Mellemby District kickoff: YOUR part of my LEGO city!

hello everyone and welcome back to nNew
Jang City my lego city display project that I’ve been working on for about four
years now slowly expanding it into new areas bringing in different little sub
displays Oh terrible terrible pun right there but you know it’s really been just
an expression of various aspects of inspiration that I’ve gotten throughout
my life from my childhood through adulthood different different jobs that
I’ve had through my years different experiences that I’ve had and just
bringing together things that I personally have wanted to see kind of in
model / display form and for a little while I’ve been teasing that I want to
bring in your influence more directly since so much of this channel is about
all of you the viewers and you know bringing you the content that you are
most interested in I want to bring in some of your influence and some of the
larger displays that I do as well most of this is going to remain just on
mission and continuing as it has based on you know my own personal inspiration
and such but I dedicated an entire area for all of you to be able to bring in
your your influence and your interests and that’s this down here which will
actually be expanded further so everything that you see out there right
now is eventually going to be expanded out here and the next one nights stuff
goes away but all that space is essentially for all of you it’s what I
call the Mellemby district project and it is time to take it from teasing and
you know kind of giving you a heads up and everything to making it real I’ve
put in just a little bit of stuff here to kind of get things started but I
really want this entire area down here this sort of sub layout project which
represents an underground kind of city under the city of new jiang city
an aspect of it I want that to be driven by all of you as a as a major group so
it is time now I would like to start seeing specific suggestions for what all
of you would like to see placed down here how you would like to see this grow
how you’d like to see this develop the space is not unlimited and I definitely
still won’t be putting in things that I particularly am opposed to you know I
definitely won’t bring in things that are that are inappropriate for the
channel and I won’t bring in things that to me just seem wrong but I’m not going
to hold this space down here to the same rules that I have the space up above so
for example Ninjago stuff can live down here superhero stuff can live down here
you know a lot of a lot of things that I have stayed away from will be perfectly
at home down here official Lego sets can come down here and they can live forever
if you all want to see a specific set just stay for years that’s okay whereas
up above with the major project the goal has always been to minimize the use of
official sets and you know when I brought it over to New Jang City from
from the original layout I allowed myself to incorporate in the official
sets and to kind of start to combine them with some of the you know some of
the the custom stuff but still the goal has remained up there with the main
stuff to change that out eventually where everything that’s a you know an
official set is just temporary it’s just a stand-in but down here I don’t care so
much I’m just I’m just gonna open up I’m just going to allow more different
things to be done because this is just additional space this is all additional
space that I’ve created here so it’s it’s not going to impact my own personal
goals and all the investment that I’ve put into New Jang City proper so let’s let’s do this let’s let’s open things up let’s
make it more fun let’s make it more just different let’s make it more you so I
won’t say anything that they’re specifically cannot be down here at this
time I want to keep as much of my own personal biases out of this and really
allow it to be driven by all of you if all of you really really want something
to be done that I personally am NOT interested in but is you know it’s not
bad it’s not morally wrong then I I think I will I will just go with it
because that’s that’s how this should be done that’s really the the spirit of
Mellemby district here so with that said I turn it over to all of you to kind of
start this process of just seeing what sorts of suggestions you all bring in
what sorts of desires you all have and then from there we’ll start to kind of
narrow it down and maybe set some sort of priorities may be some sort of bounds
for just allowing this to to get started because you know leaving it completely
open-ended and just saying oh let’s just do everything is is not practical you
know I got to start somewhere I got to do some real tangible things that can be
done in a reasonable about amount of time I don’t want this to take forever I
don’t want it to be just a work in progress
forever that is mostly empty yeah I want this to i want this to really move I
want this to really live and I want it to be fun for both myself and for all of
you so there you go just getting it started not going to set any specific
ground rules except I said nothing nothing inappropriate for the channel
will be allowed down here just in terms of like the family-friendly PG sort of
rules but beyond that I turn it over to all of you and let’s get those comments
going and see what you all want thanks for watching especially thanks in
advance for your tangible suggestions for what you want to see down here
looking forward to it talk to you soon

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100 thoughts on “Mellemby District kickoff: YOUR part of my LEGO city!

  1. The one parameter/constraint I do want to hold onto is the idea that the Mellemby District is an underground area beneath New Jang City, most likely attached to it off-screen via sloped tunnels, with some autonomy of governance. In other words it's in the same universe, but most importantly, it's underground.

  2. Build a substation for you fire department. Maybe just like a little one-bay building with just one fire engine to cover that section of the city. A lot of US cities have something like this, so inspiration for a specific building design should be easy to find. I can't wait to see what this area becomes Jang, keep up the great work.

  3. You should put some futuristic buildings down there take inspiration from movies such as blade runner, the planet coursent from Star wars ect

  4. Something unique and quite a challenge to build: The creators hand with transparent piece's as a monument in the center! Just like the Lego movie it would have so much meaning for us if you'd pull that one off. Please, just please! 😛

  5. A football stadium with your own team called the jangs and basketball arena called jangbrick city Bricks

  6. star wars !!!!!! make the falcon a store… like a star wars gift shop!!!!! put stormtrooper armor and lightsabers and stuff like dat

  7. My ideas: A school? So it feels like kid minifigs are learning
    A bank
    A race track (with all the race champion sets except the f1 cars because it just not suit with f1 cars with supercars)
    A cemete- (nope thats too dark)
    A parkour course
    That's all my ideas!

  8. You should make a vehicular factory where all the motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles are produced. It could have a testing lab, factory area, and an office space among other things needed to develop and produce a vehicle. Like if you agree!

  9. My ideas:
    A petrol station ( You need more than 1 )
    A camper Site
    A School
    A Small police Station
    A Mini train station

    That's all I think you should add — Archie

  10. My 5 year old LOVES this video. He watches your videos all the time. He really likes the ocean scene underneath the table and has made his own lego ocean scene under his small table. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. It would be cool if humans and dinosaurs lived together peacefully. Maybe some dinos waving at cars passing by.

  12. I would like to see a muddy off-road race track! And any good race track could use an auto-repair garage nearby.

  13. Just keep ninjago city down there and I’m happy. Maybe add a battle from TLNM on the rooftops and a downtown face off between the avengers and thanos. Maybe a hogwarts too.

  14. can you make a modified Avengers tower and put in in the Mellemby District or in the Jang City part?

  15. That McDonals and Sanctum need a proper mod. Maybe have more events in the city, like Avengers fight. Maybe have colorful characters there, like Jack Stone panhandling. A criminal hideout, were all the bad guys get together.

  16. How about a camp site with tents, swimming pool, restaurant, caravans, playground, hangout etc…European style

  17. Oh, if it has to be underground, how about a natural cave with the style of this:

  18. Mole People. Maybe the PDF (Planetary Defense Force) can have some business down there maybe a Nuclear waste storage or something.

  19. With the way the ninjago city looks. Make it a cave dwelling for people that went underground years ago and have been inhabiting the cave for the last few decades. That combined with a bio shockish theme. With how ninjago is stacked I think it would work. Extend the walkways and make it bigger.

  20. Do a big spaceship with a tractor beam to get up and down these are also like supports and it can be all different colors and the figure inside can be a mixed matched classic spaceman

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