Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time

– I feel like I’m about to take a test that I studied for my whole life. (“Happy People”) – I don’t think that men need sex toys. – I’m pretty happy with masturbating. – Well, I think women maybe have more specific needs sexually than men do. – For me I can bump into a
table and have an orgasm. – Dicks aren’t complicated. Cobra Libre Two. Am I gonna understand this one if I haven’t used the Cobra Libre One? – I mean, it looks like
a Tron light-cycle. – So you put the head
of your penis in here. – Kind of like turning my penis into Bane. I feel like it’s just
gonna make me dehydrated. (“Happy People”) – Op, and they get right to it. – Uh, OK. Well this feels a little
objectifying. (laughs) – This is like my fantasy of being with Mystique from the X-Men, except for she’s not there and I’m putting my penis in a cup. – Oh, it’s not really pleasant. Oh, no, I guess I get it now. – This looks like a prop
from a Cronenberg movie. This is why there’s a stigma ’cause when we’re left to our own devices this is the kind of shit we do with it. I can’t wait to use it though. (“Happy People”) – I really have to put my dick in this? – It looks like Mac from “Mac and Me.” – OK. – Oh OK, I get it now. – I’m definitely looking
forward to this one. – Well, it was an experience
like I wasn’t expecting. – I’m gonna be thinking about
this for the rest of my life. – It was a really humiliating
experience for me, and probably the Fleshlight. – It was awesome! It was awesome! – The alien blue Fleshlight
was (laughs) unbelievable. I don’t feel like I would use it again, but I’m certainly not throwing it out. – I don’t know if I’m a feminist anymore. I don’t know if I can call myself that. And it’s cold. – Something about how detached
from sex it is is weird. – Absolutely understand
why there’s a stigma. – This experience definitely took away a lot of the stigma from it for me because now I have had sex with a machine. I can’t go back. – It was actually like a
somewhat pleasant jostling. This I could kind of
recommend in a sense that well, if you’re bored watching
football or something. – I could see using these with a partner as just like a weird way to
change things up or whatever. – I haven’t gone to church
in probably 20 years, and I feel the need to go to church. – [Man with Beard] It felt wrong. It felt really wrong. – [Blond Man] So is my
face gonna get blurred out, ’cause if my mother gets an
iPad for Christmas this year and sees this, her tears will be the lube that the universe needs for the rapture to fucking enter it.

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100 thoughts on “Men Try Sex Toys For The First Time

  1. Auto blows seem fun but honestly flesh lights are horrid. I’m gay but I got an arse one and they are so uncomfortable. I threw it out

  2. These soyboys don't know how to have fun. Enjoy your dicks boys while you're all still young, because one day it won't work anymore.

    Here's the tea, Sisters. Women have been using vibrators and dildos for years, I don't get why nobody's complaining that men are being objectified as nothing but penis dildos that vibrate and choose what color ethnicity women want in their vagina. Sexual attraction and fantasies is a two-way street.

  3. I think sex toys are great but when you start using them all the time…..then you have a problem and need human contact. Once you use a toy so much, it's almost impossible to go back to real humans….it's sad.

  4. nobody cares about your "trauma" after using it, just plain explanation …technical…is it better ,worst or the same as jerking off?!

  5. I just found out that the Spiderman Far From Home Virtual Reality Experience is free and now I am very happy.

  6. To the guy who said about it being "Objectifying" you are aware that women have dildos based off of real men's cocks right? I mean if women can use dick shaped dildos why shouldn't guys use vaginas shaped with silicone?

  7. I feel men have better options. Women don’t have the simple joys in life. Masturbation is like 10 minutes and orgasm is like 2 minutes and it over. And the pleasure or satisfaction doesn’t last. Plus we have to lay a bowling ball of a human. I’m definitely envious but I feel women are more beautiful physique. So I guess that’s better than nothing.

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