow I like that what does that look classy is that water cannon on top
it looks very Playmobil like to me and I say that I say that with reverence and
without I say that with reverence to Playmobil and recognizing you know I
have a a very large soft spot in my heart from Playmobil has to have my
Playmobil channel going but you know Playmobil has its own thing and it’s
typically designed for younger kids and they have larger shapes and you know
they have their their thing going that that works for them Lego has its thing
going for it also that works RIT it’s it’s the system and this looks out of
system to me it completely expose there on the top if this had a flap going over
the top that you would just easily just flip back and then this huge thing comes
out I’m ok with that you know because as an action feature I
think the water cannon the the air based pneumatic water cannon system that
they’ve come up with is probably gonna be much much better to actually play
with than any of the projectile based stuff just sitting it on top of the
truck like that no I don’t like that look at this bigger set I think this is
the biggest of the the fire sets that have been unveiled so far this makes
much better use of that exact same mechanism that exact same system because
they move the bulb somewhere else now in this shot the bulb is away from me so
you don’t see it I’m willing to bet that if I looked at this from the other side
I wouldn’t like it quite so much you know in in person I
think I think it’s gonna be very unsightly but as far as the cannon
itself it’s oversized for the system but it’s not too bad and again I like
the action of the thing speaking of oversize I thought the trailer was badly
oversized just a waste of pieces and complexity in the set at first that was
done first impression but then I I saw that it’s actually a docking bail little
container to hold on to the remotely operated vehicle that comes out of it
that’s pretty cool I like that little thing has another new
action feature for this year ah unfortunately this goes in the wrong
direction with projectiles so rather than being a single stud shooter this
one shoots out flat tiles one by one round flat tiles and it looks
like it shoots three of them at a time sharken style is how they’ll come out
and then you have three things to try to find and tiles I think you’re gonna be
even more finicky to pick up and to find they use the same thing on the
helicopter in this set helicopters small but it kind of does its trick that
building is being presented as a construction site I think it’s really
supposed to be a thorough renovation because it looks like I and holder
building and you know there’s not much that you can do with this not like this
is a good starting set to build a building to complete a building it’s
it’s very it’s very shallow the mccrane is okay but doesn’t do much I actually
like the little porta potti let me try to move through these a little bit
quicker if I can and unfortunately I’ve gotten through you know some of the
major new things that are shared throughout the series oh yeah there was
also a oh yeah this one has it too new light and sound module very nice well
six wide 6 by 2 by what is it 1 this is the fire station for this year which on
and at first glance it just gave me a lot of nostalgia it feels like something
older it feels like something from the 90s in a good way with its with its
shape and everything but then looking at it a little bit longer I realized hmm
that garage bay is designed to hold essentially in this brush truck or
you know fire commander truck thing hey I’m gonna look at it as a brush truck
myself now that’s small it’s not like you’re gonna get one of the big one of
the big engines our trucks into this you know back it into this this garage Bay
and have it closed up at all I mean I’m sure that you’ll be able to roll
something through it looks like the roll-up door is tall enough but
everything is just gonna stick out the back so far and then okay water scooter
yeah that’s cool that’s fine for what it is instead of a helicopter here you have
a a recon multicopter I guess we’re calling them drones nowadays Oh fight
that’s been lost even though they are remotely controlled there they’re not
actual drones anyway yeah I feel like in the past year actually we have the
development cycles would have been two years but folks at Lego would just
suddenly realize that multicopters are armed drones or a thing I get that a lot
of people like them they’re a little bit behind on that but it’s nice that they
realized it but I mean what are you what does a kid supposed to do with this I
don’t know it doesn’t make that much sense to me to put so much focus on that
in this set just doesn’t have that much use here I’ll go that way
this is probably gonna be a retailer exclusive thing and in Canada it’s Toys
R Us exclusive I believe I might be mistaking on that and yes folks from the
US treszura still exists outside of the US
in some places um nice-size plane nice use of the two by
two domes instead of one by one cylinders you know it’s a lot easier to
collect those they will do more damage when they fall a nice amount of terrain
that’s something that’s been lacking in the past in sets like this I know they
actually gave you two whole trees and a little bit more beyond that cool
oh you TV off to the side has a water mm shotgun
on its side you can use that if you want or just leave it off completely cool
looking thing I think a fine set this set hmm I don’t know ah this does not
interest me at all I want that hull I do want that hull and
pointing at my screen right now I want that hull because I like the idea I have
I think two versions of that health so far in other colors but red seems like
the perfect color to do a cute little ship or a boat of some sort but not this
one this looks like a juniors boat um but it’s not it does float that’s good
but I don’t know this just doesn’t doesn’t do anything for me ah this is
not juniors anymore but it’s affected with your news from the four plus line
it looks perfect for what it is I don’t really need to talk about this much all
right I think that yeah for what it is it’s more than good enough I think you
will definitely do the trick and again how’s that nostalgic feeling for me a
little bit and looks like it’s gonna be just ten bucks in the u.s. in Canada
it’s fourteen Canadian, should translate to ten bucks in the US which I
think a section of a really really good deal for what it is so looking at police
then the theme for this year’s police is sky police hmm that that that’s an idea
that could be good I don’t think it has worked out so well from what I’ve seen
of these pictures so far so this is basically the police station for this
year as far as I know maybe they’ll come out with something else hopefully
they’ll come out with something else but this is the police station there’s not
much to the station is there that’s up you know air traffic control tower
that’s cool I think it’s I think it’s fine and then there’s a little bit of
wall connecting to a single holding a cell that looks very incomplete and
unsatisfying to me I think it’s gonna be worse in person just kind of looking at
what I can see here that yeah the whole structure I don’t know it just feels
very lacking to me this huge plane this is a pretty big plane even though it’s
using that same canopy piece it’s um that’s been used a lot in the past it’s
the plane is bigger than most the plane that have used that six wide core goes
out to 1/8 wide core really in the center of this fuselage
I like the plane actually I think it’s I think it’s pretty cool
nice wide broad wingspan for a change and they’ve introduced this parachute
thing I like that if it works I’m gonna like it a lot
as a kid I think I I think I got one parachuting dude toy and it did not work
well and then I think I’m tried to make a parachuting dude of my own I’m making
my own parachute and they worked even worse so if this actually works it’ll be
redemption for me hopefully it’ll work hopefully it will not be annoying having
to fold it up properly basically as long as it doesn’t fail in inaction as much
as the net shooters have I think it could be a good thing
I actually really like the jetpack too I think that fits right into the kind of
the good stuff that can be done with this theme as a general idea sky police
and yeah that wingsuit jet pad thing I think is a really good idea I also like
the new visors you’ll see more of those this set I think is just fine I don’t
see anything about this set really that is done wrong oh except for the name
yeah they call it diamond heist just to let you know Lego people are people of
Denmark is it diamonds are not red typically so yeah just a little little
tip no tip there I like the truck looks very nice looks
very stout looks well armoured has the the light and sound module on it or
fireworks for police very good I like the inclusion of the wingsuit jetpack
whatever it is and I like the bad guy multicopter thing probably would’ve been
is it I don’t think that the rotors can tilts probably been better if it was
done in the tail rotor but that’s that’s a tiny nitpick I think the thing looks
cool realistic or not as a toy yeah and my eyes is an adult looking at
this or add that as a as an adult as if I represent a Falls no as me looking at
this I like it there you move on this thing this is some of the not so cool
stuff that they’ve done with the general idea of subscribe police in my opinion
because the idea here is that you’ve got this twin-engine jet and it’s supposed
to be flying through the air at you know probably a minimum of 200 to 250 knots
and it’s supposed to capture this bad guy hmm I feel like that has to be a
violation of the Geneva Convention I really don’t like it
I like the the visors again the pilot also has the the breathing tube and mask
portion of that the adviser attaches to the plane is fine in terms of its design
the ATV looks really cool it’s very proper was very modern I like it then
they have a bike there which is very appropriate for this set I think and
yeah just I don’t like the main premise of the set here’s another one with
another air based thing sky police yep helicopter totally makes sense that
helicopter looks like a mess to me it just looks like a mess maybe it’ll play
well maybe it won’t it’s got the net shooter on it I don’t know
let’s haven’t worked that well I don’t like the rotor I don’t like all the
different colors different shapes that yeah it just looks like a mess to me I
have to see in person if it looks better the multicopter the drone thing looks
good and I do like the premise of this one I like the premise I think the
premise of this set works the best of any of them from this theme I like the
statue pedestal is kind of basic but I think this will play ok but I don’t like
the look of a helicopter at all this played this said that’s not a plane I’d
started to say this plane just stuck on the sky thing anyway this is not plane
this is a car this car is fine this is a plane this is from the fourplus line
obviously it looks a little bit Jetsons like sixties cartoon fuel there I think
for what it is it’s probably just fine it’ll probably fly well and I like the
pilot cool okay so that moves us past the emergency response stuff and a lot
of people always complain it Legolas should stop doing fire stuff and all
those items stop doing police stuff all the time but as I say all time and I
will continue to defend Lego on this I don’t care what anybody thinks about it
they make police and fire stuff because police and fire stuff sells and it’s
company they have to pay their employees we have kids you know blah blah blah
that’s why they do police and fire stuff and they do new stuff so that stuff
doesn’t stay stay on shelves and then stay the same all the time so moving
past those this is a harvester transport set which is good to see I don’t like
the front of the truck myself I appreciate them trying different things
for you know shapes and all but I don’t like the shaping that they’ve got there
with the blue pieces just personally it’s small thing a harvester
harvester itself looks great hopefully it’ll it’ll fold out nicely I don’t know
I think it’s I think it’s just pretty perfect to be honest and the trailer the
lowboy style trailer looks like it has a nice long ramp off the backs ooodle
that’ll work prop hopefully and it’s actually built up you
know it’s not using one of those prefab trailer bases
I don’t mind those prefab trailer bases but this is much more interesting when
you actually get to build it up and it’s more custom more appropriate for use in
a in a specific application like this so let’s that’s pretty cool
it’s no rumor the snowcat with a big dozer plow blade on the front makes
sense they’ve all tracks I mean they really went went in on this I mean this
is much larger than it needs to be I appreciate that looks pretty complete
it’s no cannon on the back why well so I am certain what they’re trying to do
there whether they’re trying to emulate is the action of a snow blower which
this actually doesn’t have on it the way that it’s designed but I get what
they’re going for but it doesn’t make sense in a toy a six stud shooter I’ve
heard talked about that in this video and also in the plenty of videos before
the studs go everywhere in our IP so I don’t recommend that you use that it
doesn’t make that much sense I think the number one use case for that snow cannon
on the back would be to shoot at the poor skier going by for being dumb and
ignoring the slope under maintenance stay out signs that were surely posted
up at the top of the mountain you know yeah you just use that to shoot at
people which is kind of mean but kind of had it coming in this case she kind of
had it coming to her I believe this is a set with a boat and a couple divers and
the divers have hairpieces thank you and there’s a green camera I like getting
accessories in different colors and there’s a saw shark I’ve always called
these saw fish Baron a sawfish era saw Sharks gills on the sides I learned
something or for this for this video because I
honestly had forgotten what they were called and then I started to look it up
and I typed into Google saw fish and that’s what I realized oh I remember
what they are called and then I started reading results and I
realized oh I’ve been wrong my entire life boat is fine it floats I like that
hull I like the colors I like a little bit of terrain good set in my opinion
this is fine and I want lots of those gray squared off fender pieces this is
fine it looks like it’s gonna be cheap and it’s gonna be good to play with I
wish that they would do something a little bit better for connecting buckets
to small heavy equipment but as it is it’s about as good as it gets I think
for this scale and level of complexity and target market no I think it’s fine
this thing looks cool to have a feeling I might not like it so much once I see
it in person especially the underside have some questions about that by the
whole scene but I mean just as a rough and tumble off-road vehicle I think it
looks cool enough and then lastly one more
don’t call it a junior set this looks cool to me too it just screams toy I am
a toy I am truck it almost has a face on it
I am truck go play with me it yeah that is that is that is just good I think
that’s the first time that they’ve done that that is it eight wide unitary dump
bed in orange so that would be good for customizers of Mars mission and Power
miners I think the thing that was interesting about this to me is that
it’s really just a dump trucks it but I initially was gonna complain about that
and say it’s dumb but I think it’s actually the right choice there cuz
having it open on the top means kids can just pick up the the trash bin and just
dump stuff in there and then they can dump it out is that’s all you can ask
for so cool that overall definitely mixed feelings
there were some things in here that I personally like the look of one of the
action features may work well one of them
I think won’t yeah well you know as always have to see how these things
really looking person how they really feel in the hands and all but Wow lots
of the vehicles huh lots of vehicles there will be more they go City sets
that will be unveiled probably some of them sooner than later looking forward
to that batch of stuff I have a feeling there’s gonna be more cooler stuff in
the next batch in the next wave but this one yeah I had some good stuff and some
mess stuff as usual at least looking at what looked to be the the prices what
the prices are looking like so far if they’re correct if they’re accurate
it looks like the prices will be reasonable firm for most of the line
nothing nothing crazy ridiculous but they could change that as stuff comes to
these shores we’ll see but that’s it a lot of people ask me to do this so thank
you for your feedback it’s a pleasure to be able to go through and just do
something casual if folks want to hear it and want to see it and yeah I’ll be
doing more in the future talk to again soon

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64 thoughts on “My initial thoughts: LEGO City 2019 sets

  1. Quick look video on my other channel:
    Again, as always, I will review most, if not all of these sets once they are made available to purchase somewhere I can actually buy them!

  2. The fire and sky police seem to be very play-centric, which is good for the kids. I'm not diggin' them- for all the crazy themes I'm into, I still can't suspend my disbelief enough to make flying around in airplanes seem like a practical way to catch criminals!

  3. that burger bar has a subway kind of theme (FYI not talking of the train subway, talking of the the subway we eat

  4. I think that Gatling gun on the back of the Snow Groomer is supposed to be a snow making machine, that they use at ski resorts to manufacture snow when they don’t get enough natural stuff. That would make sense, but it looks awful.

  5. I kind of wish that Lego would do a more North American style of fire vehicle at some point. It seems like they are sticking to only European styles of vehicles, it would be neat to see variety.

  6. man they sure are getting skimpy with their sets.. especially buildings. the fire station looks cool a coastal station could expand the dock. the police station thing.. not worth it imo. sets I would want, combine and truck, truck and kyack, burger place and add to it, the diver boat, and not sure on the rest. I personally would like to see farm stuff come back… it's city we need some more buildings. I thought about saying they need to stop doing so much police and fire before what you said.. and yes its what sells but they honestly got to start doing something different. they did a nice small 3 story house before why not do some more houses and comercial buildings, a garage or something. lego creater 3 in 1 buildings seem to be skimpy too it's kinda disappointing especially the homes. it's nice to actually be able to make furniture to put in and also more pieces means more possible things you can build out of it to make your own house. with the modular style where you can change it up, i find its not sturdy, I built the one house that has a red roof, pool and ping pong table, thing broke a few times when trying to put it together, over all I liked it I made a decking out of mini fig stand tiles

  7. I just built the harvester transport set with me son today. It's really a good set. We have been playing with it all morning

  8. The new fire (sub-) station looks like a huge disappointment over the current one – just an off-road fire truck, one garage and a drone instead of a helicopter? No no no! I think I know why though: because Lego had become so prohibitively expensive there is a general buy-down trend towards smaller sets, but they still need to have a fire station in the City range. Your thoughts on this?

  9. I do like half of each set as an AFOL to be honest. I don't like where Lego is going with the road vehicles (except for the ATV) with it weird shapes. I think the minifig accessoires are great and love the little yacht! If only I could find somebody who wanted the other half of each set 🙂

  10. I’m getting burger bar rescue and the set with the brush truck and replaceing all the black gear with tan gear

  11. That snow cannon just doesn't fit, but well I guess I could just leave it off and have a decent vehicle otherwise.

    Love that burger stand and I think it would go great in my city, minus it being on fire.

  12. On behalf of the people of Denmark: we don’t all work for Lego, and we know diamonds are usually colourless. Also I’m pretty sure all Lego designers aren’t danish.

  13. The water cannon is not a good move.The 60216 looks ok.I would have liked an American La France type engine.Will be good for parts,though,when it comes down to a more realistic price.

  14. Sky police would work more with robbers robbing or hijacking planes in mid air or chasing boats over water watch 2020 are they making space police

  15. I feel like city needs more homes and normal cars. If ur a LEGO city fan u at least have like 10 police cars or more and 2 stations, in my opinion they need to stop realsing cars for police and fire trucks I loved those old homes even tho they were quick we haven’t got many when u go to a city u see lots of things but when u got to lego city u live in jail cell because there is nowhere else to go besides a police car…..and I fire station oh and helicopter…

  16. Shame City has gone the way it has. To me, real City can be found in the Modular sets with these massive buildings with such detailed interiors. I'd like to see that on a smaller scale to fit the pricing bracket of City. The detailing on the newer figures though is giving us more expressive minifigures which I like to see.

  17. I don't really like where LEGO is going with their fire and police sets, they have this idea that kids don't have imagination and that everything needs to literally do what's supposed to do, for example lego thinks that kids can no longer pretend that water is coming out of the fire hoses, there must actually be something coming out… because of this LEGO puts these huge ugly net shooters, stud shooters etc I don't know if kids like this but when I was a kid I didn't like play features that would ruin the look of the set.

  18. 18:07 I knew this issue would come up. Snow cannons are actually a real thing, they're used to make piles of snow at ski slopes in areas where there's a dip or not enough snow. They do look similar to the one in the set, although I've never seen one on a PistenBully. Watch a let's play video of Ski Region Simulator 2012, and you'll be able too see it more in-depth.

  19. So, the sky police is basically the Air Force, but why didn’t the call it the police Air Force or something, because sky police sounds stupid
    Also, no starter packs?

  20. I do not really think that I am liking LEGO 2019 sets. All the LEGO sets LEGO has been making are now junior type sets. Now instead of just having LEGO junior LEGO has got rid of it and now every LEGO theme ex. City, Star Wars, Technic, DC Super Heroes, The LEGO movie II etc… Is now a LEGO junior type set. I think this is bad because the pieces are bigger and more boring, because it is easier to build. That is what LEGO junior is. I think LEGO could had just kept LEGO juniors and not changed all the LEGO sets.

  21. Did you just blame all of Denmark for the red "diamond"? It's not like Lego asks us for input on this stuff.

  22. Really NOT a fan of all the water canons or squeeze bottle thing they are doing. Rather they just let kids use their imagination and pretend. Don’t like this direction they are going.!
    Also think these sets are a bit disappointing. I’d only buy for parts not the builds

  23. Fire – Awesome
    Space – Awesome
    Vehicles – Awesome
    Everything Else – Awesome

    Sky Police – Dumb and Pointless

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