Merrick Hanna: Boy Dancer Turns Into a ROBOT On LIVE Stage! America’s Got Talent 2017

Million Dollars in next Week’s Finals and I know his name it is Merrick Hanna As a little Kid I was very very shy and quiet I did not talk until I was three and I didn’t have any friends for a long time he wasn’t talking He didn’t want to make eye contact he liked to be by himself Everyone else had friends on the playground and Merrick didn’t and as a Mom that’s really hard to see what really changed everything for me was getting my first few little Toy Robots I used to imagine that the Robots were all alive and that they had a mind of their own The Robots became my best friends. He would pretend that he, was meeting a new friend and the Robot was the other friend and they would talk back and forth with each other and that really helped him Come out of his shell and right after that he started talking to kids at school We were all in with Robots from that time on! You better believe it! (laughs) I would say that I’m Robot obsessed I talked Like a Robot I mimicked the Robot and eventually I started dancing like them. Robots always helped me do what I thought Was impossible and tonight I hope they can help me make my dreams come true (crowd cheering) I was a human breathing and thinking eating and drinking Philosophizing now when they asked me I just replied slow and sound like an IPhone I do not know love I LOVE THAT VIDOE IT IS SO HOT inside was a notion of …emotion that you cut me open me now that I know this I am a robot don’t know who sent me, don’t know who made me Everything okay now, I am a robot *bum bum bum bum bum de bum bum* I am a robot I had a fire, …..desire of circuits and wires inside was an ocean of circuit emotion you cut me open *music plays* I am a robot (crowd clapping) Oh my goodness Heidi what do you think of this Robot Dude this Human Robot Me? Simon: yes darling, I mean you have Come so far in This Competition and you Really Really Deserve it I mean you’re all on your own on that stage Simon: well, not quite Heidi: well yeah, today you had a robot. But You Really Command it Because A lot of the Times There’s Many People Dancing and Helping but it’s Really Really up to you and When I feel like I’ve Seen all of it from you Already you know You Raise the bar even higher like you did Today so good luck Thank you. Tara: Simon, what do you think? Simon: You know, I’m A Huge fan of you Merrick. Look Apart from the fact you had probably the worst robot I’ve ever Seen in my life onstage with you. Which actually made made you look better by the way so that was smart, it’s what I like About you you’re a really really fun Guy And You’ve got something Which is unique We see a lot of dance Acts on these Shows this is Different it’s unique I feel it Comes from you I Really Really Really Hope, you’re in The finals next Week Because I know There’s Still more to come from you Merrick, but you’ve Done Amazing Amazing. Merrick: thank you, thank you so much Howie what do you think about Robot Boy you know I In this Show more Than the Talent sometimes We Attach a story and Just Hearing your Story for the first Time as Somebody who Started Their Life With no Expression you weren’t Talking you weren’t Communicating to show us such Expression Visually and and With your Body and Everything Is an Amazing Journey so I hope that America Understands that respects That and Votes for that thank you Howie Tara: Merrick you were Flying in the Sky he Looks so Comfortable have you ever done that before? Merrick: No this is the first Time I’ve Ever Done that and it’s Just so amazing Because I just Jump and then I’m soaring through the air It’s incredible!

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