“Mulan” Movie Recap – LEGO Disney Princess – Minisode

Long ago in ancient China,
there lived a girl called Mulan… She didn’t have any siblings,
only a dog that she called “Little Brother”. So there she was, living with her parents, just trying to fit in and make them proud of her. When suddenly, she found out that
her Dad HAD to go and fight for the country! Oh noooooo! Mulan didn’t want her lovely old
Dad going to war and getting hurt, because that had already happened once! And being a brave kinda girl,
who just wanted to bring honor to her family… she made a decision…. She would pretend to
be a boy and go instead! Only men could be in the army back then. So, she grabbed her dad’s sword and… …chopped off her hair… In one big… Chop! Don’t try this at home! And then she got all geared up in
her Dad’s armor and pretended to be a boy …and went off to take his place in the army. That’s cool! She’s amazing! And it wasn’t easy… …but Mulan became a soldier. And even though her army buddies
did figure out she was a girl… Busted! …she ending up winning the war… Yaaas, you slay, girl! …saving the country. And making her family proud… … by being true to herself. Which all goes to show that girls can do ANYTHING! Yeah!
Woohoo! The end!

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100 thoughts on ““Mulan” Movie Recap – LEGO Disney Princess – Minisode

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