Muslim Turks Say Lego Star Wars Set is Racist

lego has decided to withdraw into job as
hollis playsets after at tax in austria complained that it was anti-muslim
sulfur pricing well for all of us why in the world well they claim that guy you know the
powers that jonah was in looked too much like the lost and they felt that has since it dot i
was as smoking a hold-up uh… it made it seem like uh… muslims
are terrorists year do or muslims are packed the instead he’s gone without mainly
known for being back so uh… according to the independent
the firm agreed to withdraw star wars twice at featuring a moscow i’d building
inhabited by an obese with a smoky alien filing complaints that it was
anti-muslim it depicts muslims as terrorists job i was shown to be a terrorist who
likes to smile coca and have his victims killed but it looked now isn’t it it’s not the george lucas doesn’t do racial stereotypes was the real treasure makes of red in in in the midst of a lease and later
movies reducing agent of the aliens basically connected to select now don’t forget threat thursday and then you’ve got the
merchant with the big nose can fill these jewish or muslim were
never when everybody’s american denmark vermeer let me show you know of proprietary trading get so is it possible to like there’s
the one case where it is possible but i think hard about overly sensitive to
bring it down bring it down so its job of the hottest terrorists he suffered davies jabalpur i didn’t
watch that movie effect obviously animals who thinks that who
believe and i think they create out of the rest of the movies were form more
obvious in the racial stereotypes but there are the use of terror and they’re
not even complaining about the movie they’re complaining about the lego set
that’ll keep looks the movie and i mean the remember that the so-called mosque
looking at figured tell us about around in the
movie and on this on a long time ago butler excel and said now leggo is claiming that they did not
withdraw because of the criticism of iran turns out of that you know we like to retire some of our
place that’s after a few years we’re planning on doing so with this
particular place and twenty thirty and so that’s the reason why we did it on but i’m not really buying that i’m not buying it and all copies this is one of the group then muslims of school sensitive reinvite just cartoon lego set alright if you believe you really don’t
know what’s on your side bring it down you have all return you didn’t happen
anywhere from thirty i assume a gallegos said because they’re running in health
hazardous it pat

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