Mermaid Tears – LEGO Friends – Season 4, Episode 26

Me and my best friends, forever ’till the end Me and my best girl-friends Let’s be friends. Do you see any? we need some really unique shells to accent your mermaid outfit. Hey, everybody look! Ah, my bad, I thought it might be Evie. Don’t joke about that, Mia! Your story always makes me cry. It’s a legend, Andrea. A story with no basis in fact. Still, it’s so beautiful. I guess it could have happened! I mean, anything is possible! Every legend starts with a grain of truth! A troll tricked by a mermaid? I don’t think so. That’s not how the story goes, Olivia. Evie was a real girl. She lived long ago in a village called Clearspring, during a terrible time. A troll had stolen all the water. The spring was drying up. Their crops failed. They had nothing to drink! no food to eat! They lost everything, but worst of all? They lost hope. Except Evie. She kept believing she could find their water and bring it back to the village. Evie searched the mountain forest. She searched for days and days, until she too began to lose hope. She thought she’d never find water! But then, She found the great cavern where the troll lived! He made a dam to trap the water that flowed into their spring. When she saw the underground lake, she knew what she had to do. She pulled and pulled, but couldn’t break the dam, but she wasn’t going to give up. She thought to herself, “if pulling didn’t do it, maybe pushing will! Did that work? When the troll saw what was happening, he ran to stop it, but he was swept away and never seen again. But what about Evie? That’s the part that makes me cry. According to the legend, Evie couldn’t get out of the way in time. But, the village spring began to flow again! Faster and faster, until it made a huge lake! A lake in the shape of a heart. Wow! No one knows for sure what happened to Evie, but some believed Evie was turned into a mermaid, and lives forever in the lake that she helped make. Some believe she swims in Heartlake to this day. That was a beautiful story. Hey, everybody look! Just what we need for your costume! I’m on it. Dozens of them down there! They look almost… Magical! Are they sapphires? They are beautiful. But, they’re just bits of polished glass. When they’re polished by the sea like this, they’re called mermaid tears! And they’ll look great on your costume! Not possible. Only a dolphin… maybe. Watch our next video!

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