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100 thoughts on “Mr. Robot Hack – Password Cracking – Episode 1

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  2. Hello I have a question, I am getting an error whenever I run the hashcat code: error no devices found/left OpenCl. I read about this and it said its because the virtual machine does not connect to any GPU in the actual system. But you are using a Virtual machine as you said in the video and it works fine for you, what did you do? please help 😀

  3. Please can somebody explain me because i'm a little bit confused, somehow mr.robot gain access to the server of a social network and downloaded the encrypted version of the "gentlemen" password and next created a dictionary attack and bruteforced the password to find if the hashed version of password matches with one of hashed version of his list passwords or what?

  4. "flipperc2"!That's amazing! I've got the same password on my account!
    Prepare Spaceball I for immediate departure! And change my account password!

  5. Elliot must be using a virtual machine? Or is it a kernel virtual machine? I know using a virtual machine or kvm is safer in terms if you get hacked by someone that your host computer would more than likely be safe is what I saw on many articles but I know vm isn't the best for password cracking bc gpu. What are the advantages of using a kvm?

  6. Lol so I did everything right, I made my folder, I put my wordlists in it and my hash.txt but after I run the command it always says NO HASHES FOUND

  7. this stuff is just so fucking interesting! idk if I'll ever really get into hacking but boy do I enjoy others do it lol maybe that's why I love Mr robot so much

  8. would this only work in an english speaking country? any other country that doesn't speak english natively would require a different "rockyou.txt" right?

  9. but he typed in terminal 2C Yankees Flipper lets say i dont want to use worldlist or md5 hash i mean if i want to type 2C Yankees and Flipper

  10. All I've done is mod games idk how or what that application your using. And what your evening talking about. all im saying is im a noobie :3

  11. That was very funny the way you say it about your dog barking in the background. Thanks for you Tutorials!

  12. hacking is easy but gl finding the wordlist that might have the password you trying to crack…. and bruteforcing takes to much time

  13. Hashing IS NOT encryption. Hashing is ONE WAY, encryption can be DECRYPTED. Hashes can be CRACKED and not DECRYPTED, your terminology is not great.

  14. Question for you how did you run hashcat from a VM? I been trying to figure out this out for a couple weeks now. Is there a certain way you had to configure the vm? I'm using vmware fusion if that makes a difference.

    let mek now when you have time.


  15. It does make any difference wether you have a strong or a weak password. For every computer a password is a number of characters that does not mean anything. If something that has nog meaning is coded and only the encrypted code is stored then the hacker send all imaginable codes until he is in. Real security would be if password routines would have a one-second extra delay for every time a wrong password is entered. After 1000 wrong passwords the hacker has to wait for more then 16 minutes for the next try, and that is a lot of time. The hacker does not have this time. A password with only 12 letters and cyphers only would take 4.311.231.547.115.187 seconds for the last try before he is in.
    Not in a million years, literally!

  16. "Encrypt" and "hash" are 2 completely different things. Here there is no encrypted version of the password, this is not a decryption problem, there is a password hash and the problem is to recover the preimage. Also md5 has been broken for a long time, nobody should use it anymore.

  17. i have given hashes to hashcat and it took way longer than you said
    even thought the hashes are from top 25 most commonly used passwords

  18. boob with some knowledge. just to clarify we were using the pw >> hash.txt not a pw we brute forced already. as i type this it seems silly but i want to clarify. Also, where would you pull the hashes from w/o physical access or say a usb rubber ducky

  19. What application are using? I want to do this really bad but I don't know what application to use in hacking

  20. what the actual fuck at 7:14 i saw my twitter password is this real or just a coincidence?!!

  21. Dude, how will you get the encrypted password? And even if you will, famous services like google or facebook have much more

    сomplicated encryption system than just md5 hash.

  22. Elliot used the informations given by his victim to guide his script which you didn't do here, you basically just ran a dictionnary attack on your example hashes

  23. Thats why I use 3x md5 encryption on my website. That mean every password is length 32 characters. Is 3x more safer😂. And 3x more harder to hack😂

  24. I am getting error as : rockyou-30000.rule: No such file or directory
    Could you please help me out. waiting for reply.

  25. Hello can you help me…can you hash this code ( b3bafef6b2056b8ec26de0571c6a6a3df916cadce878f02818ad0cf13dd49b554bfa2518c6092de2e81286f2c683ee2fd2859303ad6cabf72e96169920db5611)…thaks

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