Let me Go get some Help Let’s Get them Let’s Go get DERP SUNDEE I’m here crainer Let’s do It You live in Denmark Because you’re Mr POSTMAN (screams voice crack and an old man voice at the same exact time) Hey! What’s going on Guys Sundee here and welcome back Today we’re playing With legos We’re all full Grown men and Women and we’re playing With legos today did you know legos were made By a Danish guy Wait What legos were invented by Denmark Yeah! okay SSundee:You Heard Durp Sunndae, You live in Denmark Because you’re Stupid Stupid idot : That’s rude AnyWay so we’re playing lego Ninjas in lucky blocks. Khean(our god) Said that the Lucky blocks is all based Around This meme Here are you Guys Ready for this(Hope will never die intensifies) WaIt!Ohhh YeAh,WaIt A mInUtE MiStEr PoStMaN,AUEEEUEEEE(beat drop) laughs Also You Look Very creepy When you’re smiling like that Because can’t kheean Has Roses What is wrong with you People okay so let’s do it we Both we all have 15 Lucky Blocks(ROLL CREDITS) Where we have our Very lucky pendant Let’s do this Good Lord Let’s get to meme’n all right Madylen, Let’s do What we’re gonna do we’re gonna open up this Very lucky block together (every time you here lucky blocks or lucky block, do ten pushups!) Gonna open Up our 15 Lucky Blocks separate is because we Have People coming Over to the house and madeleine might have to leave me?(Senfield Intro plays) okay you Ready(NO)[only prison series lovers will understand this] im not going to leave you just the room Okay so very Lucky Block in Our Very Lucky spot the toilet(you go to it so much anyways…) look at This we’re Ninjas and we Stepped on legos (Old minecraft death sound plays) Okay here we Go three two one go(beat drop) Why is Mr.Postman EDM ing?!?! Three bea.. We Got three beacons Bacon’S i’ll take It Let’s grab That okay madeleine i’m gonna mute discord Let me know when the people get here to steal you away From me okay All right so we have 15 lucky blocks Let’S do so be this One right Here Let’S Check Out the memes all right Kay What do you got that must have been Leftover From Last episode i love that meme And i Get these Real quick quick sellout moment do me a Huge favor if you Guys are still enjoying This series Keep Up the Support on these videos Hit that Like Button down below for at all The hard Work that Key and bro cis neo They Put a Lot of Work into this series so hit the like Button Below Show some Love for us ahead i yes okay let’s do this 14 Lucky Blocks Left Here we go okay what is this hey How you doing Hennis a Bunch of Thumbs What I’ll take The dive is at least 13 Lucky Blocks Left Let’s Key Whatever i’m gonna do i’m gonna go on a date with Myself you Guys Ready Physic hey i live a Sad life Let’S go on a date with Herself What is this here we go I’ll take The Diamonds well Lucky Blocks live Let’s Keep That madi hey hey hello Maddy Don’t be getting Killed okay here we Go twelve Lucky Blocks live What is this Kid the memes that You find Eleven Lucky Blocks Left Let’s do okay what do we Have Here? Madeline Why did you not save me Alan i am so sorry i saw that You tried to swim in Lava you Do Better At Saving me i’m fighting silverfish okay well there Goes negative 15 nether stars for a slide That’s Their The Dead Lucky Blocks live What is this okay Not Only did you break My eardrums You Killed me key in so is there actually anything a Bunch of backfist At least There’s a Beacon Down there Good Lord Kyun Nine Lucky blocks Left Let’s cute Go what is this we don’t Kill us The Freak Just Happened oh hold on Here’s madeline i’m gonna challenge her to a Pretty off Let’S do this madeline madeline are you hello yes i challenge you to a Pretty off okay I saw That Good Turn Around Come over here look look at me look at me Okay Ready Whoever gets Luckier on This one Is the prettiest are you Ready okay okay three two one go Means i Win What did you Get though did you Get anything Good and a Diamond Block you Got a Beacon Edges you got breakfast i Only Got a Beacon and Death You are the prettiest wave and i’m hanging up on you i don’t like you anymore It Was Nice chatting Jerk Let’s Keep Going Seven Lucky Blocks Left Whoa what is this hey are you doing six Lucky Blocks Laughs What is it why here we go We Snap from these tiny potatoes report for Duty Vitaliy That That’s The Thumbs the Thumbs reporting for Duty oh? That’s from Starcraft I Knew It Sounded Familiar i couldn’T figure out What It Was i thought It Was Commanding conquer Starcraft okay five Lucky Blocks let-Let’s cute oh What is this oh Thing of Beauty kid well Flayed Last four Lucky Blocks Let’s cute Go what is this okay here we go The internet is a Beautiful Place last three Lucky Blocks Let’s do this here we Go what is this Oh you can Can You please Stop Breaking My Eardrums There’s a Mr. Postman Up here This We Got Some Emeralds Out of that last Two Lucky blocks Let’s do it is this I’ll take The Diamonds okay we have one more Lucky block you know we’re gonna do madeline i Want My Redemption Our Very last Pretty off i want my redemption What do you Mean I want my prettiness back i want My vengeance i will become the prettiest There we Go i will take Over the prettiest in three two one please don’t Kill me okay? i got a bunch Of Everett’s i got a bunch of redstone and A Beacon What did you get I took it back Over so madeline we’re tied we are both the prettiest except i’m prettier okay Let’s start our training process so we got over 18 stacks Way more oh oh? That’s the Luckiest we’ve Gotten since we Started We Got to throw Away 16 other stars because you died four Times there you go No i died once okay so madeline i’ll grab Half of this you take the other Half so what i Understand look at The nether Stars They’re cute Little mint i Know so What we’re gonna do from What i understand of This Round we’re gonna be Ninjas Murdering Things taking Their legos and Murdering Everything Else okay it’s all about stealing legos so what we can Do Here we can Get Katana so of Course Madelon By Yourself The most Expensive Katana Which is the Lead katana and look at This look At me Hold on Let me grab my real-Life Katana Madeline hold on What are you doing I do but you Said we have to murder Things and still i don’t have any legos in Here i’m sorry So i may have accidentally stabbed the wall madeline you Sorry About That this house is never gonna be put back Together so madeline Just Left There’s Somebody downstairs but she’ll be back in a Second so i guess What i could do i’m gonna do My trades and then She can do hers so from What It Looks Like over here? Elemental Weapons There is a Shuriken of Ice Which you Throw It and it Freezes them i think i’m gonna Get some of those so we can Actually Throw a Shuriken and free Somebody on Let me try This on Maddy i Just Froze Myself That is awesome okay i’m gonna grab more of Those Sword of fire Shift When Holding to surround enemies okay so we can set People Around us on fire That’s Pretty cool oh? What is this quakes scythe of quakes all This Causes an earthquake oh What is this Nunchucks of Lightning That Sounds sick i’m getting One of These What’s This – Right-click to summon Lightning madeline I’m sorry i got a test it’s for science Did you see that that is insane i want to see what this is now the quakes well let’s grab This? It Says It Causes an earthquake Madeline This is for science I’m sorry okay let’s see what it Does i got a right-click or What on what to say hold and press Shift Yeah i don’t hurt in it wasn’t me so you’re stabbing Walls in her house and you’re Killing me What Was It Miss crater i Don’t think so – yup – You did it i don’t think so she Just died Well I’m Buying Ninja Armor so you can’t see me john cena oh? Madeline Check this Out There’s also smoke Bombs What i want to see what this does so if we Throw it oh Invisible That Is Awesome and i also Have This Sword of fire something i can see What i can i got this Sword of fire check this out? I Kind of Set You afire a Little bit i notice okay so i’m gonna use the rest of my nether stars on Smoke Bombs maybe Some more Shuriken Zuv Ice oh and i think They’re Shuriken Is over here yeah There’s Actual Damage Hurricanes? Rate Here i’m gonna buy the best one then i’m gonna enchant my armor Maybe my katana Matter Unless Through This Let’s see if we could take Down t and Craner oh We look awesome aside from maddie I am an awesome Ninja madeline is not oh My God bro Z Esteem a i believe you’ve made all of These different Things This is gonna be sick you guys Ready okay Oh this Looks like the uh this looks like the pokemon Map i Just Played on with madeline Okay so from What i understand we’re gonna be jumping Around Like Ninjas Around Here we’re gonna be murdering Things Taking Their Legos Every time you pick up a lego you get a point but if you die No you kill Things to get their legos Right But if You die you lose Points so don’t die i’m battling You’re ready we have to kill everything take Their legos ok? Ok i going tell us how a Creditor to we’re going ok Ok, so it’s on proteus battle we gotta kill everything take Their legos don’t step on the legos oh you want To use the smoke bomb at the start let’s do it here we go ok So we have to kill everything we Have 400 Years Ago Yeah these Things? Here these are the top and there we Go i Just got points for that you see the light Goes down there you kill Him He drops legos and you Get Up there we go No we’re on teams we can’t hit each Other ok We have four points They have two if we Kill Them They’ll rip They’ll lose Points Here we go okay we’re at 80 Boys Kill Him kill Him dead Battlin Ok did you die ok we Killed With Shuriken Just Use the Lightning me that Was you ok did you Kill Him oh? No i got Knocked in the air did you do That i threw a smoke Bomb and a Heel pot i’m full Healing madeline Get all the points Get all the Points Ok, What’s this What’s this i’M gonna Throw, oh I’m gonna Throw a Freeze bomb Ready I’m gonna Throw a Freeze bomb And i froze a boat i’m Frozen What Mountain get a Lightning them Wow i got Knocked in here i got Knocked in the air right Lightning time i Killed Crater With the Lightning I think i hit him with lightning earlier – You Guys okay i got a Heal i got a Heal okay smoke Bomb? I fell in battle and i’m sorry I’m sorry i Where you at how many points we’re winning by three point City Battle and we’re Losing i thought grab That grab That zombie or grab That Light Go grab That Lego I’m gonna Go kill crater into you here we go okay i Frozen i Frozen hold on i’m freezing Up i’m freezing them here we go here we Go Yes i hit him with lightning he’s almost Dead yes he’s a loose Dead? Come on oh i Killed Kenny fell Out of The World Battlin Worth Doing Good right Now are you Good anymore all did It break Your Sword Broke okay Give It Go Would You Throw that no i fell i fell battling I’m sorry i fell okay You came dying What are we gonna do okay so you don’t have a Sword at All no I’m Just trying to earth My People okay well i have i have it i have an Extra Sword for you? We Have Eighty Seconds Left no Come on we’re gonna Get This hold on Watch This tears coming down i’m lightning There When she came down yes okay? Here we Go noise smoke bomb you myself Are you good i’m gonna go near you so that You’ll train It only target me okay okay you do that You do that i have an Extra Sword for you if you want it Here here take My Extra Sword Take My Extra Sword There you go there you go i threw it did you get it back up you Picked It back Up there you Guys Threw It i thought It grabbed It did you get it No you keep Making it Up there you go okay take It take it it’s right day okay okay i got it oh Freeze or did your tightening them okay freeze everything Come on good Good Good with 30 seconds left They have two extra points Than us okay Guilty oh come on? Crater Fell Out of The World G is in the air okay I’m gonna Throw Shuriken Sadder or Seasonless Man She’s Almost Dead i Fell We Have 15 seconds madeline we have to catch Up come on okay grab as Many Your legos as you can We lost By 10 Legos oh My Gosh But Anyways Dudes They are the Better Ninjas Well They don’t Mock me watch you Guys you Guys Have Enjoyed This video Hit the like Button down Below also Hit the subscribe Button out? Notifications if You do subscribe Let us know down in the comments Will Be Replying to you Dudes That Was fun that Was that that Was Chaotic oh greater greater i will Lift off My girlfriend Yeah Thank you i’ll see you Dudes Next Time

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