MEOWSCLES punching CORONAVIRUS in the face (and 4 other ways to stop the Virus)

Hey guys, I felt the urge to make a creative project about what is going on in the world right now. Whenever big changes came to my life creativity was one of the ways to deal with it and with Covid 19 the pandemic changing our lives we’re forced to stay at home, people dying, too many people feeling helpless and fearful. I feel the urge to be creative to make a project to deal with that and to make me feel good again and to be in control. Let’s spread the message that we can’t control the events out there, but we can control our response. I really hope to share some positive vibes in today’s video. We will create MEOWSCLES one of the most demanded Fortnite skins lately punching some Covid 19 in the face and we will talk about the prevention. Note: I am no expert on this field and I try to shut up wherever it goes into detail. We talk about to flatten the curve about fear how to deal with it how I deal with it, but also how you are dealing with it. I asked you on Twitter if it is okay to make an entertaining video about Covid 19 and I got an ambiguous response. Some telling me to go for it, others that it’s inappropriate and even for me it wasn’t quite sure if I should do it or not. This is why the video is coming out now and not last week or the week before. Today’s video’s sponsored by hand wash. I wash at least 30 seconds when I return home to kill the Corona virus. I’m pretty sure you already know all the sponsors in today’s video. Let’s have a look at the posture of Meowscles. He should look like really strong punching the one virus into the face. Therefore we create his left hand with a fist ready to punch and his right hand. Well from our perspective is grabbing the virus. Let’s be careful creating very very thin fingers. I start with grey clay and now we will bring in the details for the cat. We are creating the fur. You have just seen the colors to get there. It’s quite easy. You can also just take bright brown if you are fine with that, and now that we edit the details we can attach it to the side and also to the shoulders. I wanted to talk some more about the prevention, what we can actually do and I found some really good animations on the Wikipedia page of Covid 19 the English version and I wanted to share that with you full credit to the artists. I will mention them and I will link this in the description as well how to flatten the curve and another really good one about the strong collective response. How it should look like and how it can help the health system capacity to deal with all the sick people. Now I was wondering why Meowscles is such a popular skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2. I think it’s because of the character design, of course. You have this very very cute face of a cat. Then you have these enormous muscles which look like the incredible Hulk and you have these thin legs again these boots. You have the pistols to the side. I think it’s because the character design is so controversial itself, which makes him fascinating. Now these are the lower parts of the trousers. Maybe he’s also so popular because of the braces. This is a thing nowadays. Yeah, I think it’s all about the braces and the cute face, of course. Today’s video is co-sponsored by Don’t give you the hands. Be creative. A few days ago in the studio we talked about everyone feeling sick right now assuming he has Covid 19 and I think well you can blame the people, but you can also blame the media the news, when you just watch some television when you watch the news you get all the bad news. I think news in general don’t want to share a positive vibe because bad news are selling the best to the people and news business is a business after all I get that. Тhey want to make their revenue. They want to make money. For me this meant cutting down on news. I am reading the news once a day in the morning and that’s it and I make sure that I don’t consume it too much, that I feel bad about it. Hope that makes sense to you. Are you watching a lot of news all the day? Like in the livestream for example to hear which borders have been closed, which countries are shutting down. So it makes me feel bad to hear too much of these news. Maybe I’m oversensitive. I would really love to hear some of your opinions. You can leave them in the comments on this topic. Now, let’s get back to the creation. We are now facing the face of Meowscles with the eyes. You have seen how I created this three divided coloring head. We have dark brown, bright brown and grey filling in the eyes. The mouth well we can also do it after oven hardening, but I decided to make it with clay, of course. Before we put this and also the body into the oven it’s time for another sponsor. Today’s video is sponsored by your elbow, this inner part of your elbow when you have to sneeze or cough and store away the infectious material on the inner part of your elbow, so the virus has no chance of spreading and we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked Meowscles. Look at that, but we have some further work to do. Oh, yeah. We are creating the virus. When I was not sure about this video about this topic if it is OK to make an entertaining video I asked you on Twitter and the tweet was: I have some ideas for a Covid clay video but I’m not really sure if it is ok, to make an entertaining video about the virus. The topic is too serious. What do you think? So, some of you wrote to me that it would be inappropriate. Some wrote it would be appropriate as long as you take the time to take the topic seriously and I really hope that I find a good balance in this video between taking it seriously, but staying calm, not freaking out over the topic because this is happening, as well. Archie on Twitter wrote for example: You can help others by telling them how to wash their hands and other tips. And I wanted to include this in this video, as well. RunawayCake8000 responded to that: Make fun so to just spread some light on the situation and I think this is essential. To stay in a positive mindset. When I’m sculpting I am touching my face a lot. I am really touching it too much, but there is a new invention! CBG! Cardboard gloves. To prevent getting any infectious material into your face by using CBG. Don’t touch your face. Now when it comes to the design of the virus my creation I had two reference images. This is the image you get on Wikipedia when you look for a Covid 19 and Palpatine. I wanted to make them really Angry and dark looking and the first face, the first character which came to my mind was Palpatine from Star Wars and I wanted to make a mixture out of that for the character design of this virus. I think during this period of time which many people feel threatened of this can be very peaceful and calm situation as well for all of us. Family further staying at home more often and people going out into nature because every place elsewhere is closed. We all share the same tragic destiny and despite of closed borders this may be a huge opportunity to connect on a deeper level. This is just a creation for me. It was a therapy session. You can’t control the events out there, but you can control your response to it. All the three viruses are punched strangled and stamped on by Meowscles. Guys, I guess that’s it! Oops, I think I forgot the tattoo, but we can change that, as well. Stay calm, stay creative – be careful. Bye!

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100 thoughts on “MEOWSCLES punching CORONAVIRUS in the face (and 4 other ways to stop the Virus)

  1. Im not that scared of covid 19 the reason is that its hard for me to get sick as in breaking obsidian with a wooden pickaxe hard so those things dont scare me cuz yeah the reason for that is unkown by me and my family but yeah but just cuz its hard dosent mean it isnt impossible i can get sick it just happens rarely also fun fact the simpsons preticted covid 19 i dont remember what it was called but in the episode it was a flu and it started when a chinese worker cofed in a box that got send to america and was opend by homer

  2. Covid19 doesn’t kill healthy people with good immune systems and it’s only as bad as the media makes it

  3. Now make a meowscles washing his hands plz!! We don’t want him to get the virus himself. If you make this, I’ll be super happy

  4. clay claim:i think you know all the sponsors.

    me:how was i supposed to guess cardboard box gloves and my elbow


  6. Hi könntest du eventuell noch mehr deutsche Videos machen weil ich nicht so gut englisch kann ich bin erst in der 6 klasse und finde deine Videos voll cool es macht voll viel Spaß sie zu gucken aber auf deutsch noch mehr

  7. You should make Midas from fortnite and everyone stay safe wash your hands and keep your hands away from your face.

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