Today we’re gonna be mixing all of the candies into one. Why because why not? We know how much you guys love it when we mix all kinds of stuff together We’ve made giant things before in the past, but today We’re gonna be mixing all of our candies together, and we’re gonna make it into one We’re doing is we’re going to be putting the candy into the ball and melting it, and then you’re pouring it into It triple it triple a triple it new words triple it into the candy. Dude. Are you guys ready for this? Yeah, all right? What candy do you want to use the first candy? We’re gonna be using is Jellybeans I think that’s good because there’s gonna be a lot of candies. Hey. Oh, yeah, okay? They’re gonna put their coke bottles they’re coming coke bottles. Let’s pour this in Next up we have nards swedish berries Yeah wishes what’s gonna. Be really colorful. Oh, yeah We have some rainbow Twizzlers Colors Blues and yellow the Reds – the Reds yellow Pink’s All right J/k law we have What color do you think it’s gonna be my name It’s gonna be brown or purple in the comments right now stop the video and think of what color you think it will be so if you think it will be red rainbow blue go down into the comments and comment I’m just kidding guys Yeah, oh That’s one colorful candies Alright alright, okay Next up we have Mike and Ikes These things what are those Several well berry flavored twisties Tangy that I don’t even know what it Amy’s name is whatever, but it sounds pretty tangy and zany to me Next up we have sorry skittles Got to mix it up a bit you know after a while or the key oh my good name. Why God doesn’t get a Blood clot you wash your hands after playing swim, yeah We have Starburst and these are the tropical ones you’re getting Underpants. Yup and hello This is like speed peeling starburst peeling challenge This is my boy five Uu5 already yes Do you think this is even gonna work? Yeah? Shut up – ooh b QV gu b QV I saw him do something like this He put together all his candies, and he made one giant like donut candy so show the movie alden come down below Did it smell good. No. Yeah B. What are you doing? Wow Alright, see that’s why she should never work in a candy factory. Could she get her slime fingers all over the candy Did you wash your hands? Okay, will you play with slime before we made this video? Yeah in this mixture We have starburst nerds Twizzlers coca-cola white knights horrible peaches skittle Uh, swedish berries. Okay guys here. We go all the candies do one I’m gonna go and melt this and put it inside the Lego dude who’s gonna work And what color do you think it’s gonna be? Probably read any purple. I think it’s gonna be like a dark brown so I think alright guys see you in a bit Boo Eventually Basically putting it on the stove over warm water has taken about 45 minutes, and it’s not really there yet But we just realized if you put this stuff in the microwave for like five minutes It’ll really really really mix and kids make sure you do not try this at home Without a parent present or guardians an adult. It is really hot so be very very careful All right, let’s see how this works, okay? We just pulled it out of the microwave. It is a food Wow Wow That is I hope it tastes better than it looks Huh look at that whoo one giant Lego dude candy melted Looks a little gross probably gonna taste amazing once we take a bite out of it all right. Okay, all right done Pulls it up And let’s wait, I don’t know an hour to six hours later. I Present to you a all in one candy leg oh, dude You want to peel it out. Yeah, oh My goodness I want to suit the other side looks like How does that look It looks amazing What I see a twisty twisty one of those twisty twisty, I see some are these skittles No, those aren’t the jellybeans I see jellybeans Okay, so some of them didn’t actually melt. Okay, so what’s the official color guys red, so I was ready is it red Or is it like a dark brown? Yeah? Really like a burgundy burgundy red. That’s dressed oh It’s like a big sucker, you know this is just like a big sucker that you can just step on It’s a light cool. Did it work Yeah It we did make a lego guy Yeah, it tastes like a gummy is it is it chewy, or is it hard to be very careful. It’s hard Angie We don’t do that that took about six hours to do Wow with the melting in the mixing yeah? But we enjoyed our time there. Well that was fun tip when you’re waiting for your thing to freeze go to a party Good nice. You. Okay? Oh, it’s so sticky This is like solid candy right here solid. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you liked it Please give it a thumbs up in the comments down below You get the color right let us know And if there’s anything else you guys want to see let us know we love you guys We’ll see you again next time and I’m glad I was able to put some broccoli in this What you gotta balance it out? Yep. That’s right where there’s broccoli pieces and parsley and stuff. I had to balance it out I’m kidding Thanks for watching everybody, please like subscribe and leave a comment down below If you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left and a little theme will pop up and use it to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio voice

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  2. I love you miss 🐝 your my best friend 😎 eh bee family squad let's go 😍😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  3. miss monkey has the natural talent of bein' humorous & funny. that's certainly the main, & probably the only, attraction of the eh-bee family videos.

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